Reasons Why Best Forex Brokers are Regulated


Why are Best Forex Brokers Regulated?

Over the past decade, forex trading has increased leaps and bounds, witnessing a tremendous increase in retail traders. The forex market is open 24 hours a day, six days a week, an aspect which gives the traders flexibility of trading as they wish and hence resulting in the increasing numbers.

As retail numbers increase, so does the number of forex brokers. A broker is responsible for handling all the transactions of a trader. For a trader, choosing the best broker is the first step to becoming successful in the forex market.

However, not all brokers are what they promise to be. As the broker numbers increase, cases of scams and frauds also increase. Therefore, the best broker has to be regulated to safeguard the traders’ hard-earned money.

So, why do brokers need to be regulated?

  1. Credibility

Several agencies are responsible for regulating the forex brokers, which in return adds credibility. As the brokers hold the traders’ money and handle the transactions, a lot is expected from them and hence has to hand over copies of the regular audit report to their regulatory body.

Brokers have to follow to the point the rules put in place by regulators, and if the broker is on the body list of the broker, then all the requirements have been met. Such a broker is reliable, trustworthy, and credible.

  1. It Shows Transparency

Forex trading involves some huge investments and some sensitive information provided. Therefore, choosing a broker who’s not regulated is exposing you to being scammed as it shows that they have something to hide.

Transparency in any business is very significant as regulated brokers show that they have nothing to hide from their clients. Regulated brokers have the best practices as well as provide secure means of trading for clients.

  1. Assurance for Compensation

Losing money is not the best feeling one has to feel at some point in life. But the assurance of getting your money back is the best a forex trader can have after losing some money. As much as in forex trading their no guarantee of the money back, a regulated broker gives some peace of mind of getting at least the money back.

Even if a brokerage firm closes, a regulated broker is an assurance of the money not getting lost. Perhaps, it gives hope that a trader’s finances and personal data are in the safe hands.

  1. The Financial Instruments By the Broker are Monitored

A regulatory body monitors legal, transactions as well as the security of the forex broker. Besides, they also check the financial instruments a broker offers. Therefore, it means that a regulated broker will not provide financial instruments that are not recommended for trading.

All the products a regulated broker offers means that they have been approved; hence, a trader gets better services, which most probably are in line with the trading strategy you employ.


It’s a no brainer that any forex trader should transact only with a regulated broker. A regulated broker guarantees not only the safety of the money but also the security of personal data.

Moreover, they can be reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, ensure you check the broker’s website for any indications of being regulated. You can also google the license number to crosscheck if it’s genuine before committing with them.