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Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas

Lucky Block Market Expectation: LBLOCK Takes the First Step in an Upward Direction

Lucky Block Market Expectation: September 27 The Lucky Block market expectation is for the price to begin to run more in an upward direction after taking the first step of springing off the $0.0004200 support. LBLOCK/USD Long-Term Trend: Bullish (4-hours Chart) Key Levels: Zones of supply: $0.0008360, $0.0006820Zones of Demand: $0.0001878, $0.0005060Lucky Block has taken […]

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DeFI Coin Price Forecast: DEFCUSD Price Now Appears to be Heading for $0.0900

DeFI Coin Price Forecast: September 27 The DeFi Coin price forecast posits that the market is prepared to continue its rise up to $0.09000. After the consolidation that occurred at the 0.08300 zone, the market resumed with the surge that saw the DEFC price hit the current price. DEFCUSD Long-Term Trend: Bullish (1-Hour Chart) Significant […]

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Ethereum Is Unable to Breach $1,400 as It Declines to $1,162

Key HighlightsEther resumes selling pressure as it faces rejection at $1,400ETH/USD targets the low of $1,162 Ethereum ETH) Current StatisticsThe current price: $1,282.08Market Capitalization: $157,127,652,950Trading Volume: $18,061,241,655Major supply zones: $1,800, $2,000, $2,200Major demand zones: $1, 700, $1,500, $1,300 Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis September 27, 2022 Ethereum’s (ETH) price is in a downtrend as it declines […]

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Battle Infinity (IBAT) Price Still Trade in an Uptrend

Battle Infinity (IBAT) Price Forecast: September 28IBATUSD price is currently running a bullish race as the crypto is facing high pressure from the bulls. Conversely, if the coin prices sustain above the level of $0.005000, the bulls’ trend would continue upward and possibly hit the $0.04000 upper high level. Key Levels:Resistance Levels: $0.005000, $0.005100, $0.005200Support […]

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Polkadot Is in a Range as It Struggles below $8.00

Technical indicators: Major Resistance Levels – $10, $12, $14Major Support Levels – $8, $6, $4 DOT/USD Long-term Trend: BearishPolkadot’s (DOT) price is in a downtrend as it struggles below $8.00. The current support at $5.98 has been holding since June 13. Buyers have been defending the current support vigorously. However, if the bears break below […]

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Cardano Price Is Heading Towards Previous Low at $0.41 Support Level

ADA Price Analysis – September 27 Should the buyers interrupt the sellers, the bulls’ pressure may increase the price to break up $0.47, the next resistance levels can be found at $0.50, and $0.54 levels. In case the sellers exert more pressure, the daily candle may close below $0.41 support level, Cardano may decrease to […]

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DeFI Coin Price Forecast: The DEFCUSD Price is Set to Rise After Another Price Retest

DeFI Coin Price Forecast: September 25 The DeFi Coin price forecast indicates that the DEFC price is set to retest at $0.07806. The DEFCUSD market is currently experiencing a complex pullback, which is expected to stop after that price retest. DEFCUSD Long-Term Trend: Bullish (1-Hour Chart) Significant Levels:Supply zone: $0.07990, $0.07290Demand zone: $0.07420, $0.06960After the […]

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S&P 500 Price Tests a Potential Bullish Reversal Level

S&P 500 Price Analysis – September 27 The bears gained more pressure and the price declines further, testing the support level of $3651. S&P 500 is making an attempt to penetrate the just mentioned level downside. In case the support level of $3651 is defended by the bulls, price may face resistance levels at $3886, […]

22 hs

Battle Infinity (IBAT) Potential Upswing to Revisit a $0.01000 Supply Level

Battle Infinity (IBAT) Price Forecast: September 27IBATUSD is now set to retrace to a higher resistance mark. The coin gave a bullish breakout from $0.003910 suggesting the buyers are making a recovery attempt. Thus, if the crypto’s price sustains above the $0.006500 high level, the potential rally could surge higher to hit $0.01000 and beyond. […]

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USOIL Reaches Oversold Region as Sellers Push WTI to $76 Low

Key Resistance Levels: $80.00, $84.00, $88.00Key Support Levels: $66.00,$62.200,$58.00 USOIL (WTI) Long-term Trend: BearishUSOIL is in a downtrend as sellers push WTI to $76 low. The current price level has pushed WTI to the oversold region of the market. The bearish trend is likely to subside. On September 14, buyers attempted to keep the price […]

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