EURUSD Declines Sharply to 1.1800 Level Amid US Dollar Surge on Economic Recovery

EURUSD Price Analysis – November 23 The EURUSD declines sharply from the 1.1900 area to the 1.1800 level, hitting the lowest level in two weeks. As of writing, it trades at 1.1815, 40 pips lower than the prior week’s close. The US dollar surge across the board after US data indicates economic recovery. Key LevelsResistance […]

2 ds

EURUSD unable to break above 1.19

The EURUSD has rejected the 1.1900-1.1920 zone at least 4 times in the past 2 months giving us the opportunity to sell at the top of the range whilst the DXY is bottoming around the 92.20 mark. We are not forecasting a strong US Dollar in the  immediate future, but technically speaking we’re seeing an […]

5 ds

EURUSD Tests Low Level at 1.1816 Level As Dollar Gains Ground on Lockdown Fears

EURUSD Price Analysis – November 19 Following upside rejections, EURUSD broke under and tests the low level at 1.1816 level creating a fresh buying opportunity at 1.1800 to 1.1816 range. The unremitting advance of the pandemic and its impact on the growth prospects of the euro area boost dollar gains on lockdown fears. Key LevelsResistance […]

6 ds

EURUSD Upside Move Stays Unabated Beyond 1.1800 Level As Markets Await Further Vaccine News

EURUSD Price Analysis – November 16 The market soared on COVID-19 vaccine news in the prior week as EURUSD posts fresh gains and risk-on weighs over the safe-haven greenback early on in the day. EURUSD trades in green in the 1.1850 neighborhood with its upside move staying unabated beyond the 1.1800 level as markets await […]

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EURUSD Upside Consolidation Continues As Bears and Bulls Stay on the Sideline at the 1.1800 Mark

EURUSD Price Analysis – November 13 The EURUSD edged higher in the prior session as bears and bulls stay on the sideline at the 1.1800 marks. The dollar, however, recovered some ground ahead of the close. The number of newly reported coronavirus cases is growing exponentially, and the health systems are stressed in Europe. Key […]

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EURUSD Retreats and Stays Beneath 1.1900 Level Despite Upbeat Eurozone Sentix Data

EURUSD Price Analysis – November 9 EURUSD is off the highs as the pair retreats and stays beneath the 1.1900 level. The upbeat Eurozone Sentix data offered some temporary boost to the bulls but not enough to take out the 1.1900 resistance. Markets are eyeing further responses and coronavirus headlines. Key LevelsResistance Levels: 1.2011, 1.1917, […]

2 ws

EURUSD Spikes Past 1.1800 Level Amid Optimism on US Election Result

EURUSD Price Analysis – November 5 The buying bias remains on the EURUSD as it spikes for yet another session lifting the pair to a new weekly high past the 1.1800 level. Amid optimism on the markets, buyers cheer the prospects of a decisive result in the US elections. Key levelsResistance Levels: 1.2011, 1.1917, 1.1808Support […]

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EURUSD Trades Under Pressure Towards 1.1685 Level Amid ECB Induced Decline

EURUSD Price Analysis – October 29 The single currency EURO came under pressure towards the 1.1685 level on a fresh wave of risk aversion. EURUSD sheds ground for the fourth consecutive session and managed to stabilize above the 1.1695 level after falling on Thursday amid the ECB monetary policy meeting. Key levelsResistance Levels: 1.2011, 1.1917, […]

3 ws

EURUSD Risks Deeper Decline at 1.1800 Level on Surge in Europe COVID-19 Cases

EURUSD Price Analysis – October 26 Growing fears of a surge in Europe Covid-19 cases may slowdown economic recovery as new infections trigger stricter measures and prompt investors into safety. EURUSD risks a deeper decline at the 1.1800 level as buyers repeatedly failed to make a sustained break above the daily cloud top around the […]

1 m

EURUSD Correction Sets in Towards 1.1807 Support Region After Exiting Overbought Conditions

EURUSD Price Analysis – October 22 The EURUSD pair exited overbought conditions and is ready to rally while correction sets in towards the 1.1807 regions. EURUSD has been keeping onto earnings arising from stimulus anticipation but foreign meddling in the US elections and increasing COVID-19 incidents may confine any earning. Key LevelsResistance Levels: 1.2150, 1.2011, […]

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