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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Learn 2 Trade?

Learn 2 Trade is an educational hub for the traders that focuses on providing them with high-quality forex market analysis, detailed guides as well as the live market updates.

We focus on commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and of course, forex trading. Learn 2 Trade also provides real-time trading signals for these asset classes.

Besides our trustworthy trading signals, we boast an in-depth knowledge base for the traders of all types, which includes extensive forex strategies section, best forex trading course you can find out there, and our heavily-loved Learn Center.

Q2. What educational tools does Learn 2 Trade provide to help improve my trading?
Q3. Can I use Learn 2 Trade’s trading signals and the Forex trading strategies for free?
Q4. Do I need any specific educational background or forex trading experience to utilize Learn 2 Trade's trading education and become a winning Forex trader?
Q5. I would like to begin trading forex and use your trading signals. Where do I start?
Q6. I would like to be a professional forex trader. How can the Learn 2 Trade 'Trading Guide for the Money Makers' help me to become a pro FX trader?
Q7. I want to start trading forex and other instruments like commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. I’m also interested in social/copy trading. Can you please help me to find a reliable broker?
Q8. I already have a forex trading account. How can I make the most of the materials and services available from Learn 2 Trade?
Q9. I’m not sure which forex trading platform I should use. Do you have some good information to help me choose the right trading platform?
Q10. What are Learn 2 Trade’s trading signals?
Q11. How do I use Learn 2 Trade's trading signals?
Q12. How are Learn 2 Trade's trading signals determined?
Q13. What can I do to complement my experience of using your trading signals? (Is there anything I should learn to help me use your signals more efficiently?)
Q14. What is social trading?
Q15. How can I get involved in trading or investing in the forex, stock index, and commodity markets? (What are the different approaches to making money from these asset classes?)
Q16. What kind of results Learn 2 Trade has achieved with their forex trading signals?
Q17. How can I effectively manage the risks associated with forex trading?
Q18. How much money can I potentially make by trading forex, stock indices, and commodities?
Q19. I can’t spend hours watching forex charts every day. Is it possible to trade forex with limited time available?
Q20. Is it possible to start trading forex with a small amount of money or perhaps on a practise account?
Q21. What is leverage and how can it affect my profits or losses with forex trading?
Q22. What are the advantages of trading forex in times of political and economic instability?
Q23. How volatile are digital currencies?
Q24. What leverage should I use to trade cryptocurrencies?
Q25. What are the trading hours of the cryptocurrency market?
Q26. What daily opportunities do the Learn 2 Trade analysts provide?
Q27. Is your signal system automated or do you generate signals manually?
Q28. Do you trade the Aussie (Australian Dollar) and the Kiwi (New Zealand Dollar)?
Q29. Which is a better indicator, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) or stochastics?
Q30. How would you trade the EUR/USD? What strategies would you use? Would you buy or sell it?
Q31. In what direction do you think the US Dollar will go in the next couple of weeks?
Q32. What is the best way to trade Bitcoin?
Q33. What is blockchain? How does it work and why is it so important for cryptocurrencies?
Q34. What is the best approach for trading cryptocurrencies? Which strategies would you recommend?
Q35. Can cryptocurrencies be copy-traded? And do you know of a good cryptocurrency social broker?
Q36. Is it possible to get notifications from you when you issue trading signals?