XRP Price Prediction 2021 and Beyond – How far Ripple XRP will go?

XRP Price Prediction 2021 and Beyond – How far Ripple XRP will go?

Ripple XRP is excepted to perform bullish in 2021 due to adoption and the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market cap. The price of XRP can hit an all-time high within January while for 2021 It can hit between $4 and $5.

Ripple is a currency as well as a platform. The Ripple platform is curated to facilitate an efficient flow of transactions, and the currency of the platform is known as XRP. Ripple (XRP) was created by the Ripple Company. The company owns around 60% of XRP tokens, and they control its movement and distribution. 

XRP is faster and cheaper when compared to Bitcoin. The price and transaction cost is a fraction of that of Bitcoin’s. XRP transactions take about 5 seconds, whereas Bitcoin’s transactions take about 10 minutes. 

RippleNet, the Ripple network is centralized and aims to provide ease of exchange. XRP was aimed to be used for transfers to commodities or other currencies. 

Why Should You Be On The Lookout For Ripple in 2021? 

Ripple is currently priced at $0.62. With a market capitalization of $61.25 billion, it is the third-largest cryptocurrency. Although it relinquished its status as third largest to Tether because of poor performance during the year, now it is back on the right track again, in the third position. 

2020 has not been good to Ripple. The cryptocurrency has had stagnant growth throughout the year, with an average price level of somewhere around $0.25. The investment world was gloomy, but in a dramatic spike, Ripple quickly regained momentum and rose to a whopping $0.68 towards the end of November.   

Data shows that the number of unique addresses transacting in Ripple had increased dramatically before the price soared. In terms of social volume, it also outperformed Ethereum

RippleNet is the payment system that Ripple uses to improve the efficiency of money transfer. Lately, more and more banks have started taking notice of Ripple. In 2020, some major banks and financial institutions around the world announced their cooperation with Ripple. These include the Bank of America, HDFC Bank Limited, JP Morgan, etc. 

Source: Coindesk.com

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Ripple started the year at around $0.2, and it seemed to be growing, but then the global markets were hit hard by the impact of COVID-19, and any progress that was made got lost. Ripple dropped to a staggering low of $0.13. It seemed to be recovering a bit towards the middle of the year, but it shocked the investment world with a gigantic spike of 220% in a single day. 

Currently, Ripple is the hot new topic because predictions are hopeful. Ripple broke its resistance level first at $0.6348 and then the second at $0.6639.

Another major resistance level of $0.7024 will decide what the future has in hold for XRP.

Source: tradingview.com

Major news shook the investment world when Ripple released 1 billion XRP into the market worth $662 million. This means that Ripple’s liquidity increased in the market drastically. 

The Foundation unlocked the tokens in two back to back transactions.

Ripple XRP is currently being cited as one of the best alternatives to Bitcoin in 2021 and in the consequent years. It has a good repute and has been ranking at the top for quite some time now. In 2017, Ripple was the best performing cryptocurrency. It looks like Ripple XRP has made a comeback, so it’s definitely the cryptocurrency investors should be on the lookout for. 


Price Predictions For Next Year 2021


With the recent jump in Ripple XRP’s prices, predictions are very hopeful. The analyst, Robert Art, took it to Twitter and said, “XRP will deliver better returns than Bitcoin. Why? Bitcoin has 16 times the capital invested in it. Moving $8 billion to $80 billion is a lot easier than moving $140 billion to $1.4 trillion.” According to him, very soon in the near future Ripple, XRP is going to cross a $200 mark, which would, undoubtedly, be a feat. 

More and more experts and analysts are giving favorable judgments regarding Ripple XRP’s future. Crypto Coin Society has predicted that XRP will cross $0.95 towards the end of the next year. This will be an increase of around 325% in its prices. We can already see that Ripple XRP is on the trajectory to achieving just that.

Crypto Coin Society is expecting a spike of 854% in the prices of Ripple XRP. They are expecting the price to cross $2.5 in 2022. The strong holding that Ripple holds is a factor that would work in its favor. Unlike Bitcoin, the owner of which is not even known, Ripple is created by a private company and is putting efforts into improving the repute and standing of Ripple XRP, which makes it the most suitable one to successfully overcome any checks and balances imposed. 

Another famous analyst, CryptoWhale, also says hopeful things about Ripple XRP’s future as in the near future, governments are going to regulate cryptocurrencies all over the world. And it is highly likely that the UK government will arrive at that consensus soon. When that happens, Ripple is going to enjoy a major advantage over other cryptocurrencies as it had been working closely with many institutions and organizations. 

Although the coronavirus outbreak has been bad news for the investment world, the situation created may facilitate the increasing use of Ripple XRP. As countries are in complete lockdown, RippleNet and Ripple XRP are being favored for the ease of transactions that the system creates. 

Ripple price during Corona Virus 0.13$
Source : Coindesk.com

Almost all the predictions for Ripple XRP prices are optimistic in the short term as well as the long term. Common estimations suggest that the price of Ripple XRP could range from $2.6 to $5.6; in either case, it is a good increase from the current prices.   


Should You Invest in Ripple(XRP)?


Ripple XRP is very much different than Bitcoin. Where Bitcoin was designed to be a digital currency, Ripple was developed to be a medium of money exchange and currency transfer. The whole point of cryptocurrencies is a decentralized system; Ripple, however, does not completely fall under that area since it is privately owned, and the system is highly centralized. Tokens are already mined and are in possession of the company, so the distribution and movement of the tokens are controlled by the Ripple Foundation. 

For some investors, this may be a reason to turn down Ripple XRP, but others are of the view that exactly these attributes are what sets Ripple apart from the crowd. Expert analysts are of the view that Ripple might be on the way to becoming the platform for financial institutions. 

From a safety perspective, there is, of course, always risk involved in an investment. But Ripple XRP does not work like other cryptocurrencies. Its centralized system makes it appear more like investing in a bank rather than in a cryptocurrency. This aspect minimizes the risks greatly, and it makes Ripple XRP a safe haven for investors from the volatile cryptocurrency market. 

More and more banks are supporting Ripple, and in the near future, an increasing number of banks are going to use Ripple as a transactions platform. Support and cooperation of banks and other financial institutions increase the value of Ripple XRP. 


What Is Going On In The Industry? What to expect in 2021!


Bitcoin being a force to be reckoned with in the cryptocurrency world has significant impacts on the prices of other cryptocurrencies. However, the correlation between Ripple and Bitcoin is just 0.3. Although it’s positive hence, Ripple is affected by Bitcoin, but it is not as significant as other cryptocurrencies. The correlation between Bitcoin and Ripple may be the lowest on the positive scale in the top ten largest cryptocurrencies. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted markets all over the world, especially the financial markets. Cryptocurrency investment is already known for its volatility and uncertainty—the existing risks, coupled with the challenges brought by COVID-19, results in a one-of-a-kind situation. 

Investment has been in a bit of a stalemate as investors are wary of the unprecedented situation. The market crashes in 2020 has made even the most risk-taking investors take a back seat for a while. In this unique situation, the uniqueness and unconventional system of Ripple can be considered a Godsend for investors. 

With little similarities to cryptocurrencies and more similar to banks, Ripple is a considerably safer investment choice. This could also be one of the attributes that played a key role in Ripple XRP’s price hike. And since Coronavirus is here to stay, more and more investors may be opting for safer choices with great potential like Ripple XRP in the near future. The company is always following the government regulations like the one in India where they have made the right adjustments to comply with the laws of India. 

Market forces of demand and supply play a major role in the price setting of Ripple XRP or of any cryptocurrency or commodity. Ripple has been strictly controlling the price of XRP by manipulating its supply. 

Since Ripple XRP is not mined the traditional way, the company owns 60% of the tokens. Recently, it floated one billion tokens in the market. This increased the liquidity drastically, and investors may flock to buy XRP. An increase in demand would, inevitably, lead to a rise in the value of Ripple XRP.

Even better news is coming from Banco Santander where they added XRP in 19 other countries getting more adoption.

Ripple XRP is closely linked with the financial sector and the digitalization of the financial sector. As the sector has embarked on digitalization, this will bode only good things for Ripple XRP and the price probably will hit an all-time high in 2021. 

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