Bitcoin Supersplit Trading Robot Review: Can I earn $800 daily?



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Bitcoin Supersplit is one of the BTC trading tools that have gained massive popularity in recent days. The robot has over 50,000 individual consumer reviews on leading review platforms.  Experts have also reviewed it on over ten high traffic publications.

As BTC price swings continue to intensify, this robot’s users are reportedly earning insane profits daily. Some claim to earn up to $800 daily by investing $250 only. You could reportedly earn a fortune within a short time by compounding most of the daily profits.

Bitcoin Supersplit seems to perform consistently. You are likely to get the best results out of it during periods of high market volatility. But is Bitcoin Supersplit a scam or legit auto-trading system? We have done the heavy lifting and prepared this review for you.

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  • Claims to have a 85%+ win rate
  • Cutting edge AI trading technology
  • Trading leverage up to 5000:1
  • Start with as little as £250
All trading carries risk.

Key points to note about Bitcoin Supersplit

Bitcoin Supersplit is a popular trading platform open for all users. It reportedly offers the most profitable way to trade crypto.

  • This trading robot is legit and safe. It operates in collaboration with reputable and regulated brokers. These brokers handle all transactions with clients.
  • You don’t need to have any prior trading experience to use Bitcoin Supersplit successfully.
  • Bitcoin Supersplit seems to be more popular with passive online investors. It’s reviewed over 20 times on passive online income blogs.
  • This trading robot is available on a free license even though registration slots are not always available.
  • Bitcoin Supersplit trades BTC price swings through the financial derivative known as Contract for Difference (CFD).
  • This robot offers exposure to over 80 CFDs pairs featuring BTC paired against fiat or crypto. The robot identifies and capitalizes on the most volatile pairs.

Getting started with Bitcoin Supersplit is simple. Click here to visit the official Bitcoin Supersplit website and register a trading account.

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Is Bitcoin Supersplit a scam?

We have done a thorough background investigation and concluded that Bitcoin Supersplit is indeed legit.

This trading bot comes with all the features that we would expect in a legit trading platform. For instance, it has secured partnerships with the industry’s best robot brokers. Most of its partner brokers are regulated in over five jurisdictions.

Partner broker regulation is paramount since all transactions happen through them. Scam trading systems are notorious for partnering with unregulated offshore brokers. With a regulated broker, you can be sure that your money is safe even in the event of the broker going under.

Bitcoin Supersplit also seems to have taken adequate measures to ensure users online safety. These include AES encryption to prevent data theft. Experts consider this form of encryption as the best.

Bitcoin Supersplit has also complied with leading data privacy laws. For instance, it’s among the few platforms that have fully complied with the EU General Data Protection (GDPR) regulation. This data privacy law is the most comprehensive worldwide.

Firms that adhere to it must store clients’ data safely and also destroy data once the intended purpose is met.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Supersplit

Registration is currently free, but this may not be the case in the coming days. Take advantage and sign up now. 

You could earn a good profit daily, but you may also generate a loss. Bitcoin Supersplit offers a high risk/high return type of investment. It wouldn’t be prudent to put all your savings in a risky investment. Some experts recommend not investing more than 10% of your savings in such investments.

Bitcoin Supersplit should be accessible from any country where retail CFDs trading is allowed. Unfortunately, you cannot trade with this system if you are in the US and a few other countries that prohibit crypto CFDs trading.

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Register a free account

Visit Bitcoin Supersplit website here and register a trading account. Registration should be easy. Make sure that you submit accurate information to avoid delays in the next stages.

Bitcoin Supersplit links all users to brokers who act as its intermediary to the markets. You will therefore be matched with a broker during this step.

Bitcoin Supersplit robot brokers are of high quality and adherent to global anti-money-laundering measures. All users are therefore required to verify ID and provide a document that proves their current address.

Deposit trading capital

Bitcoin Supersplit account funding happens through the matched robot broker. You can get started with as little as USD250.

Some users claim to generate a daily profit of up to $800 from such a small deposit. The returns can double or even triple with reinvestments. We find it prudent to test the waters with such a small deposit before depositing more money.

You can choose to plough back the daily returns for growth instead of depositing more capital. A good reinvestment plan should reportedly earn you good profits within months of trading. BTC trading is risky, and hence you should also be ready to lose.

Trade on the Bitcoin Supersplit demo

Test the waters using the Bitcoin Supersplit demo account. You should be able to access it immediately after deposit.

The demo offers all the tools you need to be fully prepared for live trading. You can test various functionalities by running it on historical data. The results achieved through the Bitcoin Supersplit demo are usually not very far from those of live trading.

You should trade on the demo for not less than 40 minutes to be fully prepared. Read the Bitcoin Supersplit trading guide carefully before proceeding to live trading.

Start a live session

Bitcoin Supersplit should be extremely easy to use if you follow the settings guide. Start a live session by clicking the “TRADE NOW” button.

Bitcoin Supersplit conducts trading research by analyzing historical trading charts for patterns that could repeat in the markets. It’s also equipped with AI algorithms that can read and make meaning of news.

It’s reportedly one of the most profitable news trading systems. Bitcoin Supersplit trades on the leverage of up to 3000:1 hence making it possible to generate huge returns from a small deposit. Try Bitcoin Supersplit now by clicking here.

Advantages of Trading with Bitcoin Supersplit

Bitcoin Supersplit is the real deal when compared to other ways of trading or investing in BTC. Here are the key advantages of trading with this system.

  1. Bitcoin Supersplit automates the entire trading process and is therefore easy to use for all. The traditional ways of trading BTC require some technical knowhow. Moreover, the traditional BTC buying process is tedious.
  2. Bitcoin Supersplit is reportedly fifty times more profitable than manual trading. This is because it trades even the smallest price movements and at high leverage. Moreover, it’s powered by highly accurate AI-driven algorithms.
  3. This trading robot is affordable for most people. There are no license charges, and you only need to deposit at least $250 to start trading. Bitcoin Supersplit charges a 2% commission on any profits made through the bot. You don’t pay any fees if you are not profitable.
  4. Bitcoin Supersplit offers a safe way to invest in crypto. Trading with it involves speculating on BTC price swings without physically owning the underlying asset. This eliminates the risks of hacking and crypto holdings being stolen.
  5. Bitcoin Supersplit has invested in adequate safety measures, including securing partnerships with the industry’s most reputable brokers.

The only disadvantage of trading with Bitcoin Supersplit is that it comes at increased risk given the level of leverage.

High leverage magnifies trades hence making it possible to make good profits out of small price movements. However, it can lead to devastating losses in case of a wrong move.

Try Bitcoin Supersplit Today !


  • Claims to have a 85%+ win rate
  • Cutting edge AI trading technology
  • Trading leverage up to 5000:1
  • Start with as little as £250
All trading carries risk.

Is Bitcoin Supersplit a scam? The Verdict

Bitcoin Supersplit is legit and is said to perform consistently. Its performance is at its best during high BTC volatility. You could earn up to $800 daily by investing the minimum capital required.

Bitcoin Supersplit is easy to use for all, including complete beginners. All the technical aspects of BTC CFDs trading are automated, and hence you do not require any skills to use it. We have conducted background checks and confirmed that Bitcoin Supersplit only works with reputable robot brokers.

Try your luck with Bitcoin Supersplit now by signing up for free through the link below. Keep it in mind that crypto trading involves high risk. You could earn good profits or lose capital when trading with Bitcoin Supersplit.

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Is Bitcoin Supersplit a con?

No! Our tests reveal that Bitcoin Supersplit is legit, safe, and transparent. The robot operates in collaboration with the industry's most reputable robot brokers.

How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Supersplit?

That depends on how much you are willing to risk. We recommend starting small and compounding profits for fast growth.

Is Bitcoin Supersplit profitable?

We have analyzed hundreds of Bitcoin Supersplit reviews, and they indicate that this trading system is highly profitable.