Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas

Cardano Price: Indecision Moment as Bears’ and Bulls’ Pressure at Equilibrium

ADA Price Analysis – October 19 A breakout at $2.30 resistance level may push the coin to $2.68 and $3.0. On the other hand, a breakout at the support level of $1.87 may reduce the price to $1.64 and $1.46 levels. However, the relative strength index is at 40 levels pointing down to indicate sell […]

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GBP/USD resumes uptrend, battles the resistance at 1.3800

Key Resistance Levels: 1.4200, 1.4400, 1.4600Key Support Levels: 1.3400, 1.3200, 1.3000 GBP/USD Price Long-term Trend: BullishSince September 30, GBP/USD has been in an upward move. The bulls have broken above the moving averages but faced rejection at level 1.3800 resistance zones. The pound is retracing to the support above the 50-day SMA. The uptrend will […]

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EURUSD Stays Below 1.1650, Price Action Hampers Euro’s Rebound

EURUSD Price Analysis – October 18 The EURUSD pair sought to recover from its 1.1571 low earlier in the day, but fell short at 1.1622, reverting to depths below the key 1.1650. In a larger sense, the pair is still unable to break above the October high of 1.1640. The rising attempts have been hampered […]

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Silver (XAG) Erases Gain Amid Positive Move Towards $23.50 Level

XAGUSD Price Analysis – October 18 Silver (XAG) positive fortunes faded around the $23.50 mark, with the price erasing its most recent thrilling bounce above the moving average of 13. During the Monday session, the commodity rose slightly and was last seen lingering near day highs in the $23.22 -$23.40 range. Key LevelsResistance Levels: $24.50, […]

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AUDJPY Retains Its Bullishness as the Price Climbs to 84.220

AUDJPY Price Analysis – October 18 AUDJPY retains its bullish instinct even as the price climbs to the 84.220 key level. The movement of AUDJPY has been rather straightforward in the past few days, and that is because price retains its bullish impulse. This is shown in consecutive strong bullish candlesticks lined up from the […]

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NZDUSD Bounces Higher After a Strong Reaction Against Sellers

NZDUSD Price Analysis – October 17 NZDUSD bounces higher after reacting strongly against the sellers. The bears tried to pin the market down to the weekly support. This initially made the price drill lower to 0.68800, but it recovered immediately back to the 0.69150 support. At this level, the market reacted strongly against the bulls, […]

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Is in a Downward Move, May Decline to $558 Low

Key Highlights BCH faces rejection at $650 resistance levelBCH may decline to $558 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Current StatisticsThe current price: $600.68Market Capitalization: $12,616,674,493Trading Volume: $1,245,341,326Major supply zones: $700, $720, $740 Major demand zones: $250, $230, $210 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Analysis October 18, 2021 For the past week, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been trading in […]

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Bitcoin SV Price: Can It Be a Pullback or Bearish Reversal?

Bitcoin SV Price Analysis – October 18 When the bears increase their momentum, it may break down the support level at $148 level and decrease to $112 and $73 price level. Inability to break down the $148 price level may lead to an increase in price to the resistance levels at 4193, $233 and $266. […]

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Monero (XMR) Price: Resistance Level of $281 Holds, Bearish Pressure Increases

Monero (XMR) Price Analysis: October 17 The sellers may push the price down to the support level of $244 in which it may reduce to $189 provided $216 do not hold. In case the support level of $244 holds, bullish movement may continue to $281, $322 and $361 levels. Key Levels: Resistance Levels: $281, $322, […]

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Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis: Ether Surges Ahead, Attempts to Break Above the $4,000 High

HighlightsEthereum price rallies to $3,964 highEther in an upward move, targets $4,200 high Ethereum ETH) Current StatisticsThe current price: $3,897.10Market Capitalization: $459,590,834,865Trading Volume: $15,001,083,967Major supply zones: $3,000, $3,500, $4,000Major demand zones: $2,500, $2,000, $1,500 Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis October 17, 2021 Ethereum’s (ETH) price has continued to rally on the upside. On October 16, Ether […]

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