Gary McFarlane

The author is the financial editor at Finixio, the publisher of,, and Gary was the cryptocurrency analyst at the UK's second-largest investment platform, interactive investor, from 2017 to August 2020. Gary is the winner of the Best Cryptocurrency Writer 2018 ADVFN International Awards

Buy Albemarle Shares – It’s the World’s Largest Producer of Lithium for EV Batteries

Albemarle (ALB) is the world’s largest producer of lithium for electric vehicle (EV) batteries and is expanding its operations after inking a deal to buy  Chinese company Guangxi Tianyuan New Energy Materials for $200 million. The company’s share price has been performing well this year but there is plenty more to come with the demand […]

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Buy Disney – The Ultimate Global Diversified Entertainment Company

Disney (DIS) long ago cemented itself in the minds of both consumers and investors as the star of the entertainment world. Its brand is synonymous with entertainment, although originally of an exclusively child-centred kind. Today it is a multifaceted entertainment corporation that sits somewhere between being a media stock and a tech stock, with all […]

1 m a Best Buy With Inflation Set to Increase Traffic (MONY) is one of the UK’s best-known comparison sites but its stock has taken a battering during the pandemic. So why would people stop looking for the best deals on products and services during a pandemic? Think holidays and travel. The travel and holiday industry has been shuttered for much of this pandemic and […]

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Buy Games Workshop Before its Fantasy Worlds Hit TV

Games Workshop (GAW) is the king of wargaming. For those that don’t know, this is – in its purest form – a pastime where hobbyists get together to join battle in grandiose fantasy world board games with metal minature figurines. Sounds geeky but it is big business. The figurines and other models are painted, collected […]

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Bloomsbury a Buy as Potter and Digital Keep Paying Off

Bloomsbury Publishing (BMY) is a quality company at a good price and currently presents an especially attractive entry price, after its value declined from the end of July – but has not violated a bullish trend that began in March this year. The rising fortunes of the stock of the Harry Potter publisher this year, […]

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