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The first pay-2-earn game by the Secret Island Club is to be released soon after the mint and it is inspired by the upcoming FIFA Worldcup 2022. By the end of the year, we will witness one of the greatest sport competitions in the world and the launch of one of the main utilities SIC […]

These guys are serious: Secret Island Club to provide the first sustainable NFT business model Headlines about some of the top performing NFTs’ crashes during the last week have left a bitter taste among NFT holders and enthusiasts. News about fallen floor prices yet an increase in sales has left everyone in the market confronted […]

How to stake BNB and become a crypto millionaire in 10 steps with BNB2x The Binance Smart Chain (BNB) builders at the Dubai Blockchain Week conference shared plans for the development of the web3 ecosystem, one of the key factor that attracted the creators of BNB2x is that by the end of 2022 ecosystem will […]

SEVENLOOP Introduces Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding Protocol With High APY 1,000,000.00% SEVENLOOP SEVENLOOP ($SELO) is pleased to announce the launch of its auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol, which will aid users in making money from their investments. SEVENLOOP provides a high fixed APY 1,000,000.00% with just 2 step buying and holding $SELO Token, which means you only […]

[Estonia, Tallinn, April 21] Dollar INU is a fully KYC’d, DOXXED, and AUDITED GameFi INU initiative that aims to achieve a USD to DOLLAR INU conversion rate of 1:1. What is Dollar INU? Dollar INU is the next-generation INU token, backed by solid fundamentals and a dedicated developer team. What gives Dollar INU a competitive […]

Introducing Savanna: The Newest Charity-Focused Cryptocurrency Project [Luanda, Angola – April 19]  Savanna is the newest cryptocurrency project aiming to make a difference in Africa through leveraging blockchain technology. What is Savanna? Savanna is a cryptocurrency project running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The project envisions Africa to be a better place in the […]

How to Buy on PinkSale – A Detailed Guide When it comes to long-term earnings, a pre-sale investment in cryptocurrencies is usually the best bet. Early involvement in a project may pay out handsomely, and that’s exactly what crypto launchpads allow you to do. One of the most prominent crypto launchpads of 2022 is PinkSale. […]

PinkSale vs DxSale Every day, hundreds of new coins are launched into the crypto market. With the aid of crypto launchpads, launching your own coin has become much simpler. These launchpads make it easy for anyone to produce and sell tokens in the early stages of their development. Simply put, these launchpads allow investors to […]

Is PinkSale Finance Safe? – A PinkSale Review Although the cryptocurrency market is believed to be the future, it is still not a safe place. This is mainly because people are uneducated regarding cryptos. Understanding the basics of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, tokens, mining, and other aspects of every crypto project is crucial. This way, nobody can […]

One of the most important features of the crypto community are crypto launchpads, also known as IDO platforms. Crypto launchpads are the best way to find up-and-coming hidden gems in the crypto market. This way, you can invest in promising projects while it’s still quite early. It is also possible that the value of IDO […]