Is it rational to settle for 10% returns per month?

24 November 2021 | Updated: 25 November 2021

“One of the secrets few know and fewer implement when it comes to trading success is that you have to really care about doing well. These days, I see a lot of traders not caring enough, not prioritizing learning about trading, and making pathetic weak-willed excuses.” – Chris T.

Perfectionism – a bane of the trading world
When people look for a solution to their trading problems, they tend to look for the solution in the wrong places, having the wrong mindset. One problem with most traders is perfectionism. For instance, we tend to go to those who promise us 50% to 100% per week or month. If someone gives an estimate of 5% profits per month, we would think that is too small. If an investment salesperson promises huge returns in a short period of time, we’re drawn to them.

What if I tell you that 5% per month is good returns on your trading or investment, would you agree with me? Is 60% growth per annum not good enough?

Many years ago, one of my mentors in the financial industry told me that, even 20% growth per annum is good.

In schools, we tend to ridicule those who make average grades and praise those who make excellent grades. The same is true of the world of sports. Do you think great sports teams win all their matches always?

No! But they do well over time.

Most of those who do well in life are correct less than half of the time.

Are 10% gains per month too low?

Now let me ask these questions:

How much percentage do you earn on your savings account per annum?

How much do you earn on your fixed deposit account per month?

How many people can pay off their mortgages within one year?

If you buy a bus, to use for commercial purposes, is it easy for you to recover your money in one year?

Can you buy a property and sell it for 100% profit within 10 months?

If you found a startup, how long do you think it would take you to start making profits?

Please attempt to answer these questions yourself, based on real-life experiences.

Now, back to the question that makes the last subheading: Are 10% gains per month too low?

Why do we tend to be unrealistic and fallacious when it comes to online trading?

Making 10% returns per month from crypto signals
One good thing about the margin trading of cryptos is that you can make money, both in bull and bear markets. You don’t make money only when the price is going up. If your timing and methodology are right, you can predict a downward movement or an upward movement and participate in them. provides quality crypto signals to interested traders. Each signal comes with stop loss and take profit targets. Sometimes a trade is closed before the stop or the target is hit.

We use 5 types of orders for the crypto signals. They are Instant Execution, also known as Market Execution, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, and Sell Stop.

Generating an average of 2 – 3 signals per day, we also use risk settings that are usually around 1% per trade and we attempt to gain more than we risk. As these signals are sent, we ensure that we also use them, practicing what we preach. crypto signals – recent performances
Please check the image below to peruse what has been made recently. You see can that we use stop loss, and use small lot sizes, relative to the size of the accounts. It just doesn’t make sense to bet too big on an individual trade.

You can also see that we have both losses and profits. However, our average profits are bigger than average losses. That is the pedigree of a viable/ promising strategy: Make more money than you lose.

Therefore, losses and drawdowns are also tightly controlled so that they don’t have significant effects on the account. These kinds of drawdowns are shallow, for recovery and eventual growth always happen.

The markets are difficult but profitable
Making consistent, regular profits from the market is hard, but success is possible. When the markets prove difficult, then we only need creative approaches. Markets will continue to prove uneasy and tough, but we will continue to make profits from them, no matter what.

We target 10% profits per month, though we make more than this in most cases. 100% profits every 10 months is an enviable achievement. If 10% gains per month are compounded, the results in a few to several years will be amazing. Yes, you should be aware of the power of compounding.
Making 10% returns per month from crypto signalsJoin us today, in this journey of regular, monthly profits.

Please see the image above, to know relevant metrics and figures of the recent results of the strategy behind the signals.

You can join us here for, few free crypto signals per week:
For Cryptos.

Or you can hop in, and become our VIP right away, and enjoy all our crypto signals, up to 3 signals per day. Get access to the ability to make 10% or more per month.

Although, you would do well to note that past results are no guarantee of future performances.

You can monitor our crypto signals trading performances here: L2T Crypto Signals on MyFxbook

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