Conceal Network is Launching Conceal HUB by the End of 2021


Conceal Network is a fully decentralized blockchain that runs on a complete open-source code without intermediaries running interference that facilitates censorship-free space for communication and financial transactions.

Conceal Hub is the next revolutionary development of Conceal Network that offers an integration method enclosing all touchpoints of the Conceal Network ecosystem into a single and simple UI application. Conceal Hub is designed to hold several distinct modules that work jointly to support Conceal Network’s private DeFi and communication tools, including Cloud Wallets, Deposits, Clive, ID, Pay, Bridge, Explorer, and more.

Moreover, as new features are released over time, Conceal Hub is planned to further enhance privacy by providing an authentication key-based system through which users will be able to create and recover wallets even without a user account. This approach eliminates the need for user login credentials such as an email address or password. Instead, the application will store the authentication keys in the device. The app will be available on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Conceal Network is Launching Conceal HUB by the End of 2021

Why Conceal Network?

The initiation of Conceal Network, a 100% private blockchain, began as an effort to improve privacy sets that were not as iron-clad as users would want them to be for complete protection and anonymity, which is a scarce commodity given the flaws in existing privacy sets.

The Guiding Premises of Conceal Network

What became a vast community started merely as a peer discussion of the shortcomings of cryptocurrency projects that did not meet the expected inclusive, decentralized, and privacy criteria. As such, these four guiding premises drove the foundation of Conceal Network: privacy rights, social inclusion, decentralization, and censorship resistance.

Privacy is the fundamental premise that is protected under international law and maintains that every person is entitled to protection from potential privacy breaches by either the state or private entities. It is a basic entitlement that should be enforced everywhere, especially in the blockchain, which puts a premium on transparency, anonymity, and complete control by the user.

Social inclusion is a barrier that is faced in the traditional financial sector where discrimination against individuals makes them unable to be provided financial services. This discrimination is directed against low-income people, and this is where blockchain is a game-changer. Through using cryptographic distributed systems, people will be able to conduct their banking affairs on blockchain completely. Apart from having affordable transaction fees, users of the Conceal Network will be offered the savings feature, which can significantly impact their financial status.

Decentralization is a safe haven for people who live in developing countries. People who have otherwise lived in stable and wealthy countries support the centralized system, but that could change quickly should the situation be reversed. In developing and highly unstable countries that are at war, the destruction of the centralized financial system signifies a trap that is tremendously hard to escape, and even in life-or-death matters, the chances of escape are slim. Thus, a decentralized system that does not depend on the national, traditional, and centralized financial system could be quite literally the difference between death and life.

Censorship resistance constitutes the freedom of unbiased participation in a decentralized system, meaning that no matter what one’s identifying traits are, they can spend their income however they wish without oversight, approval, or prejudice. This premise is critical because no central authority can censor participants through control or coercion or any other means of scrutiny and oversight.

Conceal Network is Launching Conceal HUB by the End of 2021

Conceal Network Features

The main features of Conceal are:

Privacy Protection – completely anonymous payments by using ring signatures and one-time stealth addresses.

– transactions cannot be linked between recipient and sender.

– secure digital currency operated by a user network that requires no intermediary authority.

– Conceal has built-in privacy features. In addition, the likelihood of a coin being blacklisted is virtually non-existent because all coins are changeable and equal.

– the blockchain of Conceal has a DBSM – Dynamic Block Size Mechanism that can increase with high use to support large amounts of transactions as their frequency increases.

Community Driven
– Conceal has no one owner, and everyone can participate. The funding and development of Conceal are purely voluntary to provide total and complete privacy and liberty to users.

Protected PoW
– the Proof of Work hash function is established for egalitarian CPU & GPU mining and ASIC Resistance.

Encrypted Messaging – P2P encrypted network, secure communications, and encrypted self-destructive messages ensure the complete confidentiality of communication.

Decentralized Deposits – Decentralized Compound Interest Deposits using Cold Staking with HTLC contracts paying up to a 6% interest rate.

Conceal Bridge – Cross-chain asset exchange/swap platform.

Conceal ID – Blockchain nicknames in place of long addresses.

Conceal Pay – Instant anonymous payment system for merchants.

Conceal Live (Clive) – P2P & E2E audio and video calls.

$CCX, Conceal Network’s native coin is built on the Cryptonote protocol and runs on a secure peer-to-peer network technology that is decentralized. The users have complete control of the private keys to their own funds.

$wCCX is available on the Ethereum Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain, as well as Polygon. CCX is currently trading on BitMart, STEX, HotBit, and TradeOgre.

For more information on the Conceal Network please visit the website


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