USDCAD Keeps Ranging Between Major Zones

USDCAD Is Undulating in an Upward Direction


USDCAD Analysis – June 15 USDCAD is undulating in an upward direction. The market’s latest move sees it bounce back off the conduit channel’s lower border to reach the channel’s upper border. The bullish strength in the market is currently very strong. However, there are hesitations as the price climbs towards the 1.28980 significant level. […]

USDCAD Bears Overturn the Market in Their Favour

USDCAD Bears Redirect the Market Momentum in Their Favour

USDCAD Is Set to Make a Strong Upward Push

USD/CAD Refreshes Daily Lows of 1.2760 as the Dollar Index (DXY) Loses Strength, and Oil Prices Rise


USD/CAD dipped sharply during the Tokyo session, while the Dollar index depreciates in its upward momentum and oil prices increased due to new supply worries. USD/CAD experienced the action of downward forces today (Friday). Following a little change in its direction, the market drew the attention of buyers at 1.2318 price level, then dipped till […]

USDCAD Rejects a Downside Movement; Recovers Into Its Triangle Pattern


USDCAD Analysis – April 27 USDCAD rejects a slump below the 1.24700 key level and has surged back into its triangle pattern. The bears were assumed to have seized power when the market broke beyond the lower border of the triangle pattern. The price then bounced off 1.24700 for a retest at the upper border […]

USDCAD Bulls Have Failed to Break the Previous High


USDCAD Market Analysis – March 16 USDCAD bulls have failed to break the previous high on the daily timeframe. The market has been bullish since a reversal occurred in the market. A break in market structure was prominent in January. This caused a change in the market’s direction. The bulls utilized the demand zone at […]

USDCAD Rises in an Ascending Channel


USDCAD Market Analysis – March 9 USDCAD rises in an ascending channel, as seen on the daily timeframe. The market dived after striking the upper band of the Bollinger Band on April 21, 2021. The daily candles plunged under the shadow of the Moving Average within the Bollinger. The change in direction was seen with […]

US Dollar versus Canadian Dollar Withdraws from Every Week High Lower than 1.2800s on Smooth Oil, Geopolitical Worries


USD/CAD relaxes from weekly height as it strained to elongate the 4-day upward trend movement during yesterday’s initial Asian session. USD/CAD undulated near 1.2765 as at the time of report. While doing this the USD/CAD traders got information from the latest smooth West Texas Intermediates Oil value, Canada’s major export item while fighting the Canadian […]