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The Top Must-Read Tips For Trading Cryptocurrency

Ali Qamar


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So, what can you do to always stay in the green? Perhaps, trading is not meant for everyone as it requires attention and maximum focus.

Trading crytocurrencyFurthermore, it’s not easy to precisely perfect all your buys or sells. Neither will you succeed in doing one thing all the time and expect the best results each time.

One biggest huddle in crypto trading is the inability to predict the future. Therefore, to ensure that you stay on top of your game, here are some of the tips to help you be successful in trading bitcoin and altcoins (cryptocurrency).

Have a Motive for Every Trade

As much as it may seem obvious, it’s significant to have a vivid purpose for stepping into crypto trade.

When entering a trade, ensure you have a reason why you should execute it. In crypto trading for each win, there’s a corresponding loss.

Large whales control the crypto market that merely waits for you to make a mistake to land your money into their hands.

Whether you’re scalping or a day trader, sometimes it’s better not to gain anything on a trade than rush into a loss.

Appreciate Power of Cryptocurrencies

When crypto first got the world with a surprise, nobody had an idea of what to expect.

Over a decade now, blockchain technology is on the verge of revolutionizing the global economy, especially the finance industry.

What makes cryptocurrency to grow faster is its decentralized nature, which makes it very difficult to manipulate or shut down quickly.

Set the Profit Targets and Utilize Stop Losses

When getting into a trade, you should thoroughly understand when to get out no matter you’re making a profit or not.

Setting a stop loss helps to cut losses, but it’s not a random process. As a day trader, set a profit target level then liquidate the stock once you achieve it.

When setting your stop loss, ensure that you don’t allow your ego to be in control of the trades as the crypto trades are risky.

Have a Strategy

Do you want to be a day trader? How frequent are you ready to buy and sell? In crypto, buying, holding, then selling yields great results.

The most important thing is to understand when to cut and run or simply hold on a little bit longer.

Manage the Risks

You’ll eventually realize that experienced traders rarely go for massive profits. Instead, they prefer to stay put and then gather little but sure earnings from the regular trades.  Invest less in a market that is less liquid.


Investments are very much unpredictable; even the ones looking to offer positive returns can, at times, come crumbling down hard under specific economic conditions. Cryptocurrencies are more unpredictable.

Bitcoin can be the giant, but consider non-bitcoin cryptos as they aren’t prone to speculation much like bitcoin.

As much as investing in other altcoins can be riskier compared to bitcoin, they do provide more substantial rewards.

Hedge the Risks

Hedging is a risk management strategy. Some exchanges allow short orders that enable taking positions on either side of the bitcoin price movement.

Never Buy Because the Price is Low

Trading cryptocurrencyA common mistake for beginners is buying a coin simply because the price is low or it’s generally affordable.

Investing in cryptocurrency should have little concerning affordability, but instead more to do with the market cap.


Trading cryptocurrency is useful once you have the best tips in your arsenal. Moreover, it’s essential to sign with a reputable exchange to ensure that your assets are safeguarded and that you have an array of trading pairs.