Top 10 Tips On How to Manage Your Money in Forex Trading


Succeeding in the forex market takes gut and lots of planning too. The right planning and methods will take you far in the market and help you make the best decisions.

It will also show you the best currency pair to trade with and how to manage your money too.

Forex tradingMoney management is one of the essential skills you need to know about if you want to thrive in the forex market.

It is one thing to get returns; it is another to manage them. Hence, here are the top ten tips on how to manage your funds in forex trading.

The Top Money Management Tips

  • Select the amount of money you want to trade with

The first step to money management in forex trading is deciding the amount of money you want the risk.

However, the amount should also choose your trading position and size. It is always advisable to only use 2% of your risk capital for any single trade.

  • Do not overtrade

It is necessary to wait until a trade sets up to form before you trade – don’t trade every single hour or daily.

The forex marketplace doesn’t owe you anything at all; hence, persistence and diligence are the Holy Grails of money-making traders.

  • Don’t trade aggressively

It is advisable not to trade aggressively as a newbie. Even though small loss can erase all of your capital in no time as a beginner.

There are different ways you can use to control your trading aggressively, and one of them is by adjusting the stance of your trades.

It is essential to know that there are volatile currency pairs that need you to take a smaller position all the time.

As a newbie in the forex market, you must make use of charting tools that will always assist you in knowing the price movements.

  • Use Stop Loss orders all the time

One of the vital pillars in money management in the forex market is the use of Stop Loss orders.

This management skill should always be your building block at all times.  It usually closes your position when the price attains a pre-specified stage to prevent higher losses.

  • Leveraging

Even though high leverages can bring about big profits, it can also incur a significant loss to your capital.

Although high leverage can be necessary, a trader needs to know the rudiments of leveraging in terms of capital exposure in the forex market.

  • Think long-term trading

You can only judge if forex trading is prosperous on a long-term function. With that in mind, it is not a good idea to judge the market based on present performance.

  • Do not be greedy

Don’t allow your emotions to make decisions for you. Emotions, such as greed and fear, can be devastating.

You don’t need to overtrade in the market –be realistic about what you can get after making trades in the market.

  • Make use of trailing stops

Another money management system in forex trading is the use of different Stop Loss orders.

However, if a market is up in a huge trend, then it is advisable to make use of a trailing stop fixed at the average rise of the correction wave. It will ensure your money management is up to mark.

  • Get yourself prepared for the bad days

Forex tradingIt is not possible to have control over profits and losses in the forex market, but it is likely to learn from past mistakes. Since you have learned from your mistakes, you will still need to know about some possibilities.

It is also essential that know some currency positions, have clear-cut plans and strategies during the bad days.

  • Decrease your loss totally and let your profit run

A popular word from the International Forex tips which says: “Cut your losses short and let your profits run” is a vital money management tip.

To be successful, you need to be patient about your losses and close-down a losing position very fast but leave your profit run.