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Kawai Shiba – The Most Rewarding Crypto Meme Project Yet!

Kawai Shiba is launching what will come to be the most innovative meme crypto project that offers passive income to holders of the token by supplying BUSD rewards! What makes Kawai Shiba so unique? It is a meme token that reflects 6% of BUSD and one that has an automated claim feature that compensates holders […]

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In November Kick Ecosystem is Unveiling the KickRef V2 Upgrade

 Upgrade KickEX is a constantly growing cryptocurrency exchange, which currently promotes spot trading as the platform is still young and growing. Its main features consist of a mobile application, great customer support, referral rewards, credit card payments, and much more.  The native token of KickEX is the $KICK token. Besides trading, $KICK can be used […]

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The First Waste Management Company: Agora Tech Labs (ATL) will Build on Holochain

Agora Tech Lab (ATL) is dedicated to improving waste management on a global scale through leveraging blockchain to decentralize waste management systems, where the participation of cities will be much easier. Through collaboration with local businesses, waste recycling payments to consumers can be made immediately and with exceptionally cheap transaction fees. Waste, which is now […]

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Conceal Network is Launching Conceal HUB by the End of 2021

Conceal Network is a fully decentralized blockchain that runs on a complete open-source code without intermediaries running interference that facilitates censorship-free space for communication and financial transactions. Conceal Hub is the next revolutionary development of Conceal Network that offers an integration method enclosing all touchpoints of the Conceal Network ecosystem into a single and simple […]

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ArGoApp – Transforming Storage Network through Decentralized Clouds and Hosting

The internet has mostly devolved into a centralized ecosystem under the control of governments and tech companies. However, with the introduction of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based solutions in various industries, blockchain technology has proven to be revolutionary in increasing transparency through decentralization. By introducing decentralized web hosting, blockchain technology has proven the ability to disrupt this […]

1 m Pioneering the Revolution of the Music Industry is a decentralized music network that allows musicians to profit directly from their audience via micropayments, NFTs, and real-time audio events.’s ground-breaking concept helps musicians maximize their revenues by allowing them to profit straight from their audience.’s native JAM token represents the global music currency which has quite frankly revolutionized the music […]

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Cashio – Revolutionizing the Entertainment Portion of the Crypto Realm

Simply by holding Cashio Tokens, you can own a portion of the Casino and profit from its earnings! Cashio is a new token with a fairly unique use-case that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. Apart from granting partial ownership to loyal users, Cashio takes pride in its excellent reward system. Cashio’s objective is to […]

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CYCE – The Game-Changing Token that Facilitates Global Impact

Touching base with CYCE, a groundbreaking ERC-20 token that will radically transform the way we think about cryptocurrency. It is the Turkish business Crypto Carbon Energy’s first blockchain initiative, but it is off to a high note. With an aim to combat Global Climate Change, CYCE wants to revolutionize the transformation of renewable energy from […]

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CryptoGames: The Platform Rewarding Players With BTC & ETH Jackpots

CryptoGames, the revolutionary crypto gambling platform, is one of the leading platforms in the online crypto gambling industry. Because it covers the main gambling games such as Dice, Lottery, Blackjack, Slot, and Poker, CryptoGames is the preferred website for people who are into gambling and crypto.  To register, all you need is a nickname and […]

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