In November Kick Ecosystem is Unveiling the KickRef V2 Upgrade


 Upgrade KickEX is a constantly growing cryptocurrency exchange, which currently promotes spot trading as the platform is still young and growing. Its main features consist of a mobile application, great customer support, referral rewards, credit card payments, and much more. 

The native token of KickEX is the $KICK token. Besides trading, $KICK can be used for services within the Kick ecosystem. As the KICK community grows and as the KickEX trading volume increases, the demand for $KICK tokens increases as well.

$KICK is a deflationary token. $KICK tokens are burned for every transaction conducted in the network, decreasing the supply and potentially increasing the value of $KICK. The ones who hold $KICK may not be prone to decreases in holdings since only a portion of the tokens used in transactions are burned.

As an exchange token, $KICK also helps in increasing liquidity for the KICK ecosystem, and it could also help in the governance of the network.

What is KickRef?

KickRef is one of the newest referral programs in the maret. It has been increasing in popularity in recent weeks as it offers some of the best referral services. Whether you are an expert trader or simply someone who just started learning about cryptocurrencies, KickRef  gives everyone the opportunity to generate profits.

All the work required in the KickRef is to register and refer as many people in the network. The more a user refers, the more profits that person can gain. The implication here is that KickRef promotes social interaction among its users. This is an efficient way of both earning money and also socializing, while at the same time helping to improve the ecosystem.

KickRef V2 Upgrade 

The newest Kick Referral update will bring along changes and simplification of steps that will benefit both the company and its users. While the number of levels will be lower and the complexity of the steps will be simplified, the users will be able to double their earnings on the ecosystem. This alteration will have no bearing on the 50% KickEX exchange income coming in from user referral payments.

The upgrade will lead to the simplification of the following procedures:

  1. The KICK referral tokens will be fully substituted with Reward Points ($RP) to remove the confusion among them and the KICK tokens. Hence, the profusion gift tokens will be removed, thus increasing the demand for KICK tokens for leveraging the 25% discount on trading fees.

All users who have KICK referral tokens must spend them or purchase KICK from the market before the upcoming release because the referral tokens will be destroyed on the first of November. 

  1. The user’s KICK referral tokens will be changed to Reward Points ($RP) if they were given away for contests rather than as a signup reward.
  2. Apart from members of the user’s circle becoming traders, users can obtain Reward Points ($RP) by receiving them as cashback after purchasing KEX on KickEX exchange.
  3. Users that pay their trade commissions in Reward Points ($RP) will get a 25% discount. Furthermore, KICK tokens can be used even if the user does not have any Reward Points ($RP). By just checking the “Pay commissions in KICK” option, the very same discount will be granted!
  4. Rather than ten levels, the referral system now has four, making it easier to manage and more rewarding for consumers because there are fewer levels but a higher percentage of compensation. The following levels determine the payouts:

1st level: 20%

2nd level: 15%

3rd level:  10%

4th level: 5%

  1. The withdrawal commission for referral funds will be free.
  2. For deposits made through referrals, users will receive Reward Points ($RP). 
  3. Users will get a staking share from level 1 referrals invited by the user shortly after the upgrade enters into force, with 5% of the money the referrals receive delivered to the user daily as a staking bonus. Currently, the KICK, KISHU, and SAFEMOON coins are accepted. Additionally, the KICK Ecosystem will disclose when staking bonuses on the referral system will be available.

How to Get Reward Points ($RP)?

If a user refers someone who makes a deposit of 10% or above, the user will receive 5% for the completed referral and the referral will receive a $20 bonus in Reward Points. Referral dashboards provide information on referrals, revenue, and the overall amount of Reward Points earned as an outcome of referrals.

About Kick Ecosystem

Kick Ecosystem is a cutting-edge crypto-platform that provides completely new and innovative crypto-market solutions. The platform has been able to compete with the market titans and become one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world thanks to its own advances.

For more information on Kick Ecosystem, please visit the website. 


Company Name: Kick Ecosystem

Company Email: [email protected]

Company Website:


Twitter: @Kickexcom


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