Cryptosoft Review: Is it Legit Trading Software or a Scam? Find out Below!



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Cryptosoft is a reputable crypto trading program founded on advanced trading strategies. It is fully automated and extremely accurate.

The powerful trading tool is said to be enabling ordinary people to become extremely wealthy by investing in Bitcoin. We have carried out a thorough investigation of Cryptosoft, and it seems legit.  

The robot has an impressive track record that can be easily verified, and it is founded on sophisticated modern trading techniques. By investing a paltry $250, users are said to be making $800 or more daily. Surprisingly, you don’t need any special skills or experience to make money with it.

The only action that you need to take is to create an account, invest the seed capital and sit back. The software will do all the heavy lifting on your behalf. But is Cryptosoft legit or scam? Find out by reading this article to the end.

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  • The software allegedly boasts a 90%+ trading accuracy rate
  • Makes use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and NLP to gain an edge
  • Leverage up to 1000:1
  • Start with as little as $/£250
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Trading carries risk.

What is Cryptosoft?

This is a powerful trading software that is said to enable users to generate profits by predicting the direction of crypto prices. Essentially, Cryptosoft is an exceptional trading tool that mechanically carries out research on the crypto industry and forecasts the impending direction of prices. It allegedly depends on trading techniques usually applied in high-frequency trading, a strategy wherein efficiency and high leverage are mandatory.

The robot generates profits for users in both the rising and falling markets. As a result, your returns do not necessarily depend on rising prices. For instance, when markets are on a downward trend, it applies the short- selling technique. Surprisingly, this trading strategy is popularly used when trading conventional assets such as forex and stock.

cryptosoft reviewThe trading robot is fully automated. For this reason, anyone can make money with it, their professional background, education, skills-set, experience and availability notwithstanding. All trading research and implementation are done automatically.

Once it’s switched on, you can leave it to run on its own. It is said to perform at an optimum level when in operation for not less than 8 hours daily.

Is Cryptosoft a scam or legit robot?

From in-depth investigations that we have conducted, the trading software appears to be legit. It is purported to be an ideal choice for anyone who intends to become wealthy by trading crypto. As earlier mentioned, anyone can trade using the robot since it’s fully automated. It appears that most of the people using Cryptosoft have little or non-existent crypto trading experience.

Since its official launch, the software has been trending on leading search engines and is highly rated on major review platforms. Additionally, it is positively reviewed on leading crypto news sites and mainstream media outlets as well.

It is important to note that Cryptosoft has partnered with some of the most highly regarded brokers in the crypto industry. The brokers are regulated by FCA, CySEC and ASIC, among other authorities.

cryptosoft factsHow does Cryptosoft make money?

It appears that the software carries out trading research and implements trades by making use of powerful algorithms. The algorithms purportedly boast of approximately 90% accuracy level. High accuracy is majorly attributed to the effective trading techniques applied.

The robot is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) subsets of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. The three techniques enable the robot to scan for relevant news and make strategic moves long before the reaction of the markets.

The techniques are believed to help Cryptosoft obtain insights from numerous trading sites spread across the world within microseconds.

The software depends on robot brokers to provide leverage, take care of transactions and also implement trades. Brokers purportedly offer leverage of up to 1:1000, thus allowing traders to place stakes worth more than 1000x their capital. Consequently, profits can multiply by similar levels.

 Amount of leverage is directly proportional to the level of risk. For this reason, always stake an amount that you are ready to lose. This is a general rule of trading.

It’s advisable to start with the minimum deposit of $250 and keep increasing the capital by reinvesting profits. A majority of users claim to have started small and reinvested the profits to earn up to $1 million.

How to sign up with Cryptosoft

  • Create an account visit the official website and complete a simple application process. You will automatically get a membership to the Cryptosoft community when your registration is approved. Consequently, you can make use of the proprietary trading software at absolutely no cost.
  • Fund your account – to get started; you will be required to put in the seed capital. This is similar to other businesses. The minimum capital needed is $250. To get a higher ROI, you can invest more than this amount.
  • Make money – you can commence the exciting journey of generating profits by clicking on the auto-trade button. The powerful algorithm allows you to engage in precise and hands-free trading activities. However, a manual trading option is available for those with confidence in their crypto trading skills.
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How to trade with Cryptosoft


You must fund your Cryptosoft account with as little as $250. Deposits can be made via wire transfers, electronic wallets and credit cards, among others.

Ideally, you should test the waters with a demo account. This enables you to gauge your understanding of the system without necessarily putting hard-earned money on the line. Try out a variety of settings until you identify what suits you best.

Once you gain enough confidence, proceed to the live account. You will only need to set out parameters such as the amount of capital, and then sit back as the robot takes over.

Customer reviews and testimonials

According to several testimonies from Cryptosoft users, the robot is not only legit but also easy to use and extremely profitable.

Daniel has managed to pay off his mortgage in record time, something that was beyond his wildest imagination. He admits that were it not for his investment in Cryptosoft; he would still be having sleepless nights worrying about how to clear debts.

Dennis is so glad to have received an invitation to sign up for the trading robot. He reportedly made more than $21,000 within 24 hours and transferred it to his bank account almost immediately after that.

 On the third day, he claims to have made an additional $8,000 and is so happy to have stumbled upon what he refers to as a gold mine.

cryptosoft testimonialsHow profitable is Cryptosoft?

From our investigations, the software appears to be extremely profitable. A majority of reviewers claim to have made thousands of dollars within a few weeks. Some users have allegedly become millionaires investing through this bot.

With an initial deposit of $250, the robot can purportedly turn around your fortunes in unimaginable ways. What is amazing is that you don’t have to spend lots of time glued on your computer or smartphone screen.

Depending on how much money you intend to make as well as enthusiasm for risk, there is no limit as to how much fortune you can make within a short period.

Why is Cryptosoft better than other robots?

The trading robot has firmly remained ahead of the pack despite stiff competition. The following are the reasons:

AI-Powered software– the future belongs to AI, and Cryptosoft offers just that.  Do not miss out on the exciting adventure.

Money-making machine– the software has allegedly been making profits for its users for a long time.

Immediate results- it appears that it can double your investment within hours of trading. Profits can be withdrawn anytime.

How reliable is Cryptosoft?

Based on our in-depth investigation, we are convinced that Cryptosoft is reliable.

It has exceptional feedback on several leading consumer review websites. Most reviewers report an amazing trading experience in a safe trading environment.

Furthermore, we came across uncountable positive reviews concerning the platform’s ease of use, flawless withdrawals, safety and exceptional customer service, among other attributes.

It operates in partnership with highly regarded brokers who are monitored by top regulatory authorities such as FCA and CySEC.

For these reasons, there is little doubt about the software’s reliability.

Try Cryptosoft Today (Automated Crypto Trading Software)


cryptosoft logo
  • The software allegedly boasts a 90%+ trading accuracy rate
  • Makes use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and NLP to gain an edge
  • Leverage up to 1000:1
  • Start with as little as $/£250
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Trading carries risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What expectations should I have once I start trading with Cryptosoft?

It appears members who register with this trading software generate as much as $1000 every day. The earning potential has no limits.

How much does Cryptosoft cost?

Once you become a member of the community, a copy of the proprietary software is availed to you at no cost whatsoever. As earlier mentioned, anyone who intends to get membership only needs to complete a simple registration process.

For how long will I need to work every day?

Users of the trading robot allegedly work for less than 20 minutes daily. The amount of effort needed is minimal, given that most of the heavy lifting is done by the software.

Is Cryptosoft legit?

Judging by the exceptional reviews that we have read on mainstream media as well as leading cryptocurrency publications, the software seems to be legit.

Does the robot allow smooth withdrawals?

The answer is yes. Unlike other trading platforms wherein there are strict conditions that govern withdrawals, you can withdraw money from Cryptosoft whenever you want.