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Global Yields Continue To Rise As the EURO Tries To Return

Rising global yields remain in the spotlight today, with Germany’s 10-year bond yield hitting -0.234 and the UK 10-year bond yield hitting 0.818. Earlier in Asia, Japan’s 10-year-old JGB yield closed at a high of 0.152. The 10-year US yield is also trading above 1.45. In the foreign exchange markets, the euro is trying to […]

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Coinbase Files to List Its Class A Common Stock on the Nasdaq

US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that it has officially filed a registration statement on Form S-1 with the SEC to become a publicly-listed entity on the Nasdaq exchange. The company confidentially submitted a draft registration statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last year to be listed on the exchange. Coinbase chose to go […]

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Polkadot (DOT) Price Rebounds, Aiming for Higher Breakout

DOTUSD Price Analysis – February 25 With the Polkadot (DOT) price up to around 10% in 7 days and 0.24% in 24hrs, all eyes are on the coin to deliver further gains. After DOTUSD recovered from the weekly low of $25.82 level the pair looks to sustain the advance beyond the $35.54 daily high. At […]

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NZDUSD Overextended at key level

Key Resistance: 0.7460 Key Support: 0.7360 – 0.7340 -0.7287 Long Term View The NZD/USD has been in a massive bull market since the March 2020 lows, up 36.20% or 1979 pips. We have hit a mayor key level now. The last time the NU was trading at these levels was back in February 2018 and […]

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Gold Price: Upside Bias Softens on XAUUSD Beneath $1800 Level Amid a Pickup in the US Bond Yields

XAUUSD Price Analysis – February 25 Gold (XAUUSD) continues to struggle to stay afloat selling pressure within a confined range below the $1800 level through the mid-European session. The XAUUSD pair altered south in the early trading hours of Thursday and dropped to a low of $1787. A modest pickup in the US Treasury bond […]

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Bitcoin Is the Future of Collateral: Arcane Research

According to a recent 70-page report by Arcane Research in conjunction with Bitstamp, Bitcoin (BTC) is the future of collateral in the finance industry. The report notes that Bitcoin is very similar to the internet, considering that it is a “blank canvas” on which developers can build creatively upon in any desired way. Originally, Bitcoin […]

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Bitcoin´s downside move below Pivot

Key Resistance 51500 – 5300 Key Support: 44900 – 44000 Long Term View Bitcoin is a buy asset and has been for a while. Swing trades against it have been horribly wrong in the past for a few big money managers. But we are traders so this doesn´t mean we can´t profit from downside moves […]

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AUDUSD Bulls Stay Focused Beyond 0.8000 Thresholds on Upbeat Aussie Data

AUDUSD Price Analysis – February 25 The AUDUSD pair trades firm with a positive bias through the early European session on Thursday past the 0.8000 level. AUDUSD buyers stay focused beyond the 0.8000 thresholds confirming a 3 year high. The Aussie pair is boosted by upbeat data from Australia’s Private Capital Expenditure (Capex) data for […]

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GBPUSD Bearish Flag Play

Key Resistance: 1.4170 – 1.4220 Key Support: 1.4080 – 1.4037 Long Term View The GU has been in a very strong up move back in March 2020 for an almost +25% move. The latest leg of this bullish move is overextended. 1H Chart Analysis Price in the GU fell yesterday 165 pips from the highs […]

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Uniswap (UNIUSD) Price: Will There Be a Further Price Declination?

Uniswap Price Analysis – February 25 In case the bears were able to push the price down below the $23 price level, and the daily candle closes below the support level, then, the support level at $19 and $13 may be reached. Failure to break down the support level at $23, the price may continue […]

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Choosing the Best Forex Brokers For Trading

All looks simple, but until you come across the worst broker, it is when you’ll realize that trading forex is not a walk in the park. Working with the best forex broker will determine how successful you can become in the market. Interestingly, there’re several brokers available, with almost all of them claiming to be the “best.” However, not all deliver what they promise or simply what they claim to offer. Therefore, it requires that you go the extra mile to define which broker is really the best for your needs.


How Do Brokers know the Stocks to Invest In?

Everybody has got an option, and when it comes to the tricky game of investing and trading, it’s no difference. If you went out to seek recommendations on the stock to invest in, you’d probably get several of them with each professional giving a reason for their choices. But the question stands, how do brokers pick the right stocks to invest in?

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Michael Fasogbon is a professional Forex trader and cryptocurrency technical analyst with over five years of trading experience. Years back, he became passionate about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency through his sister and has since been following the market wave.