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Best Binance Coin Trading Signals 2023

Samantha Forlow


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This is where Binance Coin trading signals come in. They are described as the equivalent of trading tips – coming from traders and analysts well versed with the art of technical analysis.

In this guide, we discuss every element of what our Binance Coin signals include, and how they could potentially take your future cryptocurrency trades to the level.



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Best Binance Coin Trading Signals for Beginners 

With almost constant advances in technology, it is really no wonder that the art of performing technical analysis is so intimidating. There are various forms of this research.

Just some of the indicators used habitually by most Binance Coin traders are:

  • On-Balance Volume
  • MA – Moving Averages
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • RSI – Relative Strength Index
  • Aroon Indicator.
  • MACD – Moving Average Convergence/Divergence

As well as the aforementioned indicators, this analysis entails studying historical price charts, using advanced charting software, identifying areas of support and resistance, and so forth.

Here at Learn 2 Trade, we have a team of hand-picked analysts who carry out intensive research on the crypto markets. As such, you can just concentrate on placing the required orders.

How do Learn 2 Trade Binance Coin Trading Signals Function?

After combing through a plethora of facts and figures on market sentiment – we share this knowledge with our Learn 2 Trade members. It’s as simple as that.

See below an example of the 5 key pieces of information we include in all our Binance Coin trading signals:

  • Cryptocurrency Pair: BNB/EUR
  • Short or Long: Long
  • Limit Order Value: €235
  • Stop-Loss Value: €230
  • Take-Profit Value: €244

This signal shows that we see potential in going long on Binance Coin against the euro once the pair climbs to €235. You will also see that we have risk-management suggestions via stop-loss and take-profit orders.

What Will the Best Binance Coin Trading Signals Include?

To ensure you understand the information we provide in each of our top Binance Coin signals – it’s well worth reviewing the sections below.

Binance Coin Pairs

When electing to trade Binance Coin, you will be trading it against another currency – making a pair. This can be inclusive of another cryptocurrency such as Ethereum or Bitcoin – shown as BNB/ETH or BNB/BTC, respectively. This type of pair is called a crypto-to-crypto, or crypto-cross pair.

There is a prevailing feeling, amongst inexperienced traders in particular, that it’s better to trade Binance Coin against fiat money like euros, dollars, or pounds.

For instance, if our trading signal suggests trading BNB/GBP, or BNB/TRY – we see potential in trading Binance coin against British pounds or Turkish lira, respectively. This is known as a crypto-fiat pair, sometimes called a currency cross pair.

In the name of diversity, we research both market categories – meaning we will include both crypto-crypto, and crypto-fiat pairs in our Binance Coin trading signals.

Short or Long

Another important part of the Binance Coin trading signals we send is the inclusion of whether to go long or short. This is vital, as this is a clear indication of whether our research points toward the Binance Coin pair rising or falling in value.

See an example to clear things up:

  • After studying Binance Coin against the British pound we think the pair will see an increase in value – as such, the signal suggests going long
  • Alternatively, if we think BNB/GBP will fall in value – the signal will suggest going short

Then, at the crypto trading platform of your choosing:

  • Create a buy order if the signal tip on BNB/GBP is long
  • Place a sell order if the sentiment on the pair is short

As you can see, we do the majority of the legwork needed to time the markets – meaning all that’s left for you to do is place the orders that we suggest.

Limit Order Value

When trading cryptocurrencies, you can enter the market in 2 ways. The first is via a ‘market’ order – giving you the current market price on the pair. The second is a ‘limit’ order.

Learn 2 Trade Binance Coin trading signals are more likely to come with a limit order suggestion – due to the fact we can enter the market at a favorable price.

See below:

  • Analysis suggests that if BNB/TRY goes below ₺2,200 – it could be profitable to go short
  • As a result, the Binance Coin trading signal states the limit value should be ₺2,200
  • If the pair falls to ₺2,200 – the cryptocurrency broker will action your order
  • This order remains in place until the price is achieved, or you cancel it

Stop-Loss Value

Learn 2 Trade Binance Coin trading signals always take losses into account by including a stop-loss value. Your gains are also taken into consideration – with a take-profit price, which we talked about next.

See a simple example of a Binance Coin stop-loss order below:

  • Still short on BNB/TRY – the limit order was ₺2,200
  • The stop-loss on this Binance Coin trading signal is ₺2,222 – as we do not want to risk more than 1% on this trade
  • Note, this equates to a price 1% higher than the suggested limit value – as we are short on this trade
  • Should BNB/TRY rise to ₺2,222 – your trade will be closed for you on an automatic basis
  • This means that no matter what happens you will not lose more than 1% of your initial investment

Take-Profit Value 

Learn 2 Trade Binance Coin trading signals always take potential losses into account by including a stop-loss value. Your gains are also taken into consideration – with a take-profit price. In many cases, we target gains of 3% on our signals.

By utilizing both the stop-loss and take-profit suggestions within our trading signals, you are able to stop your losses at a specific point and lock in your profits. This is achieved by placing a take-profit order on the opposite side of the entry price to the stop-loss.

As such, you are prepared for the worst and the best-case scenario. Whether it’s a 1% loss or 3% gains, your trade will be closed automatically at that price point. As such, the Binance Coin trading signal in the above example would have stated a take-profit of ₺2,134 (3% lower than the limit value) – as we are short on the trade.

Learn 2 Trade Binance Coin Trading Signals: Risk and Reward

The Binance Coin trading signals we send usually come with a risk/reward ratio of 1:3, meaning for every $1 we stake, we aim to make $3 in gains.

Other commonly used risk vs reward ratios include 1:1.5 and 1:4.

Quality Binance Coin Trading Signals Telegram Group

If you like the idea of receiving Binance Coin signals, but would rather not have to check your desktop computer throughout the day – you are in luck. This is because Learn 2 Trade tips sre sent to your cellphone via the Telegram app.

For those unaware, the Telegram app offers many benefits to crypto-traders:

  • Large group chats: it’s as if this app was tailor-made for Binance Coin trading signals – as it enables groups of up to 200k. Our crypto trading signals groups are like a community and can share stickers, tips, and private messages
  • Real-time messages: signals sent via the Learn 2 Trade Telegram group will land in your inbox in real-time. This means you won’t miss a profitable suggestion again
  • Free of charge: downloading the app won’t cost you a cent. Head over to the Android or iPhone app store and download Telegram instantly and fuss-free
  • Visual evidence: after seemingly endless research on the Binance Coin markets, we will generally send a chart along with our signals to keep you in the picture
  • Dependable and securely encrypted: Telegram encrypts all data between you and your mobile, and you can also turn on end-to-end encryption if you wish. Furthermore, the app offers unlimited cloud storage and uses hardly any data at all

Free Binance Coin Trading Signals

We at Learn 2 Trade are proud of our track record in the crypto trading signal space and offer both a free and a ‘Premium’ version.

The free plan includes 3 signals per week and the same 5 metrics as discussed throughout this guide – the Binance Coinpair, long or short, and prices for limit, stop-loss, and take-profit.

Premium Plan Binance Coin Signals

If the 3 signals per week on offer are a little uninspiring, the good news is that we offer a range of Premium plans. Each offers anywhere between 3 and 5 crypto trading signals daily, 5 days per week.

We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like our signals. See below how you can make the most of this offer.

  • Head over to a trading platform offering access to Binance Coin markets as well as a demo account.
  • eToro offers a FREE virtual trading account facility loaded with $100k
  • When the next Binance Coin trading signal comes through – echo the 5 elements of the signal in the eToro demo order box
  • Repeat this action for 3 weeks, meaning each time you receive a suggestion – keeping note of all gains and losses incurred

If you aren’t impressed after performing the above risk-free process, you can request your money back and have lost nothing by trying. Just let us know within 30-days of signing up to our Premium plan should you wish a refund – no questions asked.


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Premium Plan: Price Breakdown

If you are undecided which Premium plan might be suitable, see below for a breakdown:

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Learn 2 Trade Binance Coin Trading Signals: 

If you are ready to start benefiting from Learn 2 Trade Binance Coin trading signals – follow the walkthrough below.

Step 1: Sign up to the Learn 2 Trade Crypto  Signals Service

Sign up for your chosen Learn 2 Trade crypto signals Premium plan to get 3-5 signals a day – or stick with the free option.

You may want to contemplate signing up for the 1-month plan and trying us out for size via the aforementioned free virtual account – alongside our 30-day money-back guarantee promise.m 

Step 2: Join our Binance Coin Trading Signals Telegram Group

Download the free Telegram app and join the thousands of like-minded crypto traders on the Learn 2 Trade group to start receiving signals.

Step 3: Customize Your Telegram Notifications

Click on ‘Contact info’, followed by ‘Notifications’, and ‘Customize’ – within the Telegram app. This allows you to choose a specific sound, LED color, vibration pattern, and more.

By customizing your Telegram notifications – you will never overlook a Learn 2 Trade Binance Coin trading signal again!

Step 4: Recieve Binance Coin Trading Signals and Create Orders

Sign up with a licensed and respectable online broker. Next, you can make the most of our advanced research and practical knowledge of the markets.

Step 5: Review the Binance Coin Trading Signal

Look over each element of the Binance Coin trading signal before transferring the information over to a trading order. As we said, you may want to start with a free demo account for this to start.

Look over the order box and make sure you have copied the signal like-for-like, before confirming the trade with your chosen broker.

Best Binance Coin Trading Signals 2023: The Verdict

We don’t do things by halves here at Learn 2 Trade. As well as providing free access to 3 Binance Coin trading signals per week – we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the paid plan.

Most people opt to combine our 1 month Premium plan – offering 3-5 signals per day – with a free demo account. This way, you know you can make use of the reimbursement offer if you are not satisfied within 30 days. Each and every trading signal we send is considerate of risk/reward and therefore includes stop-loss and take-profit suggestions.


Learn 2 Trade Free Crypto Signals Service

L2T Rating

  • Get 3 Free Crypto Signals Each Week
  • Signals Cover all Cryptocurrencies
  • Option to Upgrade to Our VIP Group for Free
  • 82% Win Success Rate
  • Average Monthly Gains of 30-40%



What are Binance Coin trading signals?

Binance Coin trading signals are 'suggestions' sent to traders, based on either the human research or automated software. Technical analysis can take years to learn so many traders look to skip this step and get on with the actual trading. At Learn 2 Trade we offer both free and paid signals with a 30-day money-back guarantee for the latter.

Do I need a broker to use crypto trading signals?

Yes, our signals offer suggestions on all aspects of a crypto trading position - but you need a reputable broker to provide you with access to the markets and execute your orders for you.

What is the best cryptocurrency broker for signals?

The best all-rounder is regulated cryptocurrency provider eToro. The broker offers heaps of digital coins that can be traded commission-free. Upon signing up you are provided with a virtual account brimming with $100k in demo money. The demo account mimics real-world crypto trading market conditions.