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Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas

DeFI Coin Price Forecast- DeFI Coin Reveals Early Signs of a Bullish Reversal

DeFI Coin Price Forecast- June 27 DeFI Coin price forecast calls for a rise in market price towards $0.2270. DEFCUSD Long-Term Trend: Bullish (1-hour chart) DEFCUSD significant Levels:Zones of supply: $0.2270, $0.2750Zones of demand: $0.1470, $0.1100DeFI coin ascending market has swept the most recent high before the test of the demand level at $0.1100. This […]

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Nzdusd Is Set for a Bearish Breakout

NZDUSD Analysis- The Market Is Set for a Bearish Breakout on NZDUSD NZDUSD is bearish on the daily time frame. The daily candles are currently resting under the Moving Averages period fifty (blue) and twenty (yellow). NZDUSD Key Levels Resistance levels: 0.6550, 0.6380Support levels: 0.6200, 0.6280 NZDUSD Long-term trend: Bearish NZDUSD is set for a […]

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Solana Is Stuck at the Recent High as Bears Resume Selling at $43

Solana (SOL) Current StatisticsThe current price: $37.94Market Capitalization: $19,408,234,674Trading Volume: $1,234,320,043Major supply zones: $100, $120, $140Major Demand zones:$60,$40,$20 Solana (SOL) Price Analysis June 27, 2022 Solana’s (SOL) price is in a downtrend as bears resume selling at $43.  The altcoin has resumed an upward move as price broke above the 21-day line moving average. The […]

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AUDJPY Has More Tendency for Downside Movement

AUDJPY Analysis – June 27 AUDJPY has more tendency for downside movement if it breaks out from its current consolidation. The price is skewed to the lower part of the consolidation. Therefore, the price crashes several times to the support level at 92.930 rather than testing the resistance at 92.620. AUDJPY Significant Levels Resistance Levels: […]

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EURUSD Price Reverses at Support Level of $1.04, targeting $1.06 and $1.07

EURUSD Price Analysis – June 27 In case the bulls break up the resistance level of $1.06, the price may reach resistance level of $1.07 and $1.09. Should the sellers defend the resistance level of $1.06, the price may decrease towards the support level of $1.04, and then, price may decrease to test the 1.02 […]

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NAS100 Surges Ahead as It Targets the High of Level 12800

Key Resistance Zones: 16000, 16500, 17000Key Support Zones: 13500, 13000, 12500 NASDAQ 100 (NAS100) Long-term Trend: BearishNAS100 is in an upward move as it targets the high of level 12800. The index has broken above the 21-day line SMA as it approaches the 50-day line SMA. The bulls will attempt to break above the 50-day […]

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Ethereum Faces Rejection and Continues To Fluctuate Between $1,050 and $1,200

Ethereum ETH) Current StatisticsThe current price: $1,219.96Market Capitalization: $148,185,290,126Trading Volume:$12,928,705,760Major supply zones: $2,500, $3,000, $3,500Major demand zones: $1,500, $1,000, $500 Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis June 26, 2022 Ethereum’s (ETH) price is in a downtrend as it continues to fluctuate between $1,050 and $1,200 price levels. The altcoin is facing rejection after reaching the 21-day line […]

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Monero (XMR) Price Tested Potential Bullish Reversal Level at $124

Monero (XMR) Price Analysis: June 26 When the bulls defend the support level of $124, there may be an increase towards the resistance level of $142, $167 and $185. In case the support level of $124 does not hold, the price may decrease towards the support levels of $111, and $108. Key Levels: Resistance Levels: […]

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Polkadot Resumes a Fresh Decline as It Faces Rejection at $8.36

Resistance Levels: $60, $62, $64Key Support Levels: $40, $38,$36 Polkadot (DOT) Price Long-term Trend: BearishPolkadot’s (DOT) price is in a downtrend as it faces rejection at $8.36. The altcoin is declining after facing rejection at the 21-day line SMA. The crypto will decline to the previous low of $6.37 as it turns from the 21-day […]

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Gold Is in a Sideways Trend as It Holds Above $1,800 Support

Key Resistance Levels: $1,900, $1,950, $2000Key Support Levels: $1,750, $1, 700, $1,650 Gold (XAUUSD) Long-term Trend: BearishXAUUSD’s price is in a downtrend as price holds above $1,800 support. The downtrend subsided after falling to the low of $1,799 on May 13. Since May 13, the market has been in a sideways move. On May 16 […]

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