The First Waste Management Company: Agora Tech Labs (ATL) will Build on Holochain


Agora Tech Lab (ATL) is dedicated to improving waste management on a global scale through leveraging blockchain to decentralize waste management systems, where the participation of cities will be much easier. Through collaboration with local businesses, waste recycling payments to consumers can be made immediately and with exceptionally cheap transaction fees.

Waste, which is now one of the most critical global challenges, is expected to worsen in the coming years, with the World Bank predicting a 70% rise in waste by 2025. As a result, waste management systems that are both efficient and inventive are essential to maintaining environmental and infrastructure sustainability, especially in developing countries.

Blockchain represents an incredible chance for this process to be decentralized and radically changed, by letting community members be in control, and piece by piece, cities could be completely transformed.

Agora Tech Lab’s (ATL) team consists of urban planners, policy experts, technologists, and visionaries who all have the same vision: 

“To create future-proof cities.” 

ATL seeks to incentivize people to value waste and establish an economy around it. We can develop cradle-to-cradle resource economies by working with packaging manufacturers, trash disposal companies, among other enterprises.

How Agora Tech Labs (ATL) Works

Agora Tech Lab, headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is a part of one of the most fascinating urban landscapes in the world. Rotterdam’s growth, urban planning, and architecture are outstanding, making it ideal for developing local effective waste management methods to resolve this global challenge.

When there is an incentive to recycle, such as through tokens, waste collection and recycling become much more collaborative. Individuals who earn tokens by recycling can use them to pay for public services or pool them to sponsor undertakings in their neighborhoods.

The process entails four steps which are also applicable in broader urban governance projects:

  1. Waste collection
  2. Transporting of waste to recycling centers
  3. Reward issuance through tokens 
  4. Token usage for public service

ATL has its native token running on BSC, but the plan is to make the change to Holochain soon. ATL BEP-20 will remain as an alternate until the time comes to launch the Holochain native token. 

Agora Tech Lab (ATL) will begin building in Holochain by the fourth quarter of 2021 or the first quarter of 2022.

Guiding Principles of Agora Tech Lab (ATL)

  • Decentralized – The approach that Agora Tech Lab (ATL) is using to address major issues is encouraging grassroots action. Local groups and consumers can work together to recycle waste if the correct incentives are put in place meanwhile lowering waste amounts generated in cities. 
  • Circular – ATL is aiming to provide people incentives by economizing the value of waste management and establishing cradle-to-cradle resource economies by cooperating with packaging manufacturers, waste disposal organizations, and other enterprises that aim to tackle waste.
  • Rewarding – waste is valuable, and in order to make recycling worthwhile and enjoyable, ATL wants all participants to gain from the waste to resource value chain.

For more information on Agora Tech Lab (ATL), please visit the website


Company Name: Agora Tech Lab (ATL)

Company Website:

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @ATL_socials


PR Contact : [email protected]


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