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Ripple Enters Coalition With Renowned FinTech Corporation

Ripple has entered an alliance with Finastra, one of the world’s biggest financial technology company, to confer Finastra’s customers with admittance to the RippleNet blockchain system. Based on an article by FinTech Times on the 16th of October, the alliance between the companies is going to cause more than 200 Ripple clients, including 48 out …

16 hours

Litecoin (LTC) Price Analysis: Short-Term Bearish Move Signals Incoming Sell-Off For Litecoin

The bears have continued to extend their stay in the market as Litecoin trades below the $60 which was rejected on October 9. At the same time, the latest price drop is keeping the market in a bearish condition. We can expect the bulls to gain control of the market if the crypto trading signals …

20 hours

Selling Pressure Stopped on AUDUSD and Breakout Moves to Session Highs Below the Key Near-Term Level at 0.6860 Resistance Region

AUDUSD Price Analysis – October 17 The AUDUSD price is now moving towards a test of the key near-term resistance region around the level at 0.6860, after recovering from the low level at 0.6723 in the prior session. The exchange rate might continue to edge higher until it reaches the formed barrier on the horizontal …

22 hours

The GBPJPY Is Dominated by Bulls Lifting Its Price Higher Throughout the Session

GBPJPY Price Analysis – October 16 The bulls were in full control today on the GBPJPY, moving the price higher throughout the whole session. Opening above Tuesday’s low on the level at 139.13, the forex pair confirmed its breakout through the prior session high after trading up and above it intraday.   Key Levels Resistance …

1 day

After Raised Hopes for a Brexit Deal, the Sterling Rose to a Five-Month High

The GBPUSD currently as at the time of writing is trading above the 1.28 mark recording the highest price from May. News trending on the Brexit deal has rumors that the DUP is not against the deal while negotiations proceeded in London and Brussels. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson, UK’s Prime Minister is focused on getting the …

1 day

A Review of the New Site

In the wake of visiting and inspecting the new site, the conclusion is that it is amazingly effective forex and cryptocurrency site. The website has recorded a significant number of customers totaling around 521323 individuals, including guests at the time of writing since commencement. The structure of the new site is splendid and engaging …

1 day

Comprehending Ask, Bid, Offer and Buy Prices in Bitcoin Trading

Knowing the Ask, Bid, Offer and Buy prices and how they pertain to Bitcoin can assist you in getting acquainted with pricing and market risks. Understanding how to navigate the market is a vital part of evolving into a profitable trader. Ask Price An Ask price is the least amount a possible trader is ready …

1 day

EURUSD Trading Within Channel Boundary on Support and Resistance Zones

EURUSD Price Analysis – October 14 Despite trading higher for 3 days in a row and closing last week higher on the level at 1.1062, the EURUSD has retraced from its highs in the present session while currently trading on price level at 1.1025. Key Levels Resistance Levels: 1.1412, 1.1280, 1.1109 Support Levels: 1.1000, 1.0962, …

3 days

Assessment: Why the U.S. Dollar Will Keep on Ruling

The dollar has turned out to be considered increasingly significant since the worldwide monetary collapse. The U.S. dollar’s significance as a worldwide and safe-haven money has increased since the worldwide monetary collapse, and today it is evident as it seems, by all accounts, to be the world’s only universal money. In 2017, noticeable financial specialists …

3 days
Learn2Trade Forex Strategies and News

The Ultimate Guide to Forex Brokers

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Best Forex Trading Platforms

A lot of trading must be done as a newbie in the Forex market, but then (again), you need the best forex trading platform to do your trades. That’s why our page here explains the best forex trading platforms for beginners.

Keep a Trading Journal

A trading journal is merely a log of all your trading activity. Typically, a journal provides a tool for any severe traders in need to evaluate themselves objectively. But of what significance is keeping a separate journal? Let us tell you all that you need to know here.

Reading the Interest Rates

Interest rate changes influence the forex market significantly. The changes can usually be made by one of the eight global central banks. The changes make immediate impacts on the market traders, and hence, understanding how to react as well as predict these moves will be among the first steps to making higher profits.

What is Bitcoin and how do I trade BTC as well as other digital assets?

One thing for sure is that it’s pretty challenging to understand bitcoin at first hearing it. The reason being, it’s neither an investment vehicle nor a standard fiat currency. However, that hasn’t stopped the giant crypto from taking the world by storm, attracting investment worth billions of dollars.

What are the top 10 cryptocurrencies around the world?

Though the crypto market suffered heavily after its heroics in late 2017 and early 2018. But once again it seems to recover back sharply. The crypto market is still new, so it will take a bit of time to settle down. But in the meanwhile, investors have a great opportunity to make money by investing in some quality assets. These top 10 cryptocurrencies are worth taking a look.

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