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Cryptohopper is a relatively young company that is headquartered in the Netherlands. The company is owned by Cryptohopper BV. The company provides multiple tools that help traders achieve better results. According to Crunchbase, the company has not raised any outside funds from investors.
In a Forbes interview with the brothers, they talked about how they managed to launch and grow the company with just €2,000. Members of Cryptohopper can use the multiple tools that are offered by the company. They can also buy other tools in the company’s marketplace. Developers from around the world can use the marketplace to sell their trading tools.


  • Easy to use – The web platform is designed elegantly, making it easy to navigate and use.
  • Compatibility – Cryptohopper uses an API model. As such, it is compatible with more than 10 crypto exchanges.
  • Hundreds of tools – Cryptohopper’s marketplace has hundreds of tools. Users can read reviews from past users.
  • Tutorials – Cryptohopper provides a full library of tutorials on multiple topics.
  • Affiliate program – The company has an affiliate program where users can earn a commission for all referrals.


  • Not much information is known about the founders.
  • The 7-day trial period is relatively short.
  • Cryptohopper does not have a dedicated phone number.

Cryptohopper Features

The Cryptohopper bot has a number of features that all help traders achieve better results. The main features are:

Automatic Trading

Automatic trading is one of the most popular concepts on Wall Street. It is a concept that allows traders to open and close trades automatically when certain parameters are met. By using algorithms, traders are able to make trades even when they are not trading themselves. Cryptohopper’s bot can initiate trades in a more efficient way.

Exchange and market arbitrage

Cryptohopper has integrations with more than 70 trading exchanges. As is often the case, the pricing of cryptocurrencies is not the same across the exchanges. For example, a certain exchange can sell BTC for $7,200 while another sells it for $7,100. Therefore, the bot can help you take advantage of these pricing differentials and help you get a good price.

Market Making

Online brokers mostly make money through market making. They benefit from the spread between the bid and ask prices of assets. The Cryptohopper bot has multiple market making configurations that will help you get the best deal.

Mirror Trading

Mirror trading is a trading strategy that allows traders to buy proven strategies. This makes it possible for inexperienced traders to take advantage of the experience of trading experts.

Trailing stops

A stop loss is an important tool in the market. The tool automatically stops a loss-making trade and prevents it from making more losses. A stop loss has some drawbacks because it does not capture profits. A better tool, that is provided by Cryptohopper is a trailing-stop. This stop takes profits and reduces the chances of high risks in terms of a reversal.

Paper trading

Paper trading is also known as demo trading. It allows you to trade sing live market data using virtual cash. This tool is important for traders who are just getting started in the market. It also has a backtesting tool that gives you historic data to test your strategy.

Exchanges Supported by Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper supports some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of these exchanges are Huobi, Kraken, Binance, Coinbase, and Poloniex among others. Below are some of these exchanges and their respective uptime.

Cryptohopper Pricing

Cryptohopper Pricing
Cryptohopper makes money in two ways. First, it makes money from the subscription packages that it offers. Second, it also takes a cut from the sale of trading tools on the marketplace. Tool sellers in the marketplace are responsible for coming up with a good price of their tools. Cryptohopper has four packages. These packages are:

Pioneer Package

Pioneer is a package that is targeted at beginner traders. The package charges no funds for seven days. In the seven days, traders have the ability to initiate 80 positions, a maximum of 2 triggers, 1 simulated trading bot, and a maximum of 15 selected coins.

Explorer Package

This package is similar to the Pioneer package. The only difference is that the package charges $16.58 per month when paid annually and $19 when paid monthly. Most times, Pioneer subscribers move to Explorer after their trial period expires.

Adventurer Package

The adventurer package is similar to the explorer package. The difference is that the number of positions is increased to 200. The maximum triggers are increased to 5 and the number of coins is increased to 50. It also offers an Exchange Arbitrage feature. The package goes for $41.5 per month when paid annually and $49 when paid monthly.

Hero Package

This is the most expensive package that is offered by Cryptohopper. The maximum number of positions increases to 500, the number of coins increases to 75, the number of triggers increases to 10, and a simulated trading bot is offered. The package also has features like market making and market arbitrage. The package costs $83.25 per month when paid annually and $99 when paid monthly. All the prices exclude the value-added tax.

Cryptohopper Account Setup

There are two main accounts that you can set up in Cryptohopper. You can sign up as a trader or a marketplace seller.

Cryptohopper trader set up

The first step you need to do is to visit the website. On the top right side of the website, you will see a button written Start a free trial. You can also click the Try now button on the homepage.
Cryptohopper Trader
We recommend that you start with a free trial and test the platform. If it works, you should subscribe to the basic explorer package. You should continue upgrading the packages as you get more acquainted to the platform.
After following the link above, you will be taken to the page shown below. In this page, you will need to enter your basic information like email address, username, your full name, and your password. Most importantly, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions before you proceed. You can ignore the newsletter subscription. Also, we recommend that you set up a strong password.
Get Started
After you verify the email address, you can log into your account where you will be asked to fill your details in your profile. The details you will be asked for are: your name, address, country, whether it is a business or individual account, your phone number, and your website. Also, you have the option of setting up two-factor authentication.
On this page, you can also set the notifications you want to receive, the language you want to use, the charts you want to use, and whether you want to be a beta subscriber. When you sign in for the first time, you will have a tool walk you through the entire platform.

Cryptohopper dashboard

The screenshot below shows you the Cryptohopper dashboard. This will be the page you see any time you sign in.
Cryptohopper Dashboard
The dashboard is the first page you see when you sign in to your account. On the dashboard, you will see the open orders and how they are trading. Below the open orders, you will see more details about these orders. You will see the open positions, the short positions, and the reserved funds. Below that, you will see more details about the positions. In short, the dashboard will give you more details about the open and closed positions.
Slightly below the dashboard tab on your left is the trade history. This shows you all the trades that you have placed and closed using the bot. This will show you the currency, the currency pair, the type of trade, the amount you invested, the rate, the fee, and the results of the trade.
The charts tab will show you the charts from your preferred crypto exchange. You can change the exchange on the right upper side of the chart. An example of this is shown below.
Below the charts tab is the backtesting tab. This is where you backtest your strategies to see how effective they are. The backtesting tab is shown below.
Backtesting Tab
Slightly below the backtesting tab is the strategies. This is where you create your own strategies. It is also where you will place the strategies that you download from the marketplace.
The marketplace tab allows you to buy algorithms from the market. Finally, the apps page lets you connect Cryptohopper with other external apps like TradingView, Zapier, and Autosync.

How to Become a Cryptohopper Seller

Cryptohopper sellers play an important role in the entire ecosystem. This is because they create tools that users can buy and use to trade. The company unveiled the marketplace platform during the 2019 CES event in the United States. There are hundreds of tools in the marketplace and some sellers appear to be making good money. For example, Strategy Nakamoto has a tool called MTA Bear that goes for $50. As of this writing, the app has 1490 reviews. This means that he has made more than $75k on the app.
To become a seller, you need to follow this link and apply. In your application, the company will ask you a number of questions. The process is usually very strict and tedious because the company wants to get as much information about you as possible. It wants to ensure that you provide the best tools to traders. Once you are approved, you can upload your algorithm and start making money.

Cryptohopper payment options

Cryptohopper accepts multiple payment options. It accepts debit and credit cards, wallets like Skrill and PayPal, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Monero, Ripple, ZCash, Litecoin, and Dash. The minimum amount you can start trading with is 20 euros. However, to reduce risks, the company recommends that you start with about 300 euros.

Cryptohopper Customer Care

Cryptohopper has done a lot to ensure that customers’ questions are answered. The company has put in place a comprehensive frequently asked questions page that answers most of the common questions. The company also has a contact page that has a form where users can send a question. In addition to all this, the company has social media pages where users can send questions.

Cryptohopper Regulation

Cryptohopper is a company that is registered in the Netherlands. However, the company is not regulated by any financial regulator. This is because it does not need to be regulated since it does not offer any brokerage services.

Cryptohopper Summary

Cryptohopper is one of the fastest-growing fintech company in the world. The developers created an intuitive web and mobile platform that has empowered global traders to make money trading cryptocurrencies. The platform helps people with no experience in the market to participate and achieve financial freedom. However, users are required to do a lot of work before they use it in the real market. They should backtest the strategies for a while. In addition, the company has created a platform that empowers traders to sell their signals to global traders.


Your capital is at risk of loss when trading CFDs at this platform



  • Bitcoin,
  • Monero,
  • Ripple,
  • ZCash,
  • Litecoin,
  • Dash