Cashio – Revolutionizing the Entertainment Portion of the Crypto Realm


Simply by holding Cashio Tokens, you can own a portion of the Casino and profit from its earnings!

Cashio is a new token with a fairly unique use-case that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. Apart from granting partial ownership to loyal users, Cashio takes pride in its excellent reward system.

Cashio’s objective is to ensure long-term growth by allowing investors to feel confident in their investment decisions and rewarding enthusiastic holders for their devotion to the ecosystem.

Cashio is an innovative dream for casino enthusiasts, providing the first blockchain casino that comes with many exciting events. Cashio is building a semi-decentralized casino that will allow its users to earn from the Cashio token while also providing tailored games for users and distinctive experiences.

Cashio also possesses the SolidProof Certificate for the AAA security standards on its smart contracts. 

Cashio offers: 

Use-Case: Holders of the Cashio Token are rewarded with up to 60% of the casino earnings in BNB.

Buy-Back System: a system that buys 10% of sales bigger than 0.05% of the total supply.

BNB Distribution: From the selling of Cashio, 7,77% of profits are distributed to holders in BNB.


Cashio Casino

Cashio Token is building a semi-decentralized cryptocurrency casino by integrating the gaming and cryptocurrency industries, giving investors the opportunity to hold a piece of the casino’s revenue as the token price rises due to increased demand. The cutting-edge casino will distribute the remaining profits to Token holders while also amassing a substantial sum for Cashio’s Jackpot contract.

The Jackpot contract will collect BNB from casino revenues as well as transaction fees to function just like a lottery. The winner of the lottery will be selected via the possession of the lucky lottery ticket which benefits holders at the same time by surging the price.

The Cashio Team is building innovative decentralized games to distinguish the Casino and engage all Crypto-Gamers. The Casino will be the first to connect gaming and NFTs, thus creating space for even more progress as the project expands. The Cashio Community will vote on the next game to be introduced to the Casino, which could be slots, dice, and mining among other games to come.


Reward System

The rewarding of the contract holders and the significant percentage of each sale being returned is attributed to the guarantee offered by the buy-back system. This will increase the liquidity pool, lowering price movements and ending in burned tokens.

Cashio has an iron-clad distribution mechanism which even in times of low market volume guarantees the delivery of rewards to holders. Additional earning-based bonuses in Cashio are issued to top holders of the Cashio token. 

The holdings-based reward is attributed to the implementation of Cashio’s three-tier system. The liquidity pool will be funded by the transaction fees and casino profits. 

Important information and reward claims will be available to users via the Earning Dashboard. 

Cashio has just launched the demo website for games, where the games, earnings dashboard, and rewards can be tracked here

For more information on the distribution system and the tier system, take a look at Cashio’s whitepaper


Company Name: Cashio

Company Email: [email protected]

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