YuanPay Group App Review 2020: Is it a Scam or Legit Platform? Find out below!



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The e-yuan is a new cryptocurrency allegedly backed by the government of China. It’s reportedly in the private sale phase. Those who are lucky to get an investment slot during the private sale will reportedly earn big money in the public sale.

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A deposit of $250 in the private sale is supposedly likely to grow to over $1.2 million during the public sale. The public sale is expected to happen by July next year. But is the e-Yuan backed by the Chinese government, and is it highly lucrative?

We have investigated the YuanPay crypto and confirmed that it’s legit. Their whitepaper is sensible and comprehensive. Moreover, Yuan Pay Group, the company behind the e-yuan, is highly reputable. The government of China has also given hints on the launch.

YuanPay Group has already raised $800 million out of a $1 billion target on the private sale. The private sale will close in about a month. This means that those looking to invest in this platform should do it now.

yuan pay group reviewYuanPay App Review Summary

The e-yuan white paper was released in May 2020. The private sale started a month later, and within the first few weeks, the company had raised over $500,000,000.

As mentioned above, the YuanPay Group has already raised over $800 million to date. The target is $1 billion, and hence the private sale is about to come to an end. Those who invest at least $250 today will allegedly earn up to $1.25 million when the public sale starts.

You should grab the opportunity and buy the e-yuan now before the private sale ends. The buying process is easy. You only need to sign up on the YuanPay Group website and deposit at least $250 through the underlying broker.

YuanPay Group has entered into a partnership with top brokers to handle transactions on its behalf. You only need to buy and hold until the public sale is announced. The e-yuan is anticipated to rise to over $50,000 during the public sale.

China’s government reportedly backs YuanPay. This makes its demand to be extremely high. China has a population of over 1 billion and a culture that encourages technology adoption. Analysts are predicting that the e-yuan will be the most popular payment method in China.

yuan pay group benefitsWhat is e-yuan, and how does it work?

The e-yuan is a new crypto launched in May 2020 and reportedly backed by the government of China. Its white paper details the technology behind the coin and the implementation plan.

YuanPay Group targets to raise $1 billion in the private sale and about $3.5 billion in the public sale. The company has already raised $800 million since May and expects to raise $200 million in the next two months.

You should take advantage of the private sale since it reportedly offers the fastest way to make huge profits. According to YuanPay Group, investors who buy the e-yuan today can make up to $1.25 million during the private pay.

yuan pay members and visitorsThe e-yuan is currently valued at $10 and is expected to rise to $20,000 per coin during the public sale. You can buy the e-yuan on the YuanPay Group website. The company offers both a web platform and a mobile app to help you monitor your wallet.

As mentioned previously, the e-yuan is reportedly the official Chinese-government backed cryptocurrency. The Chinese government is yet to release an official statement about this platform. However, the country’s minister of finance has given a hint of the government unveiling state-backed crypto.

For the record, the use of bitcoin and other competing cryptos is banned in China. This means that e-yuan has the best opportunity to grow fast. Follow the steps below to participate in the e-yuan private sale. 

Register an account with YuanPay Group

Visit YuanPay Group website here and create a free account through the provided signup form. You will be asked to verify contact details before proceeding to the next step.

Moreover, users in the European Economic Area must verify ID under the region’s regulatory requirement. ID verification happens through the underlying broker since they are the ones to handle the deposit and assign the e-yuan tokens.

YuanPay Group website is foolproof from data theft since it’s encrypted with military-grade safety protocols. Moreover, the company is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is the world most comprehensive data privacy law.

Deposit through the assigned broker

The minimum deposit required to participate in the private sale is $250. As mentioned above, the e-yuan is currently valued at $10.

Consequently, a deposit of $250 translates to 25 coins. The e-yuan is expected to rise to $50,000 per coin in the public sale. You can fund your YuanPay crypto wallet through Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, among many other methods.

YuanPay applies top security measures to safeguard your billing information. Consequently, no third party can penetrate through and steal your information. Moreover, the platform disposes users’ data in line with the GDPR policy once the intended purpose is fulfilled.

Manage your e-yuan tokens

After deposit, the underlying broker deposits your e-yuan tokens in your wallet. As mentioned earlier, the wallet is accessible on the web or through a mobile app.

You will be asked to set up a multi-factor authentication signup approach to your account. The YuanPay Group has invested in top-level wallet security measures, including military-grade encryption.

Moreover, the company has a standby cyber response team to address potential threats and patch security loopholes. You only need to hold your e-yuan coins in the wallet and sell them at a profit when the public sale is announced.

eyuan goals chinaHow do I download the YuanPay App?

YuanPay Group allows you to manage your e-yuan holdings through a web platform or on their highly intuitive mobile app.

The web-platform is compatible with all browsers and works both on the desktop and mobile devices. You can download and install the web-platform HTML5 version on your mobile phone. A native mobile app for both iOS and Android devices is also available.

You need to register and fund your YuanPay account to receive the download link to the mobile apps. Remember that Google is banned in China, and hence the app is not available on Google Play Store.

Is YuanPay App scam or legit? Final Word!

The YuanPay App gives you access to the e-yuan, a new token reportedly backed by the Chinese government.

We have read the YuanPay Group white paper, and it describes the concept and technologies behind the crypto. The Chinese government is yet to release an official statement regarding this crypto, but government officials have given hints on the potential partnership.

China has a population of over 1 billion people. This means that the e-yuan is likely to surpass bitcoin if it’s adopted as the country’s official crypto. The YuanPay Group estimates that the crypto value will increase from $10 during the private sale to $50,000 during the public sale.

Analysts estimate that crypto is likely to double in value to $100,000 a month after the private sale. Investors looking to make it big with this platform are encouraged to invest now. You can participate in the e-yuan private sale by clicking the link below.

Investing in crypto can be highly profitable but also comes at significant risk. We strongly advise against investing what you cannot afford to lose. You should not invest more than 10% of your savings in highly risky investments.


How much does YuanPay App cost?

The YuanPay App is free. However, you need to register on the YuanPay Group website to receive the link to download it. This app should help you monitor your e-yuan holdings.

Does the Chinese government back the e-yuan?

There is substantial evidence that the Chinese government backs the e-yuan. However, the government is yet to release an official statement to support these claims.

Can I participate in the e-yuan private sale?

Yes! Anyone can participate in the private sale even though investment slots are limited. You should visit the YuanPay Group website to determine if any slots are available.

How do I make money with YuanPay App?

The YuanPay App helps you manage your e-yuan tokens. You need to hold the tokens until the public sale and sell them at a profit. The e-yuan is expected to trade at $50,000 during the public sale.

Is YuanPay app a scam?

No! YuanPay Group is a reputable company with over 30 years of experience offering payment solutions to governments and businesses. It has reportedly been contracted by the government of China to develop and issue state-backed crypto.