DigiByte (DGB) in Programmers Quest to Boost the Ecosphere

DigiByte (DGB) in Programmers Quest to Boost the Ecosphere

On May 4, 2020, DigiByte (DGB), one of the major open-source and fully decentralized distributed ledger technology (DLT) networks, disclosed it is searching for blockchain programmers that can bring value to upcoming ecosphere initiatives. The team believes a few of the initiatives come with quite a reward whereas others will support the involved programmers get to know DigiByte.

Digibyte Making Swift Progress
The DigiByte team, having originally founded the DigiByte Foundation previously in February 2020, is now welcoming additional blockchain programmers to take part in their platform but also finish initiative that will further improve their decentralized ecosphere.

DigiByte posted a tweet:

“Digibyte searches for programmers that can support the upcoming initiative which will significantly boost the DigiByte blockchain’s Customer acquisition and Awareness.”

As clarified in its GitHub directory, programmers would earn large incentives for a few of the initiatives whereas others support individuals involved get to know the blockchain platform of DigiByte.

“A list of features we’d like to do for DigiByte, a few with/without rewards, etc added, and some just as a nice way to cut your teeth on DigiByte. Do you only want to add? To ask questions, open a pull request to change the item and/or GitHub complaint, “DigiByte declared.

In particular, DigiByte has identified an approx of 28 initiatives that the involved programmers will have to accomplish. All such initiatives are classified into three main sections: “smaller items of action, bigger items of action, and items of programmer experience.”

Simplifying It Further
In the category of Small Action Items, programmers will have to modify DigiByte’s core wallet app, build videos for the DigiByte platform, create a Document Notarization platform, make it possible for DigiByte clients to use DigiExplorer, and Android Burn Assets, and several others.

Programmers willing to take part in the category of larger things are expected to adopt ProgPow on DigiByte, provide network support for GPU mining, incorporate Lightning network, Deploy RandomX, and Bridge Schnorr sigs, along with several other initiatives.

Then finally, people involved in the third group would need to conclude a large range of initiatives aimed at promoting Customer acquisition and Awareness. The initiatives in this group comprise, and a few others, the advancement of a Self Contained DigiByte Testnet CLI, JavaScript SDK, Programmer Landing Site, and Display Programmer Initiatives.

In similar news, Jared Tate, DigiByte’s CEO, convened with US authorities in Washington DC previously in January 2020 to explore the widespread acceptance of blockchain.

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Author : Azeez Mustapha


Azeez Mustapha is an experienced author, trader, markets analyst, signals strategist, and funds-manager.