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FX News Feed

EURJPY Recovers From 130.00 Level, Yen Under Pressure as US Yields Rise

EURJPY Price Analysis – April 9 During Friday’s European session, the EURJPY picks up steam from the prior day’s recovery at the 130.00 level and continues to pursue higher levels around the 131.00 regions. The pair will have to overcome a 130.66 upside barrier to improve its traction towards the 131.00 level. The firm daily […]

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EUR/AUD Leg Higher On Cards!

EUR/AUD flirts with a strong resistance area after jumping above some near-term obstacles. The pair have shown reversal signals, but we still need confirmation before going long. The price action indicated that the downside movement is over and that the pair may develop a new leg higher. The volatility is high in the short term, […]

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GBP/JPY Continues Its Downward Move, May Find Support at Level 149.57

Key Resistance Levels: 150.000, 152.000, 154.000Key Support Levels: 146.000, 144.000, 142.000 GBP/JPY Price Long-term Trend: BullishGBP/JPY is in an uptrend but currently faces rejection at level 153.00. The pound is falling after rejection at the recent high. The pound price has broken the 21-day SMA and it is approaching the 50-day SMA. A break below […]

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EUR/USD Sell-Off Favored!

EUR/USD is traded near a strong resistance area, so a sell-off could appear soon. The price action has a printed bearish engulfing which is seen as a reversal pattern. As you already know, the USD was into a corrective phase versus its rivals as the USDX retreated a little. Though, the US Dollar Index maintains […]

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USD/JPY Slumps to Level 109.47, May Resume Up Trending

Key Resistance Levels: 111.000, 112.000, 113.000Key Support Levels: 104.000, 103.000, 102.000 USD/JPY Price Long-term Trend: BullishThe USD/JPY pair has continued its upward move but it is currently facing rejection from level 111.00. The pair is retracing and has found support above the 21-day SMA. Meanwhile, on March 31 uptrend; a retraced candlestick tested the 50% […]

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GBP/NZD Double Top Activated!

GBP/NZD increases at the time of writing being located at 1.9558 versus 1.9532 today’s low. Still, the rebound could be only a temporary one after the last sell-off. Technically, the pair has developed a reversal pattern, so it is expected to extend its decline. The price action signaled that GBP/NZD may approach and reach fresh […]

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GBP/CAD Bullish Pressure Grows!

GBP/CAD is trading in the red at 1.7403 level and it could decrease a little before resuming its rebound. The price continues to move sideways trying to accumulate more bullish energy. The Pound is fighting hard to recover after yesterday’s massive drop. On the other hand, the Canadian Dollar seems vulnerable versus some of its […]

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EUR/NZD Upside Momentum!

EUR/NZD rallies in the short term after ending its temporary correction. The price has found strong support and now it has turned to the upside again. The pair is strongly bullish and it could approach and reach other upside targets. The Euro-zone Final Services PMI  increased from 48.8 to 49.6 beating the 48.8 estimates, while […]

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USD/CAD Resumes Selling Pressure After Testing Resistance at 1.2620

Key Resistance Levels: 1.4200, 1.4400, 1.4600Key Support Levels: 1.3400, 1.3200, 1.3000 USD/CAD Price Long-term Trend: BearishUSD/CAD pair is in a downtrend. Presently it is rising in an upward move. The upward move is facing resistance at the 50-day SMA. The downtrend will resume if the pair faces resistance at the 50-day SMA. Since March 29, […]

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GBP/JPY Correction In Play!

GBP/JPY reached a strong dynamic resistance and now it could develop a correction. The price is traded at 152.81 at the time of writing, a new lower low could signal more declines. Technically, a temporary retreat is natural and somehow expected after the most recent growth. GBP is strongly bearish and it loses ground versus […]

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