USDJPY Bears Successfully Led the Market to a Demand Zone

USDJPY Continues Its Correction Phase Downward


USDJPY Analysis – The Market Continues Its Correction Phase Downward USDJPY continues its correction phase downward after a long period of market rallying for months. Over an extended period, the market’s order flow has been bullish. The bearish movement in April and June ended at the 126.50 support level, and the bulls continued to drive […]

USDJPY Prepares to Change Market Trend


USDJPY Market Analysis – July 22 USDJPY prepares to change market trend from an upward direction. USDJPY market began to rise in mid-March. The USDJPY rallied higher, breaking through the previous resistance level of 126.00 to reach the other previous resistance level of 131.50. When the market reached the previous resistance level of 131.50, the […]

USDJPY Shows Signs of Trend Change From an Upward Direction

USDJPY Makes Signs of Trend Change From an Upward Direction


USDJPY Analysis- July 7 USDJPY makes signs of trend change from an upward direction in the market. On the daily timeframe, the market keeps rallying and forming higher highs and higher lows. Until March 4, 2022, the market had been consolidating in a tight rectangular pattern, only to break out in the same upward direction […]

USDJPY Buyers Set Up Bullish Tendency Above 134.500 Key Level

USDJPY Price Is Still Proactive in Bullish Tendency


USDJPY Analysis – June 9 USDJPY price is still proactive in its bullish tendency despite a break over beyond the 131.260 key level. However, the stochastic indicator is drawing our attention to the overbought area, even though the price value is continually engaged in shooting the market influence higher in an upward direction. The signal […]

USDJPY Is Overbought and Targets the 131.450 Key Level

USD/JPY Remains Defensive Near 127.00 Due to Weaker USD, Boj Related Talks


During today’s European trading period, the USD/JPY price action has showed two activities. However, this activity includes inverting the initial day’s rally, which broke; a 2-day downward movement and revisits the in-day low. Having mentioned this, the JPY appears to battle the mixed promoters as it relaxes to the 127 price level. The USD/JPY move […]

USD/JPY Anticipated Attracting a Pause in Selling Order as Dollar Index Shows More Weakness


USD/JPY experienced a fickled directional change, after reaching its lowest 1-day price of 126.67 during the Asian Trading period.  Since three days ago the pair has been trading within a specific range. Thus the USD/JPY is hoped to keep narrowing its range as there are no major economic event in today’s trading period. Examining the […]