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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 70.16% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs / Spread betting with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs / Spread betting work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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Mathew Joy
Mathew Joy
While L2T is a top-notch signal service available today, what pushed me to leave this review is their customer service. I rarely get swift responses and that too, pleasant ones from customer care, offering clarifications to all your queries. Apart from that, L2T has been my go-to signal service for forex. I began with their free services, which I found was pretty useful. Once I started engaging more with forex trading, I switched to the Premium subscription. I find that receiving regular alerts is almost necessary if you are a full-time investor. Also, I do not have to spend all my time researching the market conditions, as L2T does most of the legwork for me. Of course, what you do with the signals and how you use them is totally up to you. So you can’t always blame L2T for bad trading moves, as the site emphasizes that at the moment they record a 76% profit rate, which leaves room for occasional errors. Yet, overall, I am more than happy to continue referring to L2T signals.
S Vijayakumar
S Vijayakumar
Learn 2 Trade is among the first few signal services I tried for forex. And from my experience, it is likely that I will stick on to L2T. I have made some decent profits, and I am particularly glad about their transparency. The platform has made it clear how they arrive at the signals, using support and resistance levels, Fibonacci retracement. Bollinger bands and moving averages. In effect, the algorithm does a great job doing research, and the signals are highly helpful too. The free service will get you 3 signals per week, and the premium will get you up to 5 per day. If you are a professional trader, then the Premium package is worth your money, You will also receive notifications through Telegram. It is fair to say that L2T is one of the best services out there today to stay on top of the fluctuating market conditions.
Mariyathasan Maccimas
Mariyathasan Maccimas
For those who need a bit of introduction, Learn 2 Trade is primarily a trading education platform. However, one usable feature of L2T is their signal service, which combines Ai and machine learning to give you information when an opportunity pop-ups in the market. I have been using L2T for a while to receive trading suggestions on cryptocurrency trading. They have got all major selection of currency pairs, and if you have signed up for their premium service, they will also send you real-time trading signals via the Telegram app. You will receive tips on the entry prices, and also the estimated range to set the stop-loss and trade-profit orders. In total, I am glad that I signed up for L2T’s signals. Their educational articles on different trading subjects also offer valuable insight into my strategies.
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Akhil Babu
Akhil Babu
I came across Learn 2 Trade through their excellent articles on trading, and soon got caught up in the wealth of information they offer. I was a beginner in trading and wanted to learn more about how to get into the niche. And I have to admit that L2T has helped me tremendously in gaining confidence to trade. Since then, I have followed their signal services, which delivers you the info on entry prices, stop-loss, and take-profit targets. L2T is quite transparent and will reflect how the market is actually and is likely to perform. I have also found that the support team is quite helpful, and happy to answer your queries. If you are learning along the way, their reports My experience on the site has been fairly satisfying that I am considering switching to their premium service.
Shilpa Vijayakumar
Shilpa Vijayakumar
Anyone who has ever attempted trading already knows how significant it is to stay on top of the market. As one with a bit of background in forex trading, I am constantly on the lookout for resources or tools that can feed me the relevant data. From my experience, I can undoubtedly say that Learn 2 Trade has helped through my trading journey. The trading tips on forex and crypto are available around the clock, so you can be sure that you are not losing out on some valuable information. The signals are easy to understand even for beginners. L2T also has tons of information that can help any noob to understand different concepts of trading. The best part is that you can find free trading signals. Though I would recommend getting the premium membership, as they will send you mobile as well as Telegram alerts to keep you posted.
Best company to use if your looking to start trading, I’ve been wanting to start trading for some while now and never find the best company to use, until someone introduced me learn to trade they are very well structured & also very informative, every question I asked the customer support team had the answer to everything and made me feel very comfortable using this company. They offer all different types off courses so you get the best possible start. Honestly was the best choice I’ve made starting my trading career with learn to trade, and looking forward to my future rewards.


Trading will never be the same with a premium trading account. Comparing regular accounts with Premium accounts, the winner is Premium accounts (always).

Premium account holders succeed and manage betterperformance. Here’s what they enjoy that regular accountholders don’t:

  • Premium holders receive instant email notifications and sound alerts when a signal opens, closes, or is updated; hence, they react instantly in opening trades in real-time
  • Close twice as many trades thanks to their instant reaction to the signals
  • Almost every signal is utilized (they never missa signal thanks to the sound notifications)


If you’re looking to take your forex trading endeavours to the next level, it’s crucial that you have the capacity to read, understand, and analyze charts. After all, it is often historical pricing trends that dictate the future direction of an asset.

With that being said, even if you do have the required skills to perform in-depth technical analysis, there is only so much data that the human brain can process at any given time.

This is where automated forex signal services can assist. Crucially, by allowing an advanced algorithm to scan the forex markets on your behalf, you’ll never miss a trading opportunity again.

In this article, we explore the ins and outs of how forex signals work, and why the Learn 2 Trade premium algorithm has what it takes to amplify your long-term trading results.

Table of Content


    Learn 2 Trade Premium Signals Service

    LT2 Rating

    • Get 3-5 Premium Signals per day
    • Signals Cover Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Crypto
    • Unfettered Access to our VIP Telegram Group
    • 82% Win Success Rate
    • Average Monthly Gains of 30-40%


    Want our Premium Service for Free? You can get your hands on the Learn 2 Trade premium signals service for free by signing up with one of our recommended brokers. Simply click on the respective link, meet the broker’s minimum deposit amount, and you’ll then have unfettered access to our VIP signals for one year.

    What are Forex Signals?

    In a nutshell, forex signals are trading suggestions that are facilitated by advanced algorithms. The underlying software will scan the forex markets on a 24/7 basis, across dozens of currency pairs simultaneously. The algorithm is supported by numerous technical indicators, which allows the protocol to analyze historical pricing trends.

    If and when the software decides that a potential trading opportunity is looming, it will then notify its member base. This might come in the form of an email, SMS message, or a Tweet. In the case of Learn 2 Trade, we send out our forex signals in real-time via Telegram. Once a signal has been posted, the trader will be presented with a number of key data points.

    This includes the current pair the signal relates to, the technical reasoning behind the suggestion, and the relevant entry and exit points. As such, the trader has all the required information not only to act on the signal, but to do so in a risk-averse manner. Crucially, by providing a suggested stop-loss price, traders will always have the necessary risk management safeguards in place.

    How Does Learn 2 Trade Obtain its Signals?

    The easiest way to understand how a pre-conditioned algorithm has the capacity to outperform the markets is to think about how a seasoned trader makes consistent gains.

    For example, it’s likely that the trader niches down to one or two currency pairs, and then spends countless hours performing technical analysis in their search for a profit-making opportunity. They will do this through the use of technical indicators likes the RSI, exponential moving averages, and Fibonacci retracement levels.

    Once an opportunity has been identified, the trader will then place the relevant entry and exit orders. On the one hand, there is no denying that skilled traders have the capacity to make money through manual research and analysis.

    However, not only are traders required to niche down to a few currency pairs at best, but there is only so many hours that an individual can dedicate to research.

    This is where the Learn 2 Trade premium signals service excels. In a nutshell, the underlying algorithm will take the very same research principles as employed by a human trader, but at an unprecedented scale. For example, instead of limiting research to one or two currencies, the algorithm has the capacity to scan dozens of pairs simultaneously.

    Unlike a human trader that is capped to a certain number of research hours per day, the algorithm operates on a 24/7 basis. Most importantly, the research process is supported by more than 60 technical indicators across each and every pair.

    This includes:

    ✔️ Fibonacci Retracement Levels

    The overarching concept of Fibonacci retracement levels is that the indicator targets market corrections. For example, let’s say that GBP/USD has been on an upward surge for a number of weeks.

    If and when the pair goes through a brief downward trend, Fibonacci retracement levels will be utilized to assess whether or not this relates to a brief market correction or a longer-term reversal.

    If it is the former, Fibonacci retracement levels will suggest placing a buy order. With the assistance of the Learn 2 Trade algorithm, traders will then receive a signal with the relevant entry and exit prices.

    ✔️ Support and Resistance Levels

    The Learn 2 Trade algorithm places a strong focus on support and resistance levels, as this is something that all currency pairs possess. For those unaware, a support level is a specific price that has historically defended the asset from a downward trend.

    For example, if GBP/USD has failed to go below 1.2405 since 1984, this would be viewed as a major support line. At the other end of the spectrum, resistance levels work in a similar nature, but in reverse. For example, let’s say that GBP/USD has attempted to breach 1.3150 for a number of days.

    On a number of occasions, as the pair approaches this level, market forces bring the price back down. This is known as a resistance level, and it’s equally as important to assess if and when a new market trend is looming.

    ✔️ Bollinger Bands

    Bollinger bands are highly effective in evaluating the correlation between volatility and price. More specifically, the tool allows the algorithm to assess how volatile a particular currency pair is in real-time, and how this relates to historical averages. Ultimately, the Learn 2 Trade algorithm will utilize Bollinger bands to determine whether a currency is potentially overbought or oversold.

    ✔️ Moving Averages

    The moving averages allow us to assess how a currency pair is performing in relation to historical trends. The most commonly used by traders is that of the 100-day and 200-day moving average.

    In most cases, if the currency exchange rate of two currencies is above these averages, it resembles

    Author : Michael Fasogbon


    Michael Fasogbon is a professional Forex trader and cryptocurrency technical analyst with over five years of trading experience. Years back, he became passionate about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency through his sister and has since been following the market wave.