SEVENLOOP Introduces Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding Protocol With High APY 1,000,000.00%

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SEVENLOOP Introduces Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding Protocol With High APY 1,000,000.00%

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SEVENLOOP ($SELO) is pleased to announce the launch of its auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol, which will aid users in making money from their investments. SEVENLOOP provides a high fixed APY 1,000,000.00% with just 2 step buying and holding $SELO Token, which means you only need to #Hold2Earn.

SEVENLOOP also announces the launch of its token presales following successful double KYC verifications with the team. The Presale will commence on May 5, 2022, at 19:00 PM UTC on Note that SEVENLOOP holds only one  Presale!


Token Name: SELO 

Initial Supply: 330,000 $SELO – Max Supply: 36,571,000,000 $SELO

Price: 01 BNB = 40 SELO

Hardcap: 5,000 BNB Softcap: 2,500 BNB

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Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding

With an APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of 1,000,000.00%, the $SELO token remains unparalleled. Investors may earn $SELO Rebase tokens as interest payments by simply buying and holding the token. The rewards are deposited straight into the user’s wallet, such as your Metamask wallet. The $SELO tokens are added to investor wallets every 7 minutes, keeping inventories up to current. SEVENLOOP uses the staking mechanism to encourage rebasing. Taxes collected from transactions and other sources are used to fund the awards.

The Lottery every day

While the deposited funds remain untouched, holders of the token can win a prize pool every day by participating in the Presale round and holding $SELO token. The lottery system is also aimed at reducing the free-floating tokens in the market through the Burn Mechanism. Individuals depositing $SELO tokens to the lottery will enter the game. 

Every 24 hours our SevenLoop Auto-Lottery-Pool will inject automatic liquidity into the market:

  • 50% will be randomly rewarded 5 addresses that buy SELO on PancakeSwap within 24 hours.
  • 50% will be randomly rewarded 5 addresses that have participated in SevenLoop’s PreSale event.

The $SELO Insurance Fund

To prevent the price of $SELO token from falling and causing damage to investors, we have issued an insurance fund for $SELO to buy back and restore the price of $SELO token when needed.
The $SELO Insurance Fund uses an algorithm that backs the $SELO Rebase Rewards and is supported by a portion of the buy and sell trading fees that accrue in the $SELO Insurance Fund wallet.  

5% of all trading fees are stored in the SevenLoop Insurance Fund which helps sustain and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.

Why you should join SEVENLOOP Presale on Pinksale

  1. SAVING 15% BUYING FEE of $SELO compared to buying $SELO on PancakeSwap after Presale ends.
  2. WINNING LOTTERY POOL – 50% of the Lottery Pool will randomly reward 5 addresses every day from the total addresses that have participated in SevenLoop’s PreSale event.
  3. NO EXTRA MINT OR HIDDEN TOKENS The $SELO smart contract has NO ability to mint extra tokens nor can the supply be manually increased or used in an artificial way to change the initial supply by awarding ourselves free tokens. The initial supply is 330,000 tokens only (please see the breakdown above).
  4. NO RUG PULL – Liquidity will be locked for 100 years via trusted PinkLock which cannot be touched or released early. (This means that the tokens that you buy are yours and remain in your wallet always and are never ‘locked’).
  5. NO BOTS – All front run and sniper bots will be instantly blocked





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