Bitcoin Wealth Review 2021 – Is it a scam?


If you are thinking about making money through crypto, then this review is for you. Bitcoin Wealth is a viral crypto trading tool that helps ordinary people turn a small investment into fortunes within a short time.

This tool reportedly utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies to place bets on bitcoin. AI is the real deal in any form of automated trading since it enables machines to analyze large data sets and generate high-quality trading signals.

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Very Impressive

  • A claimed success rate of 88%.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Reliable trading platform.
All trading carries risk.

The big question is whether Bitcoin Wealth is legit and if it’s making users rich. Tens of thousands of this platform users have rated it surprisingly well on TrustPilot and Reddit platforms.

This means that it’s legit and easy to use. It may also be highly profitable. We conclude that this platform potential profitability justifies the risks associated with it. You can try it but start small and take time to understand it.

This review explains everything you need to know about Bitcoin Wealth before using it. Read it to the end if you are new to auto-trading.

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What is Bitcoin Wealth?

You are probably aware that it’s possible to generate a decent daily profit trading crypto. Thousands of people have reportedly tried it and made good profits in the process.

There are several ways to invest in crypto. You can participate in crypto mining or trade crypto as an asset. Mining is nowadays out of reach for ordinary people, given the amount of computing power required.

Crypto trading remains the best way to make money out of cryptocurrencies. You can trade crypto manually or through an automated trading system. Manual trading requires trading research skills and is, therefore, out of reach for many.

On the other hand, automated trading involves a powerful trading system automating the entire crypto trading process. This means that anyone can make money out of this system. Moreover, the best-automated trading systems are known to beat the best manual traders.

Consequently, most experts nowadays prefer trading through auto-trading systems. An automated trading system can also be referred to as a trading robot. Bitcoin Wealth is arguably the most profitable automated trading system for crypto.

But is it as profitable as some reviews allege? We will differentiate the facts from fiction below. Make sure that you read our kickass Bitcoin Wealth review to the end.

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Is Bitcoin Wealth a scam? The Facts!

Bitcoin Wealth scores surprisingly well in our transparency and legitimacy tests. Our tests include background checks on its platforms and also a thorough analysis of feedback from users.

The Bitcoin Wealth white paper indicates that it’s based on blockchain. If this is the case, this trading robot is the first to apply this technology in trading. Blockchain ensures transparent P2P transactions and seamless dispute resolution through smart contracts.

Bitcoin Wealth is not wholly decentralized, but users may perform some P2P transactions without an intermediary. Some reviews allege that users can loan each other trading capital through the platform and earn interest in the process.

The Bitcoin Wealth Whitepaper doesn’t explain much about this feature. Moreover, there is very little information about it on the internet. We can, therefore, not ascertain if the blockchain-powered P2P lending feature works.

Please note that you don’t need any technical know-how or expertise to use this platform. Simply sign up and follow the provided Bitcoin Wealth trading guide. This trading bot provides all users with a dedicated account manager to help them through the trading process.

Bitcoin Wealth Popularity score

We rate Bitcoin Wealth extremely well on reputation. Amazingly, this platform has been reviewed by tens of thousands of users on platforms such as TrustPilot.

The feedback is great, with the majority of reviewers on TrustPilot giving Bitcoin Wealth a five-star rating. One thing we have noted from the reviews is that most users are making a decent daily income.

It seems that you could earn thousands of dollars in daily profits in just a few weeks of depositing $250 through this trading bot. You could earn a good profit from the start by investing more money.

However, we wouldn’t encourage you to invest more than you can afford. Crypto trading could be extremely risky, especially when high leverage is applied. We will discuss what leverage is and how to use it efficiently later in this review.

But please note that any technical details discussed in this review are for informational purposes only. You can still make it with Bitcoin Wealth even if you have zero trading skills.

However, you must closely follow the provided platform setup details to get the most out of this platform.

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Bitcoin Wealth News Trading Feature

You are probably aware of the impact of news on bitcoin volatility. The rise and fall of bitcoin price are mostly driven by breaking news and celebrity sentiments.

A good example is a recent announcement about Tesla investing $1.5 billion in bitcoin. This piece of news had a lot of impact on bitcoin prices, driving it up 300% in a single day. Bitcoin Wealth App is equipped with tools to detect such news and determine how it will affect bitcoin price and place bets.

It can read and act on such news 0.001 seconds before the price can factor in the new information. Bitcoin Wealth users are said to have made huge profits following the Tesla announcement.

Sentiment driven trading involves detecting celebrity sentiments with an impact on prices and placing bets on them. One of the celebrities whose sentiments have the greatest impact on bitcoin is Elon Musk.

Bitcoin Wealth reportedly crawls Elon Musk Twitter handle and other social media pages to identify price driving sentiments. The robot also follows tens of other celebrities to trade their sentiments.

Bitcoin Wealth partner brokers

When you sign up on the Bitcoin Wealth website, you are linked with a broker. But what are the roles of these brokers?

Trading robots are computer programs equipped with algorithms to automatically conduct trading research. They are not financial institutions and, therefore, do not connect directly to liquidity providers.

Consequently, they must operate through some brokers. These brokers receive orders from the trading systems and relay them to the liquidity provider for execution. Without the liquidity provider, the orders would never be fulfilled.

The fact that these brokers are the ones to place orders in the market means that they must have direct access to clients’ capital. This means that all deposits must happen through them. Bitcoin Wealth doesn’t handle any of your money.

Fortunately, all its partners follow strict regulatory guidelines, and therefore, user safety is guaranteed. The key regulatory measures implemented by these brokers include deposit segregation and audits.

The top Bitcoin Wealth partner brokers claim to segregate clients’ funds through the National Bank of Australia and the UK’s HSBC. We will review each of these brokers individually in other reviews to determine if this is true.

The trading leveraged provided when trading through Bitcoin Wealth is offered by the partner brokers. Think of leverage as a loan capital offered relative to your invested capital to allow you to trade big positions.

It’s not a typical loan, and hence you shouldn’t worry about the broker placing a lien on your property.

Try Bitcoin Wealth Now !

Very Impressive

  • A claimed success rate of 88%.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Reliable trading platform.
All trading carries risk.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Wealth

Bitcoin Wealth is extremely easy to operate, especially if you have gone through its demo platform.

This platform should work from any country that supports retail CFDs trading. Only the US and a few other countries prohibit this form of trading.

  1. Signup with Bitcoin Wealth by clicking here and completing the registration form on the page’s top right corner.
  2. Verify your info through the broker assigned to you after registration. You need to submit a scanned copy of a government-issued document to confirm your identity.
  3. Deposit funds through bank wire transfer or any other approved account funding option. The trading balance should be at least $250.
  4. Take a tour of Bitcoin Wealth through the demo and watch the provided tutorial to master the risk control tools settings.
  5. Set your Bitcoin Wealth account as per the instructions and go live.

As stated severally in this review, Bitcoin Wealth has the potential to earn you good profits within a short time of trading. However, there are risks involved, and you may lose your capital. Invest wisely!

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How much do I pay for Bitcoin Wealth?

You don't have to pay anything to use Bitcoin Wealth. This trading robot is reportedly license-free and doesn't charge any transaction fee.

Does Bitcoin Wealth offer a trading app?

The Bitcoin Wealth web-trader is available in HTML5 version and therefore works as a hybrid mobile app. Please check your email for the download link after signup.

Is Bitcoin Wealth worth my money?

There is enough evidence to support the alleged Bitcoin Wealth profitability. The potential profitability that comes with this platform warrants its associated risk.