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How to Buy VeChain

Samantha Forlow


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VeChain is using blockchain technology to revolutionize the transparency and efficiency in the supply chain of several sectors. This could present a huge potential for the future growth of VET tokens.

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To learn the mechanics of how to buy VeChain – read on. In this guide, we review the overall best platform to access VET tokens and explain how to get started with an investment in fewer than 10 minutes.


8cap - Buy and Invest in Assets

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How to Buy VeChain in 10 Minutes or Less – Fast Track Guide

Are you looking to buy VeChain today? If so, it’s wise to access such an unpredictable asset class via a regulated online broker. One that holds a license from a reputable body – like the FCA, is the best possible scenario.

We found the best for the task. We offer an all-encompassing review, following this fast-track guide on how to buy VeChain.

  • Step 1: Create an account with a trustworthy cryptocurrency broker – After conducting plenty of research, you will need to sign up with a respectable broker to buy VeChain. First, complete the sign-up form you are presented with. This is likely to include a box for your first and last name, home address, date of birth, and so forth. In addition to this, you will enter the username and password you want to use moving forward.
  • Step 2: Complete the KYC Process – When you elect to buy VeChain at a reputable brokerage, it usually involves finishing the KYC process when creating an account. For this, upload your official photo ID. The platform also needs to validate the address given. As such, you will have to send a utility bill or bank statement featuring your full name and address.
  • Step 3: Make a Deposit – The best places to buy VET tokens will list multiple payment types amongst its avenues for making a deposit. This is because, rather than being bound to a crypto asset such as Bitcoin – it’s much easier to fund your account with your preferred e-wallet o a credit/debit card. Confirm everything after entering your payment details and typing in the amount you wish to add.
  • Step 4: Buy VeChain – Look for the search box and start to type VET. The best brokers to buy VeChain will make pinpointing your chosen cryptocurrency easy. Once found, you can select it and create an order to purchase your chosen amount of VET tokens.

The best cryptocurrency broker to buy VeChain will offer a range of other cryptocurrencies. In addition to other advantages, which we talk about next.

78.77% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs at this provider

Best Broker to Buy VeChain

As we said, when you are learning how to buy VeChain, you will also be in search of a great platform to place your order. We’ve saved you some time in that respect. Although you should always carry out your own research, you will find a detailed review of the best broker to buy VeChain next.

A few things to note before deciding on an online broker from which to buy VeChain:

  • The scrutiny that regulated brokers are under provides a safer trading environment to buy VeChain.
  • Always scrutinize the fee table before signing up with a broker. The less you are charged to buy and sell VeChain, the better.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable finding your way around the platform. This will make placing orders to buy VeChain a stress-free mission.
  • Check what other cryptocurrencies are listed, besides VET tokens. The best brokers to buy VeChain will support plenty of options.
  • If you have a specific payment method you want to use to buy VeChain – you must check the broker is able to facilitate this. Some platforms are only able to support crypto deposits. Others allow you to purchase digital currencies using credit/debit cards, and more.

The above-listed points are just some of the factors our team considers when reviewing brokers to buy VeChain. Find the result of our search for the best VeChain trading platform below.

VantageFX –  Ultra-Low Spreads

VantageFX VFSC under Section 4 of the Financial Dealers Licensing Act that offers heaps of financial instruments. All in the form of CFDs - this covers shares, indices, and commodities.

Open and trade on a Vantage RAW ECN account to get some of the lowest spreads in the business. Trade on institutional-grade liquidity that is obtained directly from some of the top institutions in the world without any markup being added at our end. No longer the exclusive province of hedge funds, everyone now has access to this liquidity and tight spreads for as little as $0.

Some of the lowest spreads in the market may be found if you decide to open and trade on a Vantage RAW ECN account. Trade using institutional-grade liquidity that is sourced directly from some of the top institutions in the world with zero markup added. This level of liquidity and availability of thin spreads down to zero are no longer the exclusive purview of hedge funds.

Our Rating

  • The Lowest Trading Costs
  • Minimum deposit $50
  • Leverage up to 500:1
75.26% of retail investor accounts lose money when spread betting and/or trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

How to Buy VeChain – Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Next, you will find a walkthrough of how to buy VeChain, in just 5 stages. We also explain how you can sell VET tokens, which will be helpful to know. After all, you never know when you may identify an opportunity to make a profit from cashing out. is our broker of choice to buy VeChain. As such, you will see a detailed walkthrough next on how to sign up with this platform, which is regulated by the FCA, ASIC, CySEC, andNBRB. You won’t pay commission to purchase VET tokens and the whole site is super-user friendly.

Step 1: Open a Crypto Broker Account

Look for the prompt to sign-up on the main page at and press the respective button. You will see a simple form to fill in. As is the same at most online brokers, you will be required to enter a username and password of your choosing.

You will also add your nationality, name, date of birth, address, tax number, mobile, and email. Check and confirm all to move onto step 2 of how to buy VeChain.

78.77% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs at this provider

Step 2: Complete KYC

To begin the KYC process, you will need to take a scan or photo of your official ID, which can be a valid passport or driving license.

The next step of the KYC process is to allow the broker to validate your home address. Do this by uploading a copy of a recently dated tax bill or bank statement. As well as a recent date, it must also display your complete name and address.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Depositing funds into your account is worry-free when you buy VeChain CFDs at

See available payment options below:

  • Supported e-wallets include iDeal, Neteller, PayPal, and many others.
  • Maestro, Mastercard, and Visa credit and debit cards are supported.

If you prefer, you can fund your account with a bank transfer. However, you can expect to experience delays as long as 7.

Enter the amount you wish to add, from $20 and over, and fill in all relevant card details to continue to step 4. As noted earlier, the minimum deposit for bank wires increases to $250.

Step 4: Search for VeChain

When you start to type VET into the search bar at, you will notice that the popular pair VET/USD is the first to appear. Click this to buy VeChain via CFDs.

At this point, the page specific to VeChain should appear so you can place an order to trade VET tokens.

Step 5: Place Buy Order

Let’s assume you decided on CFD trading broker to buy VeChain.

  • Buy VeChain to go long, if you think the asset will increase in value.
  • Sell VeChain to go short, if you predict a decline in the price of VET tokens.
  • Next, enter the amount of money you wish to allocate to VeChain.

Make sure everything is as it should be and confirm your order to buy VeChain. Anything you buy at will be accessible via your portfolio, after logging into your account.

Step 6: How to Sell VeChain

When purchasing crypto assets via an easily navigated platform, selling VeChain is as easy as buying it.

See a jargon-free explanation below:

  • Simply head over to your broker account and log in to see your portfolio of assets.
  • Find VeChain and select it.
  • Create a sell order to cash out your investment.
  • If you entered the VET position with a sell order, place a buy to cash out.

Whatever money you make from cashing out will be applied to the usable balance within your account. This way, you can either make another purchase or request a withdrawal.

Best VeChain Wallets

When enlightening yourself on how to buy VeChain, storage should be a priority. As we said, this is not necessary when buying VET tokens via CFDs.

With that said, you will find the best options to safely store VeChain next.

Trust Wallet – Overall Best VeChain Wallet

Trust Wallet is the best storage solution for VeChain. The wallet comes as an app and boasts millions of users and tons of features. You will receive a private key. When you are buying cryptocurrencies on a direct basis, this is the best way to ensure that only you can gain access to your digital investments.

The interface is super easy to navigate and there are hundreds of digital assets supported, including VET tokens. This allows you to receive, exchange, and send VeChain whenever you feel like it. Provided of course, you have your mobile with you and an internet connection.

Ledger Nano  – Best VeChain Wallet for Security

Let’s say you prefer the idea of learning how to buy VeChain and then keeping the key to your assets on a physical device.

  • In this instance, you might prefer the Ledger Nano, which is a hardware wallet.
  • Physically, the Ledger Nano looks like a flash drive.
  • As such, this wallet needs to connect to a PC or laptop using a USB cable.
  • The Ledger Nano can cost anywhere up to $200.

You should note that if you are on a budget, or have little experience with cryptocurrencies, a CFD broker is likely the most convenient option. This is because you won’t need to store anything – as you won’t own the underlying VET tokens!

What is VeChain?

When you grasp how to buy VeChain, you will see heaps of information surrounding the relationship between the supply chain as we know it and blockchain technology.

  • Using its blockchain, the VeChain project concentrates on creating an unclouded network of producers, distributors, suppliers, and customers.
  • The vision is an altogether more streamlined and efficient supply chain for a wide variety of sectors.

We talk about the various partnerships this cryptocurrency has shortly, under the main reasons to buy VeChain section. As we have stated on more than one occasion, you should still explore the market yourself before diving in.

VeChain – Reasons to Buy

When you are reading up on how to buy VeChain, as well as how to place an order, it’s paramount that you get clued up on the characteristics of the asset itself.

This could include studying publications focussed on cryptocurrencies, viewing historical price data, and trying to gauge the wider market sentiment of VET tokens.

As part of this guide on how to buy VET, we researched the main advantages you might take from adding this digital asset to your portfolio.

See below for inspiration:

VeChain: Price Spikes

Spikes in value are positive for people who want to learn how to buy VeChain, with the end goal of making a profit from market volatility. VET tokens have experienced their fair share of price fluctuations.

Take a look at the historic performance of VeChain, to give you an idea of its potential:

  • On August 30th, 2018, VET tokens were valued at $0.01.
  • By the same day in August, a year later, the price had fallen to $0.003.
  • VeChain remained under $0.01 until the beginning of July 2020.
  • By February 17th, 2021, you could buy VeChain for $0.05.
  • Two months later, VET tokens had increased by 400% to $0.25.
  • At the time of writing, you can buy VeChain for $0.10.
  • As is the nature of digital currencies, this price will be subject to frequent and volatile fluctuations.

As you can see, if you had researched how to buy VeChain in July 2020, you would have only paid $0.01 per VET token. If you then cashed out at the optimal time, in April 2021, you could have made gains totaling 2,400%!

As we said, at the time of writing, you can buy VeChain for just $0.10. Sure, the value of this speculative asset could further decline. With that said, there is every chance that you could purchase VET tokens for 10 cents now and then watch VeChain skyrocket to new heights!

VeChain: Blockchain Driven Logistics

VeChain technology is used to create a more efficient way of shipping. This includes better communication between customers, suppliers, and stores/businesses.

The goal is to transform the infrastructure of various industries and incorporate traceability and provenance.

Using the agricultural sector as an example:

  • The VeChain network will allow businesses to monitor their harvests from beginning to end.
  • This includes tracking the production procedure and then generating a record of each stage on a public ledger.
  • This is a way to ensure the customer can trace the product right back to its beginnings, to prove authenticity.
  • This technology is much more cost-effective and efficient than the current production infrastructure.

VeChain has already racked up multiple partnerships and has the potential to attract more. Put simply, this steady supply of tokens could well see the price of VET increase. This means if you time the markets accurately, you could buy VeChain, and later cash out for much more than you paid.

VeChain: High Profile Partnerships has also partnered with VeChain. For those unfamiliar with the site, it is an e-commerce platform that enables people to shop online using cryptocurrencies as payment.

The e-commerce space supports 100 digital currencies, including VET tokens. This means you can buy VeChain and use the tokens to shop online at places like Walmart, Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

You will find a list below that includes just some of the companies that have partnered up with VeChain:

  • Walmart China partnered with VeChain to create a more transparent and cost-efficient supply chain.
  • The ‘Blockchain Food Safety and Traceability Platform’ project includes VeChain, Walmart China, PwC, China Chain Store and Franchise Association, and many other producers.
  • The Olive Times, a business in the Chinese agricultural sector, recently partnered with VeChain. The goal is to increase the productivity and transparency of the ever-increasing olive oil industry in the country.
  • VeChain’s blockchain technology could lead to a world where customers and businesses can trace meat, seafood, and vegetables from source to supermarket for verification.

Retail investors have reacted positively to these enterprise-sized collaborations. A real-life example of when partnerships affected the value of VET tokens was when Walmart China partnered with VeChain.

Following the announcement of this news, the value of VET tokens saw a 32% increase – within just one hour!

Investment Risk

The main risk you take when you buy VeChain is losing the money you invested. This could happen if the price falls and you are unable to sell your digital assets for more than you paid when you placed your order.

To buy VeChain whilst also minimizing risk, you might try one or more of the below strategies:

  • Create a Diverse Crypto Portfolio: To attain this, you might learn the ropes of how to buy VeChain, and then allocate funds to alternative cryptocurrencies like Cosmos or Ontology. There’s also the option to add a widely listed asset or two to your portfolio. An example of a super-liquid alternative would be Litecoin, which experiences daily trading volumes of over $2 billion.
  • Take Advantage of low Stake Requirements: Some brokers, such as, allow you to trade VeChain in smaller amounts. This enables you to systematically purchase fractions of a full cryptocurrency and on a regular basis. This process is well-known amongst seasoned crypto traders and is referred to as dollar-cost-averaging. The idea is to reduce the negative impact of market volatility.
  • Choose Regulated CFD Brokers, Over Un-Licensed Platforms: When you trade VeChain via a regulated CFD broker, you will dilute your risk from the get-go. This is because you won’t own the underlying tokens and thus – nothing can be stolen. CFDs allow you to make gains from VET tokens regardless of whether they rise or fall in price – as short-selling is supported.

Another risk of buying cryptocurrencies is unwittingly leaving your digital funds exposed to thieves. Many well-known exchanges have fallen victim to this category of online criminal. This is another reason to choose the platform wisely when educating yourself on how to buy VeChain.

Regulated CFD brokers like cut out many of the concerns mentioned. There are hundreds of digital assets supported at this ASIC, CySEC, FCA, and NBRB-regulated broker. Furthermore, you can fund your account with as little as $20 ($250 for bank wires), after which you can trade VeChain in fractional amounts.

How to Buy VeChain – Conclusion

When it comes to how to buy VeChain, a couple of key components to consider should be safety and choosing the right licensed broker. It’s also essential that you look at the fee structure so you know how much it might cost to access the market.

We checked out the finer details of multiple top-rated brokers in the industry, declaring as best place to access VeChain. The FCA, CySEC, ASIC, and NBRB provide regulation for this platform and you can buy VET tokens via CFDs. This means you can short a falling market, and in some cases, you can leverage your position. Get started today with a VeChain trade in under 10 minutes!


8cap - Buy and Invest in Assets

Our Rating

  • Minimum deposit of just 250 USD to get lifetime access to all the VIP channels
  • Buy over 2,400 stocks at 0% commission
  • Trade thousands of CFDs
  • Deposit funds with a debit/credit card, Paypal, or bank transfer
  • Perfect for newbie traders and heavily regulated
Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.



How do you buy VeChain with Paypal?

A crypto platform that allows you to buy VeChain, or any other cryptocurrency, with PayPal is seldom seen. We reviewed in full and discovered the broker recently added PayPal to its list of supported deposit and withdrawal methods. Moreover, you will not be charged a deposit fee and can buy VeChain via CFDs, with 0% commission.

How do you buy VeChain with a credit card?

To buy VeChain with a credit card, you will need to find a broker that supports the payment type, but doesn't charge a small fortune to do so. charges 0% for commissions, deposits, and withdrawals. You can buy VeChain with a credit card by signing up and concluding the KYC procedure. This takes less than 10 minutes. Next, make a deposit and place an order to purchase VET tokens.

Can you buy VeChain on Coinbase?

You can indeed buy VeChain on Coinbase. Although the platform in question is user-friendly for beginners, you may be shocked by the fees charged. To make a deposit using a credit or debit card you will be charged 3.99%. This means if you add $1,000 to your account, you will need to pay the platform $39.90. This can soon add up. A much more cost-effective way to buy VeChain is at - where you will be trading CFDs. Here, you pay zero deposit and commission fees. This simply leaves the spread, which is tight across most markets.

How do you buy VeChain with a bank transfer?

The vast majority of cryptocurrency trading platforms will allow you to buy VeChain with a bank transfer. If you are looking to make a purchase straight away, this payment method should be avoided. It can take anywhere from 3 - 7 business days to land in your account as usable funds. The quickest way to buy VET tokens is via debit/credit card or an e-wallet like Neteller or PayPal. supports all the above-mentioned methods.

How do you sell VeChain?

The most timely and effortless way to sell VeChain is at a regulated CFD brokerage like This is because all you have to do is enter your username and password to sign in, and select VET tokens from the assets you've bought. Next, create a sell order and the broker will add the proceeds to your available equity.