Bitcoin Union Review 2023: Is it a Scam Trading System?



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Bitcoin Union is a trading system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically trade bitcoin on behalf of users.

Our Crypto Signals
L2T Algo
  • Up To 70 Signals Monthly
  • Copy Trading
  • More Than 70% Success Rate
  • 24/7 Cryptocurrency Trading
  • 10 Minute Setup


Crypto Signals – 1 Month
  • Up to 5 Signals Sent Daily
  • 76% Success Rate
  • Entry, Take Profit & Stop Loss
  • Amount to Risk Per Trade
  • Risk Reward Ratio
  • VIP Telegram Group


Crypto Signals – 3 Months
  • Up to 5 Signals Sent Daily
  • 76% Success Rate
  • Entry, Take Profit & Stop Loss
  • Amount to Risk Per Trade
  • Risk Reward Ratio
  • VIP Telegram Group


The system is said to have the potential to double investments within a day of trading. All trading is automated, and hence no skill is needed to operate it. Moreover, Bitcoin Union is free for all.

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Very Good

  • 88% Claimed win-rate
  • $/£ 250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts Debit and Credit Card
All trading carries risk

You only need to fund your account with USD250, and the robot will do the rest for you. But is Bitcoin Union a scam or is it legit? As usual, we have investigated it and prepared a comprehensive and unbiased review to help you decide.

We find the Bitcoin Union to be legit. It could also be highly profitable, given the great reviews from users. Let’s dive into the key features that make Bitcoin Union stand out from competitors.

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Bitcoin Union Review Summary

We have been reviewing trading tools for over ten years and have, therefore mastered the art of detecting promising projects.

Bitcoin Union is perhaps the most promising bitcoin trading tool today. This trading system was launched in 2015. It has maintained a perfect reputation since launch and is widely reviewed by both users and experts.

It is among the top-rated trading robots on TrustPilot with a rating of 4.2/5 after over twenty thousand reviews. There are also great reviews all over social media, with most users reporting a positive outcome.

Bitcoin Union is ranked number two on Google Trends in the bitcoin related keywords category. This means that there are thousands of related searches on Google each day. Google Trends ranking is a key indicator of popularity.

We have also discovered tens of expert reviews on mainstream media and top crypto publications. The reviews are generally positive with some reviewers terming this project as revolutionary.

But what makes the Bitcoin Union system so popular? Firstly, it reportedly has a proven performance track record. Most of the expert reviews report testing the system and finding it to be extremely profitable. Secondly, the system is user friendly, and hence anyone can make money with it.

As stated in the intro, no skill is required to run Bitcoin Union successfully. Simply sign up for free and fund your account with the required balance. Set the trading conditions and let the robot do the rest for you. Please note that any highly lucrative investment also involves risk. Invest wisely!

What is Bitcoin Union?

Bitcoin Union is a computer program that trades bitcoin automatically. Automation is disrupting most industries, and the financial sector is experiencing the most disruptions.

Today, intelligent computer programs can conduct investment and trading functions better than humans. Analysts are predicting that automation will be controlling over $5 trillion in investment capital in the US alone.

The best auto-trading systems are not only cheaper to operate, but they perform better than humans. Professional traders usually charge 25% in commissions and 5% in wealth management fees. Trading robots such as Bitcoin Union only earn a commission of 2% on profits.

This means that you don’t pay anything if you are unprofitable.  Trading systems apply AI to analyze and generate signals from big data. This technology makes it possible to analyze big data sets at supersonic speeds hence generating high-quality signals.

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A trading system like Bitcoin Union takes a microsecond to analyze the amount of data that a human can analyze in a whole day. The high speed ensures that winning predictions are made before the markets can factor in data.

Bitcoin Union reportedly beats the markets with a supposed 90% accuracy since its 0.0001 seconds ahead. This translates to high-level profitability. Even so, you may generate a loss since the robot is not 100% accurate.

How does Bitcoin Union work?

When you sign up with Bitcoin Union, you are matched with a broker and prompted to deposit through them. The broker receives orders from the robots and implements them in the markets.

Robot brokers also receive deposits from clients. They are mandated with making orders in the markets as directed by the robot. It, therefore, makes sense that all deposits must happen through them. Bitcoin Union robot brokers are regulated internationally and are therefore safe.

Broker regulation is paramount since it’s an assurance that your money will only be used for the intended purposes. Top regulatory bodies require brokers to separate clients’ deposits from their operating capital.

Moreover, brokers are required to join a deposit protection scheme as a form of insurance in case they go bankrupt. They must also conduct regular external audits and submit reports to the regulator.  The type of brokers that a trading system partners with is enough indication of its legitimacy.

We have conducted background checks on Bitcoin Union partner brokers, and they seem well regulated.

Bitcoin Union in the age of fake news

Like any other highly popular blockchain-powered tool, Bitcoin Union has attracted its fair share of gossip and fake news.

Some fake online publications report that this system has been endorsed by celebrities and been featured on popular reality TV shows.

Bitcoin Union has recently released a statement warning users of the fake news. Here are some of the claims that we have ascertained are not true.

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Bitcoin Union in the Shark Tank

A popular Reddit post alleges that Bitcoin Union was pitched in the US Shark Tank in 2017. We have done background checks and confirmed that this is not true.

Bitcoin Union has never raised financing from any angel investors. Those alleging that it was pitched on the Shark Tank are likely to be confusing it with another related product.

Bitcoin Union in the Dragons Den

We have also stumbled upon a rumour suggesting that Bitcoin Union was pitched in the UK’s Dragons Den.

The Dragons Den is a reality TV shows that involve entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to angel investors. Bitcoin Union has never been pitched in this show.

Users are advised to always confirm the information on Bitcoin Union’s website before accepting it as the truth.

Try Bitcoin Union Now

Very Good

  • 88% Claimed win-rate
  • $/£ 250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts Debit and Credit Card
All trading carries risk

Bitcoin Union and Peter Jones

Peter Jones is a British billionaire entrepreneur and one of the angel investors on Dragons Den. Some posts allege that has invested over $1 million in the Bitcoin Union project.

However, this is a big lie. Bitcoin Union has confirmed that it was never pitched in the show and Peter Jones is not one of its investors.

Bitcoin Union and Elon Musk

Some review sites also claim that Elon Musk has invested in Bitcoin Union. But is this true? We haven’t found any evidence to support these claims.

Elon Musk is indeed interested in bitcoin, blockchain, and AI but he hasn’t mentioned anything about investing in an AI-powered bitcoin robot.

We recommend that you avoid such rumours by only relying on reputable sources such as this one for information.  Learn2Trade has investigated Bitcoin Union for you and found it to be legit. It could also be highly profitable since it has great ratings from users.

We cannot emphasize enough on the need to take extra precaution in all forms of crypto trading. It would be extremely foolhardy to commit all your savings in a margin trading system.

Getting started with Bitcoin Union

Trading with Bitcoin Union is surprisingly easy. You do not require any trading expertise to make it with this system.

Follow the steps below to sign up and start making the supposed profits. Remember that crypto trading can be extremely risky and hence invest wisely.

  1.     Register for free by clicking here to visit the Bitcoin Union website.  
  2.     Fund Your Bitcoin Union account with at least $250. Remember that a matched broker facilitates deposits.
  3.     Test the waters through the highly intuitive Bitcoin Union demo account. 
  4.     Adjust the live account settings and start trading.

Is Bitcoin Union a scam or not? The Verdict!

We have taken a deep dive on Bitcoin Union, and it seems legit. This trading system is not only powered by real technologies, but it also has a proven track record.

Bitcoin Union is top-rated by users and is widely reviewed by experts on leading crypto publications. Most of the expert reviewers seem to agree that this trading system is revolutionary.

You can try your luck with Bitcoin Union but always remember that trading involves risk. It’s prudent to start small and plough back profits for growth.

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Is Bitcoin Union a scam?

No! Bitcoin Union is not a scam. We have investigated it, and it seems to fit the criteria for a trustworthy and profitable system.

How much do I invest?

The minimum balance is $250, and you can invest as much as $100k. However, we find it prudent to start small and grow through reinvestments.

How much can I make in a day?

That will reportedly depend on the market conditions. Under a favourable trading environment, you can get an ROI of up to 60%.

Do I need any skills to trade with Bitcoin Union?

No trading skill is required to run Bitcoin Union since all the technical functions are automated