Brexit Trader Review – Is it a Scam, or is it Profitable?



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Brexit Trader is a viral trading platform that reportedly offers the most profitable way to trade crypto. It was founded in 2016, with its popularity going through the roof in the crypto boom of 2017.

Brexit Trader has gone viral again in 2021 as crypto prices continue to skyrocket. It was initially launched to trade Brexit related news. It was updated in 2020 to trade other news and celebrity sentiments.

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Brexit Trader automates the entire trading process from research to order execution. This makes it the best choice for complete beginners. We have received over ten requests to review Brexit Trader.

This review will offer an unbiased and comprehensive look into Brexit Trader. You must read to the end before registering with this platform.

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What is Brexit Trader?

Brexit was coined to describe the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union. 

It was introduced in 2016 after the UK conducted a referendum in favour of leaving the European Union. Following the announcement, the global asset trading markets went crazy. The announcement had a significant impact on all asset classes, including crypto.

Brexit Trader was launched a few months after the announcement to capitalize on the resulting crypto volatility. Its popularity went through the roof a few months later as users continued to report insane profitability.

Some reviews claim that Brexit Trader generated the highest number of millionaires in the bubble. The impact of Brexit remained high until January 2020, when the UK finally left the UK.

A new version of Brexit Trader was released a few months later to trade news and celebrity sentiments in general. This version has gained insane popularity since August last year. It’s said to be one of the main drivers of volatility this year.

Brexit Trader users are reportedly earning millions of dollars in profits in 2021 through news trading. This platform has risen through the ranks in the last few months to become one of the most advanced news-trading platforms today.

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How does the Brexit Trader work?

First things first, it’s important to note that you don’t need any skill to use this platform. This is because Brexit Trader runs on autopilot. You only need to fund your account and sit back and relax as money trickles in.

Please note that this review is based on user feedback on independent review platforms. We haven’t conducted a live test on Brexit Trader and therefore cannot ascertain the truthfulness of the profitability claims.

Brexit Trader trades crypto on behalf of users by automatically conducting trading research and generating quality trading signals. It reportedly uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure high-quality trading signals and a transparent trading environment.

AI-driven trading systems are nowadays all the rage in both traditional and alternative assets trading. Traditional assets include stock, market indices, forex, and commodities. Alternative assets include crypto and related derivatives.

As mentioned previously, Brexit Trader was launched to trade the volatility ensuing from Brexit announcements. Brexit Trader was updated to trade news and celebrity sentiments in general in April 2020.

Its reliance on extremely powerful AI algorithms has reportedly helped it rise to become one of the most profitable news trading tools today. Read on for an in-depth look into the key features of Brexit Trader.

Brexit Trader News Trading Tool

This is the feature that has made Brexit Trader gain a lot of popularity. It was initially launched to trade Brexit news but was later updated to trade news in general.

The News trading approach involves placing trades based on predicting how a piece of news will affect asset prices. Crypto assets are highly affected by the news.

For instance, a recent announcement about Tesla investing $1.5 billion in bitcoin has pushed the BTC/USD price up by over 300%. Brexit Trader identifies such news and takes market positions based on how they are likely to affect prices.

News trading is possible through the subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing (NLP). This technology enables the bot to read and make meaning of human language. NLP driven trading algorithms can determine legit sources of information from the fake ones.

Brexit Trader Sentiment Trading Tool

Sentiment driven trading involves identifying and capitalizing on price driving celebrity social media posts.

Some celebrities are known to have a huge impact on asset prices. For instance, Elon Musk Tweets on Bitcoin are known to cause a lot of crypto volatility.

Elon Musk is the world richest man and is followed by millions of people. His sentiments are valued by many, and hence his comments are likely to influence a lot of buy and sell decisions.

Brexit Trader is said to crawl social media posts for market driving celebrity social media posts. It has reportedly helped tens of thousands of users become rich through crypto trading.

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Brexit Trader Partner Brokers

Trading tools such as Brexit Trader do not connect to liquidity providers directly. This means that they must operate through brokers.

A liquidity provider is a platform that matches the “buy and sell” positions relayed by the brokers. Brexit Trader relays the orders to the broker for execution. Robot brokers offer extremely powerful order execution systems for instant order fulfilment.

The partner brokers also facilitate transactions with clients. They are the ones to place the buy and sell orders, making sense that they handle all transactions. Preliminary checks on Brexit Trader partner brokers show that they are safe.

A safe broker has measures in place to protect clients’ deposits and personal data. The Brexit Trader partner brokers claim to implement measures such as deposit segregation to protect your money.

They are also regularly audited by leading audit firms, and the reports are submitted to the regulator. Moreover, they have complied with the GDPR data privacy requirements. This data privacy law is revered across the globe.

Getting Started with Brexit Trader

Trading with Brexit Trader should be easy if you have a knack for following instructions. This trading system comes with a five-page trading manual, a video tutorial, and a demo to help you practice.

The instructional materials are in layman’s terms and, therefore, completely beginner-friendly. Get started with Brexit Trader through the steps below.

  1. Sign up with Brexit Trader by clicking here. You should be able to access the signup page if you are in a country that allows retail CFDs trading.
  2. Fund your Brexit Trader account with as little as USD250 through the assigned broker. You can deposit more or plough back most of the daily returns for faster growth.
  3. Read the trading guide and watch the instructional video for directions on how to set up your trading account.
  4. Set your account as per the guide and start trading with Brexit Trader by clicking the live session button.   

Try Brexit Trader Today !

The Best Choice

  • 89% Claimed Win Rate*
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts credit card and Sofort
All tradings carries risk.

Is Brexit Trader legit? The Verdict!

We have reviewed Brexit Trader and concluded that it works well. Moreover, it has adequate transparency and safety measures in place.

Regarding performance, it’s rated by tens of thousands of users as highly profitable. Experts also review it, and the feedback is great.

Some expert reviews allege that Brexit Trader is the next big thing in the crypto sphere in 2021.  You can reportedly earn your first million dollars through Brexit Trader if you reinvest most profits.

Ensure that you follow the Brexit Trader trading guide carefully to get the best results out of it. Failure to observe the provided trading instructions could lead to a devastating trading outcome. Brexit Trader is a leveraged trading system and hence trading with it involves high risk. Invest wisely!

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Is Brexit Trader legit and safe?

We find Brexit Trader to be legit and safe. This trading platform has adequate measures in place to prove legitimacy and safety. These include partnerships with quality partner brokers.

Is Brexit Trader a profitable system?

Brexit Trader is reportedly insanely profitable. Users are said to earn thousands daily by investing as little as USD250 and compounding profits.

How many hours should I trade with Brexit Trader?

You only need a few minutes to adjust Brexit Trader for live trading. Brexit Trader performs extremely well when left to run for up to 8 hours without interruption.

Does Brexit Trader offer a trading app?

Brexit Trader is only available in the web-trader version. However, the web platform is in HTLM5 and, therefore, installable on mobile devices as a hybrid app.