EURCHF Sellers Regain Mastery of the Market


EURCHF Analysis – August 9 EURCHF sellers have regained mastery of the market. They do this by forcing the market into a downward motion from the significant resistance level of 1.04960. A double top reversal pattern was employed to spark a reversal at that resistance level. Hence, the buyers’ influence in the market has since […]

EURCHF Is on Course to Reach Its Lowest Ever Level

EURCHF Bears Successfully Led the Market Into the Demand Zone

EURCHF Bears Are Leading the Market to a Significant Demand Zone


Market Analysis- July 12 EURCHF bears are leading the market to a significant demand zone. The downtrend motive wave began its first impulse on April 25, 2018. Currently, the market appears to be following the Elliot Wave theory, with prices moving in fractals. EURCHF Significant Levels Resistance levels: 1.0520, 1.0220Support levels: 0.9780, 0.9650 EURCHF Long-Term […]

EURCHF Selling Strength Is Contained Close to the 1.00450 Key Level

EURCHF Selling Moment Plunges to 1.00930 Key Level


EURCHF Analysis- June 21 EURCHF Price selling moment plunges to 1.00930 key level. The bearish phase on the Swissy market has shown price banishment from the 1.05070 level, which was viewed as an important resistance zone. This crucial zone had been hit by buyers previously, thereby confirming a double top pattern. As bearish awareness was […]

EURCHF Buyers Are Set to Yield More Buying Moments


EURCHF Analysis – June 7 EURCHF buyers are set to yield more buying moments as bull momentum continues toward the 1.04950 key zone. The buyers of the EURCHF market had setup price moments following a strong liquidity drop of bearish sales from 1.04950 down to 1.02140 key levels. When the bears manipulated the EURCHF value […]

EURCHF Buy Traders Are Opposed Despite Bullish Indications

EURCHF Rises as Buyers Rally From Below the 1.02000 Key Level

EURCHF Price Is Pacing Upward Due to Bearish Rejection


EURCHF Analysis – May 17 EURCHF price is pacing upward due to bearish rejection at the 1.03800 market zone. The Swissy market is potentially gaining more bullish strength. The price daily outlook shows that we should expect a bullish inclination upward to the 1.06190 key zone of the pair. The sellers have dangerously held buyers […]