Bitcoin Trend App Review – Is it a Scam or Legit Trading System?



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Bitcoin Trend App is a powerful trading tool for speculating on bitcoin trends. Investopedia defines a trend as the overall direction of a market of an asset’s price.

Bitcoin Trend App applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to study bitcoin-related big data and place bets on its price trends. It’s said to make money in both falling and rising prices through scalping and short selling strategies.

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All tradings carries risk.

But is Bitcoin Trend App legit? Our trading tools research team has investigated it thoroughly and prepared this kickass review for you. Bitcoin Trend App meets our legitimacy standards and is reviewed by many as highly profitable.

We will discuss the key features that make it worthwhile in this review. Please read it to the end before registering with Bitcoin Trend App.

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What is Bitcoin Trend App?

Think of Bitcoin Trend App is an intelligent computer program that can perform bitcoin trading on your behalf. This computer program studies market big data to determine and place bets on bitcoin price trends.

As mentioned above, a trend is the overall direction of an asset’s price. Placing bets on price trends can be extremely lucrative when conducted accurately. Bitcoin Trend App reliance on big data refines the quality of its trades.

This platform claims to generate highly accurate trading signals. Most of the trades you place with Bitcoin Trend App turn out to be accurate. This implies extremely high chances of making profits.

You can reportedly earn a decent daily profit by compounding all the daily profits from a $250 account for about a month. Bitcoin Trend App is said to have an average daily profitability rate of 25%. This rate is enough to grow a $250 trading account to $1 million by compounding profits for about a year.

But even with the high win rate, you can still make losses with Bitcoin Trend App. That’s why we insist that you only trade with what you can afford to lose. With the rising crypto boom of 2021, you can reportedly earn over $1000 daily by investing as little as $500.

As stated above, a deposit of $250 can also grow significantly if most of the daily profits are ploughed back. Follow the provided trading instructions carefully to avoid costly mistakes.

How does Bitcoin Trend App work?

Bitcoin Trend app offers two trading options; the fully auto option and the semi-auto function. The fully auto option is the recommended option for beginner traders.

This is because it automates the entire bitcoin trading process from trading research to execution. Users may also set withdrawals to happen when a certain account balance is attained. We find the full auto option to work well than the semi-auto option.

This means that the expert trader may also gain a lot by choosing. However, experts who prefer some level of control on their trading accounts can opt for the semi-auto option. This option involves Bitcoin Trend App conducting trading research and recommending signals to the expert.

The expert selects the trading signals they prefer and manually redirects them to the broker for execution. We do not recommend this option since it could lead to devastating mistakes. Moreover, it slows down the trading process hence compromising performance.

Let’s take a look at the key features of Bitcoin Trend App.

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Bitcoin Trend App Charts Analysis Tool

Price trend research involves analyzing historical price patterns to detect patterns with a likelihood of repeating in the markets.

Bitcoin Trend App utilizes powerful AI algorithms to analyze thousands of trading charts per minute to identify tradable trends. This trading is arguably the best in chart analysis. It’s reviewed on top trading publications as the most advanced chart-analysis tool.

Manual trading tools such as the MT4 offer chart analysis tools to help users manually analyze prices. You need to be a highly skilled trader to manually analyze prices through these tools. Bitcoin Trend App eliminates the hustles of manual trading by automating the analysis.

Anyone, including those with zero trading and crypto background, can use this platform successfully. Those who opt for the semi-auto option must be skilled to identify the generated trading signals’ quality. Most experts recommend the fully auto option as the most profitable trading approach.

Bitcoin Trend App News Trading Feature

Another way to trade bitcoin price trend is through news trading. Crypto prices are highly affected by related news.

Bitcoin Trend App uses the Natural Language Processing (NLP) subset of AI to comb the internet for price driving news. The bot can reportedly scan up to 1 billion web pages within a microsecond. Moreover, it can differentiate legit sources of information from fake ones.

A good example of price trend driving news is the recent announcement about Tesla investing $1.5 billion in bitcoin. This news had an insane impact on bitcoin price, driving it up against the dollar by over 300%.

Bitcoin Trend App was able to capture this news within a microsecond of posting and place bets before the price could adjust to the new information. Prices adjust to information when most market participants are aware of the new information.

A good trading bot should be superfast to identify and act upon a given piece of news before the markets can adjust to it. 

Bitcoin Trend App Partner Brokers

Bitcoin Trend App operates through some of the industry’s most reputable brokers. All auto-trading platforms must connect to brokers. These brokers act as a bridge to the liquidity providers.

Trading robots do not link directly to the liquidity providers and must, therefore, operate through brokers. Moreover, they are not registered as financial institutions and must depend on a broker to collect deposits from the public.

Bitcoin Trend App assures its users of safety by partnering with the best robot brokers. Background checks on these brokers confirm that they are regulated in multiple jurisdictions.

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Bitcoin Trend App Reputation score

We give Bitcoin Trend App a 90% reputation score. This trading platform is among the most reviewed trading systems on the internet today.

There are over five thousand Bitcoin Trend App reviews on TrustPilot alone. Amazingly, about 95% of the reviewers allege making good profits. This trading platform is rated 4.8/5 on this platform. We haven’t found any other trading platform with such a high rating.

There are several Bitcoin Trend App Reddit posts, each with hundreds of comments. The feedback from the community participants is also positive.

Bitcoin Trend App in the media

This trading system is reviewed highly on top ranking crypto and mainstream publications. The expert reviews are also positive.

Some of the reviewers claim that Bitcoin Trend App is the next big thing in 2023. This trading platform is already an online sensation in most countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. It has also been trending for months in Australia.

The high popularity has attracted a fair share of fake news, as explained below.

Bitcoin Trend App in the Shark Tank – Some fake news platforms have linked this trading platform to another trading app presented in the US Shark Tank last year.

Bitcoin Trend App in This Morning Show – Celebrity gossip platforms also claim Bitcoin Trend App was launched in the This Morning Show.

Bitcoin Trend App and Elon Musk – There are also several Twitter posts alleging that Elon Musk owns Bitcoin Trend App. However, this isn’t true.

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  • 90% alleged Win Rate - Not a Scam
  • $/£ 250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts Debit and Credit Card
All tradings carries risk.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Trend App

Bitcoin Trend App offers an easy way to speculate on bitcoin through trend analysis. The platform reportedly paces bets on bitcoin paired against over a hundred crypto and fiat currencies.

Bitcoin Trend App trades at a high win rate to generate insane profits for users. You can supposedly earn a decent daily profit by investing as little as $250 and compounding profits for weeks.

Bitcoin Trend App operates through top-quality brokers. This means that users are guaranteed the safety of their investment. Trading with Bitcoin Trend App is quite a walk in the park.

You only need to register a free trading account and set the trading platform, as explained in the trading tutorial video. The assigned dedicated account manager will walk you through the setup.

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Is Bitcoin Trend App a scam?

Bitcoin Trend App isn’t a scam. This review finds enough evidence to support its alleged profitability rate.

How much do I need to trade with Bitcoin Trend App?

You can get started with as little as USD250 and plough back most of the daily profits for growth. Investing more money increases the chances of earning more money.

Does Bitcoin Trend App offer a trading app?

You can use the Bitcoin Trend App web-trader as a hybrid mobile app. Download it on the trading resources page.