Bitcoin Rush Review – Is it a Legit or Scam Trading System?

Bitcoin Rush Review – Is it a Legit or Scam Trading System?

Bitcoin trading is reportedly one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. You can trade bitcoin manually by buying low and selling high or through an automated trading robot. Bitcoin Rush is one of the popular BTC trading robots in the market today.

There are hundreds of reviews on the internet, claiming that this robot is highly profitable. But is this true? We have investigated Bitcoin Rush and concluded that it’s legit.

This trading system reportedly utilizes advanced trading strategies to make insane profits off BTC volatility trading. It’s said to conduct all trading automatically and is, therefore, a good choice for complete beginners.

This review offers a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of Bitcoin Rush and factors that make it worthwhile.

Is Bitcoin Rush a scam or legit robot?

Most of our readers have asked us whether this trading system is a scam. The majority of those who have sent us review requests are sceptical about its reported profitability rate.

We have investigated Bitcoin Rush thoroughly and found it to be legit. There is also enough evidence to support profitability claims. Both users and experts positively review this trading system. It has over 10k reviews on TrustPilot alone and a rating of 4.6/5.

It’s also featured on most crypto publications with several experts calling it revolutionary. We have tested it through the demo and found it to be easy to operate for all users. Bitcoin Rush conducts all the technical auto-trading functions automatically.

Users can also automate withdrawals and reinvestments. Bitcoin Rush ensures clients funds safety through its highly regulated brokers. The brokers are mandated with receiving deposits from the public, executing orders as instructed by the bot, and facilitating withdrawals.

Partner broker regulation is the most important mark of a legit trading system. Bitcoin Rush brokers are reportedly monitored by tier-one regulators such as the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC. These regulators implement stringent safety measures such as deposit segregation.

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They also undergo regular external audits and submit reports to the regulator. Moreover, they are part of a deposit protection scheme that ensures that clients are paid in the event of bankruptcy.

Trading with Bitcoin Rush comes with a lot of money-making opportunities, but it isn’t risk free. Users should, therefore, be extra cautious by only investing what they can afford to lose.

What is Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush is a trading system that speculates on BTC automatically. It’s a computer program equipped with intelligent algorithms that reportedly conducts bitcoin trading at an extremely high win rate.

Bitcoin Rush is said to earn up to $800 daily from an investment of $250. The daily profitability could grow significantly through reinvestments. Some of the expert reviewers recommend reinvesting at least 60% of daily profits for fast growth.

We have analyzed thousands of Bitcoin Rush reviews, and they all confirm that it’s a legit trading system. Some have reportedly become millionaires trading through this system. The high profitability is associated with the powerful algorithms used by the robot to conduct trading research.

These algorithms are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. AI is the bread and butter of success in any computer-driven trading. It’s been used by nearly all the big banks and hedge funds on Wall Street. Bitcoin Rush is among the pioneers in implementing this technology in bitcoin trading.

Another contributing factor to the huge profitability is the level of leverage applied by this robot. Bitcoin Rush trades on a margin of up to 4000:1 as provided by its partner brokers. Leverage is simply an investment strategy of using borrowed money.

High leverage enables small accounts to make huge profits. It also magnifies risk, and hence a user should be extra cautious. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

How does Bitcoin Rush work?

Bitcoin Rush automatically speculates on over 70 BTC CFDs pairs. These pairs include both the crypto and fiat currencies.

Users are exposed to popular pairs such as the BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, and BTC/ETH. The robot analyzes enormous data sets to determine the pairs with the biggest potential. It then places tens of trades within a microsecond.

Bitcoin Rush applies the scalping trading technique to generate profits out of small price swings. The profits are magnified by high leverage. Moreover, the robot can place multiple trades simultaneously hence balancing risk.

Trading BTC through Bitcoin Rush is reportedly less risky than trading through the traditional ways. You don’t need to go through the tedious process of buying from an exchange. The risk of hacking is also eliminated, given that you do not have to hold a crypto wallet.

Bitcoin Rush operates through over twenty robot brokers. These brokers are regulated and hence allowed to collect deposits from the public. Partner broker regulation is one of the most important measures of a legit trading system.

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Regulated brokers must observe measures such as deposit segregation and audit. Segregation mostly happens through tier-one banks and involves the brokers separating their operating capital from clients’ funds.

Some of Bitcoin Rush partner brokers allege to segregate funds through UK’s HSBC and the National Bank of Australia. They also claim to be audited by leading firms such as PWC and to submit the audit reports to the regulator. The audits are conducted after every three months.

Bitcoin Rush could be safer than other BTC trading methods, but it isn’t risk-free. You may lose your trading capital when investing in this trading system. Invest wisely.

Bitcoin Rush in the Mainstream Media

Bitcoin Rush has received a lot of media attention in the recent days as analysts continue to predict an upcoming crypto boom. The robot has regularly appeared in mainstream TV in the UK and Australia.

It has also been featured on top crypto publications. The high popularity has also attracted gossip and fake news. Here are some of the unverified claims we have come across on the internet.

Did Bitcoin Rush appear on the Shark Tank?

Some reviews allege that Bitcoin Rush was featured in the Shark Tank. For the record, the Shark Tank is a reality TV program that involves entrepreneurs pitching their investment ideas to angel investors.

Bitcoin Rush has come forward and refuted the claims. It has never been pitched on this show, and those that are making these claims are lying.

Did Bitcoin Rush appear on the Dragons Den?

The Dragons Den is another reality TV program that involves entrepreneurs pitching their products to angel investors.

Bitcoin Rush was never pitched in the Dragons Den. Those claiming so are probably confusing it with another trading platform. We insist that you avoid gossip platforms and Bitcoin Rush Reddit posts.

You should only rely on authoritative sources when researching trading tools. Always visit the official Bitcoin Rush website to verify the information.

Bitcoin Rush and Celebrities

We have also come across a viral rumour associating this trading system with some celebrities. These rumours are mostly on Pinterest, Facebook, and Reddit.

Here are some of the celebrities said to have endorsed Bitcoin Rush.

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Elon Musk Bitcoin

Musk is the founder of SpaceX and Tesla. He has been very vocal about bitcoin and blockchain, but we didn’t find any evidence linking him to Bitcoin Rush.

You should therefore treat the Elon Musk Bitcoin Rush rumour with a grain of salt until it’s confirmed.

Richard Branson Bitcoin

The founder of Virgin Atlantic has also been vocal about bitcoin and blockchain. However, we didn’t find any evidence to suggest that he has invested in the Bitcoin Rush trading system.

Once again, you should treat these rumours as fake unless Richard Branson or Bitcoin Rush comes forward and confirms them.

Peter Jones and Bitcoin Rush

There is a rumour claiming that Peter Jones is one of the financial backers of Bitcoin Rush. However, this seems not to be true.

Peter Jones has expressed interests in various crypto-related projects, but Bitcoin Rush doesn’t seem to be among them.

It’s extremely important to always confirm the information on the Bitcoin Rush official website before accepting it as facts.

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Getting started with Bitcoin Rush – The Verdict!

Now that we know that Bitcoin Rush is legit let us look at the signup process. Follow the steps below to start trading with Bitcoin Rush.

  •         Create a free trading account on Bitcoin Rush official website
  •         Fund your account through a matched robot broker
  •         Trade on the demo to familiarize with the platform
  •         Start a live trading session by toggling the trade now button

Bitcoin Rush could be extremely profitable, but this doesn’t mean that it’s risk-free. Only trade with what you can afford to lose.


How much does Bitcoin Rush cost?

Bitcoin Rush doesn't charge any license fees. You only need to fund your account with at least $250 through the underlying broker to use this robot.

Does Bitcoin Rush charge hidden fees?

No! Bitcoin Charge doesn't charge any fees apart from a 2% commission on profits. Please note that the underlying broker fees apply.

How do I deposit with Bitcoin Rush?

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