5 Essential Reasons Why Girls are Better Forex Traders Than Boys


Women Trade Much Better than Men – Here’s Why

Women are better traders than men. Are you surprised? Well, a recent study completed by Warwick Business School showcased that women traders in the forex market perform better than men at about 1.8% even though girls trade less. Mostly, men don’t like to admit they made a mistake.

On the other hand, women handle crises much better than men. Another research by the University of Leicester showcased that female traders trade better than men in the forex market because of some complex ‘biological’ factors.

Women tend to be more disciplined, prudent, and patient. This implies that they would not panic too much when they place trades, this attributes to their success.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the five essential logic of why women perform better in the forex market.

Women don’t trade too often

Men trade aggressively in the forex market. They tend to trade lots of times daily anticipating huge profits. On the other hand, women trade less frequently, according to research. Trading fewer times incur less risk, settlement cost, and meager brokerage fee.

Subsequently, women are more orderly while trading and they stop (or pause) when they have achieved their goal. Male traders, however, are greedy and will not stop even though they have reached their target in the hope of making more profits.

Women take fewer risks

Men take risks naturally, that what they are known for. Taking risks is good, and it is a way to get rich. But there is one thing to note, which is very important: there is a vast difference between taking excessive risks and taking ‘calculated’ risks.

Women take calculated risks and are not driven by emotions. Taking calculated risks can help reduce drastic loss; this is why women are less likely to make losses when they trade in the forex market.

Female traders acknowledge when they make mistakes

Another characteristic that makes girls better traders is that they admit they commit mistakes. It is genuinely natural for women to assume they are wrong or when things go right too. Unlike women, men are egocentric.

It is tough for men to admit they have lost. When men encounter losses after the trade, even though they are supposed to take a break and ponder on their trading strategies, they will trade even more with the same approach they have used.

Female traders look for help and don’t break the rules

A woman will never shy or feel embarrassed for requesting some help when things go wrong; she will hardly stop herself from asking for help. Female traders tend to listen more carefully. So, when they aren’t sure about a particular move, they will ask for a helping hand and listen to advise.

On the other hand, male traders don’t ask for aid, as their trading strategy is better. Female traders know they aren’t perfect traders, and they tend to ask for support which helps to reduce losses.

Female traders balance their Forex and personal life better

When you trade too much, you can get too addicted to it and not get a like outside of it. Many men are drawn and addicted to forex trading and forget everything else.

On the other hand, women do have a life except trading. They ponder about spending quality time with their family members. Spending quality time with family help to reduce fatigue and mental stress that male traders (most of them) suffer from.