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Touching base with CYCE, a groundbreaking ERC-20 token that will radically transform the way we think about cryptocurrency. It is the Turkish business Crypto Carbon Energy’s first blockchain initiative, but it is off to a high note.

With an aim to combat Global Climate Change, CYCE wants to revolutionize the transformation of renewable energy from a must to a desirable and lucrative global initiative.

CYCE targets global climate change for future generations while also contributing greatly to the planet’s sustainability.

CYCE’s ultimate focus is to use blockchain technology to lessen reliance on fossil fuels while increasing the importance of renewable energy.

Here is How CYCE Will Tackle GCC

There is no denying that climate change has a wide range of impacts that extend on a global level. As such, the intention of CYCE is not compromising pre-determined blockchain premises while raising the interest around renewable energy to reduce fossil fuel dependency.

The seriousness of tackling global climate change, as well as the need to lead renewable-focused projects, is escalating, according to CYCE. As a result, this project is essential for crypto and eco-lifestyle advocates because it is straightforward to use and open to scrutiny.

“Crypto and blockchain technology are very suitable for developing a solution to a problem that concerns all humanity. While converting their assets into crypto, all wealthy individuals, companies, funds and central banks will be a part of solving the world’s most important problems such as global warming and carbon emissions.”

Hasan Karaozan – CYCE CEO

The YES System

When a Renewable Energy Plant is registered through any platform, a CYCE YES LICENSE is generated, which may be checked on the official website. The system accepts hydropower, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and tidal-wave generating installations.

The YES in the system has a specific meaning. In Turkish, YES stands for Yenilenebilir Enerji Santrali, which means “Renewable Energy Plant.” It also represents the project’s overall vision while affirming “yes” to a world where renewable energy sources are abundant.


To improve their value and create incentives for expanding the use of renewable energies, CYCE intends to give away 80% of its tokens to renewable energy plants and facilities that are already operating or will be operational during the next 30 years as a prize for promoting global sustainability. As a result, CYCE wants to boost renewable energy investment and financing.

By using the remaining 20% of the supply to maintain project’s organization, promotion, sustainability and to establish biomass power plants, CYCE will start a revolutionary movement against global warming.

How to Become Part of CYCE?

To join the Eco-Crypto movement, you must purchase the CYCE token, which is the project’s principal currency. CYCE can be purchased directly from BigONE exchange.

After its Listing in BigONE, CYCE is now in COINSBIT, a European Exchange

CYCE Crypto asset is a token on Ethereum Blockchain infrastructure, created with ERC-20 standards. The purpose of its creation is to fight against global climate change, which is the biggest problem of our world.

Following its first listing on 13.08.2021 in BigONE Exchange, CYCE deserved its place in CoinMarketCap and Coingecko in one week and created its market cap.

Starting at 1.1 USD, it went up to 1.75 USD. CYCE trades with a 24/h volume between 500,000 USD and 1,000,000 USD. The circulating amount of CYCE is 6,901,971.
While negotiations are still ongoing with local and global exchanges, CYCE came to an agreement with more than 10 global exchanges. Following the infrastructure works, listing procedures will be completed and be announced through communication channels.


Located in the Seychelles, Coinsbit has a daily trading volume over 500,000 USD according to CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. Coinsbit allows trading via USD and EURO and has more than 2,000,000 weekly users.

Project Information

Project web site:

Project Whitepaper TR:

Project Whitepaper EN:

Project General Overview Video TR:

Project General Overview Video EN:

Etherscan Token Address: 0xeadd9b69f96140283f9ff75da5fd33bcf54e6296

CoinMarketCap Address:

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BigONE Exchange Address:

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