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Is Quantum Prime Profit a Genuine Crypto Trading Platform?



Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 minutes to learn more

Is Quantum Prime Profit (QPP) a Genuine Crypto Trading Platform?

Quantum Prime Profit is a new platform claiming to offer AI-powered tools to help users implement advanced trading research easily. It also claims to provide trading courses that help users transition from newbies to expert traders within weeks.

Traders can reportedly access its trading resources by registering on its official website. But is Quantum Prime Profit a scam or an authentic trading resources provider? Also, are its profitability claims authentic?

Our investigative team has analysed tons of data to unearth the truth about this platform. Read our review before deciding whether to trade with this platform or not.

What is Quantum Prime Profit?

There are many Quantum Prime Profit reviews on the internet. Some of the reviews claim that it’s an automated trading system or what is known as a trading robot.

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  • Claims to produce a daily ROI of up to 500%
  • Accepts debit and credit card
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Trading carries risk.

However, this is far from the truth. Quantum Prime Profit claims that it’s a trading research tool and education provider. It further claims that its tools are built on AI technologies to ensure accurate data-driven trading.

Its AI-driven tools reportedly automate some trading research functions. But this doesn’t make it an automated trading platform. Users must apply the trading tools manually in the same way they apply charting tools on traditional trading platforms.

The Quantum Prime Profit tools are extremely easy to use when compared to the tools offered under traditional trading platforms. Newbies can master them within hours and use them to generate their first trade.

The Quantum Prime Profit educational centre is described by expert reviewers as well-equipped. It presents all the courses in levels with complete beginners starting at level one. The platform encourages users to complete the first level before going live.

How does Quantum Prime Profit work?

We have determined that traders are matched to a CFDs broker on creating an account with Quantum Prime Profit.

Further investigation reveals that all transactions are facilitated by this broker. This is because all the trades built are executed through the broker. The transaction side of trading, therefore, occurs through the broker.

Quantum Prime Profit claims that it links its users to brokers offering the best trading liquidity. Quality trading liquidity ensures that all the orders delivered through trading research are executed instantly.

Instant order placing prevents losses through negative slippage. Negative slippage occurs when the delay in order placing results in a negative change in prices. The best CFDs brokers prevent this phenomenon by executing all trades in the best liquidity pools.

Many reviewers claim that this platform is powered by the industry’s best brokers. However, we couldn’t verify the identities of QPP partner brokers.

quantum prime profit sign upIs Quantum Prime Profit legit or a scam?

Quantum Prime Profit seems genuine. We conclude so after taking a deep dive into all the important areas. Below is a summary of the things we’ve considered to conclude that this platform is authentic.

  • High-level transparency
  • Excellent feedback from thousands of traders
  • Many positive expert reviews
  • Quality trading platforms
  • Partnership with regulated brokers
  • Secure trading environment
  • Quality customer support

We have analysed adequate data to make the conclusions above. Please read on for a brief explanation of each of the conclusions.

High-level transparency

A trading platform that fails the transparency test is likely to be a sham. You can determine if a platform is transparent by going through the information on its website. A transparent platform will disclose all the vital information and provide a way in which the information can be verified.

QPP has published enough information on its site. The disclosures made by this platform have been verified by third-party platforms.

Excellent feedback from traders

You should also consider the feedback shared by other traders before settling on a trading platform. A good platform should have many good reviews. Trading platforms with many bad reviews on the web is likely a scam. You should also avoid platforms with few reviews.

QPP is probably the best-rated CFDs trading tools provider on the web. It has many reviews and great ratings on sites such as Forex Peace Army and Trustpilot.

Great feedback from the experts

A good trading platform is likely to have many expert reviews on the web. These reviews can be found through a simple Google search. Determine the authority of the blog that has published the review before taking it seriously.

QPP is reviewed on highly authoritative blogs. All the experts report that it’s an authentic and reliable platform.

Quality customer support

An authentic trading platform should offer easily reachable customer support services. Moreover, their support agents must be friendly and knowledgeable. You should also be able to access all the help you need in one phone call.

Quantum Prime Profit’s customer support team is highly responsive. You can contact them 24/7 via email, live chat, and phone. You can determine how responsive the customer support team is by trying to contact them.

Partnership with regulated brokers

Third-party trading tool providers enter into partnerships with brokers to offer their tools to traders. The quality of the partner brokers should tell you a lot about the tools provider. A genuine tools provider only works with regulated partner brokers.

QPP claims to operate under highly-rated and well-regulated partner brokers. We haven’t investigated its partner brokers and therefore we can’t confirm if this is true.

Secure trading environment 

You should also pay close attention to the safety measures implemented by a platform before trading. Only an authentic platform will invest in high-quality safety measures.

The Quantum Prime Profit website is encrypted to safeguard users’ data from thieves. This platform is also governed by a comprehensive data privacy policy. QPP claims that the policy is informed by the GDPR.

quantum prime profit sign up processAdvantages of Quantum Prime Profit

The experts review Quantum Prime Profit as a disruptive platform for fast-paced trading. As stated earlier, this platform is not an automated trading bot as some posts claim. However, some of its tools may automate some trading functions.

We can’t verify if this is 100% true since we didn’t do any live tests. But from the look of things, this platform offers superior trading tools. We have found many testimonials on the web highlighting its success stories.

The testimonials also reveal that this platform is a good bet for beginners. QPP tools make the trading process easy.

  • Superior performance
  • No trading licence fees
  • Beginner-friendly trading platform
  • Nearly perfect reputation
  • Minimal trading risk
  • Affordable since you only need USD250 to start trading
  • Doesn’t charge hidden fees
  • Well-structured trading courses

QPP is likely a genuine platform with many advantages. This platform allegedly reduces trading risk by up to 40%. But it doesn’t eliminate this risk fully and hence there is a huge possibility of losses.

Did Elon Musk endorse Quantum Prime Profit?

Several high-ranking posts have claimed that Elon Musk has endorsed QPP. These claims are unconfirmed and could be fake news given that they have not been picked by the mainstream media.

Moreover, neither Elon Musk nor Quantum Prime Profit has commented about this platform. You shouldn’t take any post linking this trading platform to celebrities seriously.

How to trade with Quantum Prime Profit

Quantum Prime Profit reduces the trading risk associated with volatility trading. The platform claims that it makes crypto, stock, FX, and commodities CFDs easy to trade. These claims are supported by thousands of its users through reviews posted on Trustpilot and other sites.

We have tested QPP on its demo to determine the steps to follow to get started with it.


We can confirm that signing up on the Quantum Prime Profit website is easy. Your personal information is also held in strict confidentiality. They also offer a guide to help you create a strong password for your account. We were matched with a local CFDs broker on finishing this step.

ID verification

We were taken to an ID verification page upon completing step one. Applicants are required to upload a photo of their ID for verification at this stage. The broker verifies the account by comparing the names used to register with those of the ID. Your account is banned if the names do not match.

Account funding

We were redirected to the account funding page on uploading the verification documents. However, you don’t have to complete the verification to access the funding page and start trading. The minimum investment required to trade is USD 250.

Tutorials and demo trading

We have gone through the tutorials offered by Quantum Prime Profit and found them comprehensive. They are also well presented with courses from beginner to expert trader levels. The demo platform is available under the broker and can be used to test the trades generated through the QPP tools.

Start a live trading session

We didn’t trade on a live account but it’s evident that Quantum Prime Profit makes trading easy. The trading process is reportedly extremely easy when you take the tutorials seriously. Please test all the trades built through the tools on the demo before executing them on the live account.

Quantum Prime Profit Review – Final Word!

Quantum Prime Profit seems legit and profitable. It has many reviews on the internet with users describing it as a highly performing and newbie-friendly trading platform. The platform also ranks high on Google with the experts reviewing it as a revolutionary platform.

It’s easy to sign up with Quantum Prime Profit and you can reach their customer support easily. The quality of customer support services offered by a platform says a lot about its authenticity.

Most of this trading platform’s competitors offer support via email only. Moreover, they take time to respond to inquiries especially after you’ve made the deposit. Scam trading platforms will blatantly steal your deposit and lock you out of their platform.

Quantum Prime Profit offers 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat. The support team is multilingual and it takes a few minutes to connect to an agent.

We conclude that this platform is genuine even though some of its claims have been unproven. It could also be profitable as thousands of traders allege. There are many reasons to try QPP but please be cautious about the trading risk involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay fees to use Quantum Prime Profit?

This platform is free and commissions only apply on profitable trades. We also found no complaints about hidden fees. A small trading fee is charged through the ECN broker facilitating the trading process.

Does the Quantum Prime Profit work on Android?

QPP is available in a smartphone app version. You can use the platform on any iOS and Android device. Users should click the provided link to initiate the app download process. 

Is Quantum Prime Profit genuine?

Many traders rate QPP highly on the areas that determine the legitimacy of a platform. The trading platform is legitimate even though it still has many grey areas.

Can I make profits with Quantum Prime Profit?

The positive reviews indicate a high likelihood of QPP being profitable. But we can’t confirm its profitability with certainty given that we haven’t tried it on a live account.

Does Quantum Prime Profit support newbies?

QPP is touted as the platform to turn newbie traders into experts. Anyone can use it in trading research. It claims to offer tools to help users trade multiple asset classes including stock, forex, market indices, and crypto.

Try Quantum Prime Profit

Our Rating

  • Claims to produce a daily ROI of up to 500%
  • Accepts debit and credit card
  • 1000:1 leverage
  • Get started with just $/£250
Trading carries risk.