Prime Advantage Trading Robot Review: Is it Legit?



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Prime Advantage is an online auto-trading service for crypto CFDs trading. Users invest as little as $250 for a return on investment of up to 60%. You could earn up to $800 daily by investing $250 with Prime Advantage.

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The trading system does all the trading automatically, and hence no skill is needed to use it. But is Prime Advantage a legit trading platform?

We have done background checks on Prime Advantage and found it to be legit. Moreover, it seems profitable. We will discuss the tips that make this trading system worthwhile in this review.

Please peruse it to the end before signing up with Prime Advantage. Crypto trading involves significant risk, and hence you should only trade with what you can afford to lose.

Prime Advantage Review: Is it a scam?

We have conducted background tests on Prime Advantage, and it meets our criteria for a legit trading system.

Firstly, this trading system seems popular with users. Thousands have reviewed it on TrustPilot, and most of them confirm that it’s legit and profitable. Moreover, the majority of reviewers confirm that the platform operates transparently.

All withdrawals are fast and secure. Please note that only verified accounts can withdraw. This requirement ensures that your money is safe at all times.

Secondly, Prime Advantage has invested in top safety measures. Its platforms are adequately encrypted to prevent data theft. Moreover, Prime Advantage is compliant with data regulation laws, including the GDPR.

We can also confirm that Prime Advantage partner brokers are regulated. Broker regulation is a paramount deposit protection measure. Brokers must adhere to measures such as deposit segregation to ensure clients’ money is only used for the intended purpose.

They must also be part of a deposit protection scheme to ensure that clients get a refund in the event of bankruptcy.

Thirdly, Prime Advantage is well-reviewed by clients all over the internet. It’s among the top-rated trading platforms on TrustPilot. The majority of users report making good profits with this system. 

Prime Advantage could be highly profitable, but it can also lead to losses. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

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What is Prime Advantage?

Prime Advantage trades crypto CFDs automatically and reportedly at a higher profitability rate. It’s said to be ten times more profitable than manual trading.

Automated trading is not new in the forex, stock, commodities, and market indices trading. However, auto-trading robots that exclusively trade crypto CFDs are few. Prime Advantage is perhaps the most popular.

Auto-trading involves powerful algorithms automatically conducting trading research and execution. An algorithm is a process or set of rules applied by a computer to arrive at a trading decision.

Prime Advantage algorithms are Artificial Intelligence (AI) based. AI technology is the most sought after technology in the world of auto-trading. It enables the trading algorithms to read huge data sets and generate tradable signals out of them.

The best AI-driven algorithms conduct the trading research at supersonic speeds hence taking advantage of even the slightest trading opportunity. It would take Prime Advantage less than a second to analyze the amount of data that a human can analyze within days.

Prime Advantage performs both technical and fundamental trading research. The robot conducts technical analysis by reading historical trading charts and identifying tradable patterns from them. Technical analysis is reportedly a highly lucrative trading approach when applied accurately.

Prime Advantage also conducts fundamental analysis by reading news and predicting how they will impact crypto prices. News trading is also highly profitable if done appropriately. Prime Advantage is based on the subset of AI known as Machine Learning (ML) and hence can improve itself with changing data.

How does Prime Advantage work?

Prime Advantage performs crypto CFDs trading on behalf of users. As mentioned above, the robot automatically conducts all trading research and execution on behalf of users.

No trading skill is required to make the supposed profits with Prime Advantage. However, you must read its trading guide before going live. Prime Advantage also offers a demo to help you master its trading platform before risking your capital.

As mentioned earlier, this trading system depends on brokers as its link to the markets. The robot relays orders to the broker for implementation. Robot brokers must have powerful order execution systems in place to ensure instant execution.

They must also adhere to strict regulation since deposits happen through them. Robots are usually not registered as financial institutions and hence have no legal mandate to collect deposits from the public.

Prime Advantage brokers offer trading leverage of up to 3000:1 to allow users to speculate on huge positions with minimal capital. Such leverage means that Prime Advantage users can bet on positions worth up to $3000 for every $1 of invested capital.

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Prime Advantage Trading App

We can confirm that Prime Advantage offers multiple trading platforms. You can trade with this bot through its web-trader or desktop and mobile apps.

The Prime Advantage web-trader is compatible with all major desktop and mobile browsers. Users can even install the web-trader as a hybrid mobile app through the HTML5 version.

Prime Advantage offers a native Android/iOS mobile app. The app is available for free download but only to registered users. Reviewers on TrustPilot claim that the app is lightweight and hence works well in all compatible devices.

It’s also secured through RSA encryption and hence safe for users. There is a Prime Advantage desktop app also available to registered users. The app is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac devices.

All Prime Advantage trading platforms are secure and easy to operate. Moreover, they are equipped with features to help you trade easily and profitably. These features include risk management tools such as Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Getting started with Prime Advantage

Trading with Prime Advantage is a walk in the park if you take the time to watch the provided trading tutorial video.

There is also a demo to help you test different features before trading with real money. The demo comes with everything you will find in the live account. You will be assigned a virtual capital of $10,000 to trade on historical data.

The Prime Advantage demo account offers a full simulation of live trading. Your results on the demo are not very far from what you will get in live trading. We recommend at least forty minutes of demo trading before moving to a live account.

Prime Advantage operates in over 120 countries across the globe. You can trade with this system from anywhere in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. This trading system is license-free. Only a 2% commission is charged on profits earned.

Please note that trading fees apply on the side of the broker facilitating the transaction. Prime Advantage partner brokers offer the ECN trading model and hence charge competitive spreads and zero commissions. The spreads start from as low as zero pips.

You do not need to understand the trading lingo to use Prime Advantage successfully.  Register a free account, fund it with at least USD250 and sit back and relax and the robot does the trading for you.

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Registering an account with Prime Advantage

Visit Prime Advantage website and sign up a free account. Registration is easy, safe, and only takes a few minutes.

You will be asked to verify your account by confirming your contact details. Prime Advantage will also match you with a robot broker during this step. You need to furnish the broker with more details and verify identity as per KYC requirements.

ID verification is a crucial online security measure aimed at helping thwart financial crime, including money laundering.

Funding your trading account through the matched broker

Fund your Prime Advantage account with at least USD250 through the matched broker. Your money is safe since Prime Advantage only works with well-regulated brokers.

You can deposit via wire transfer or any debit and credit card. Some e-wallets such as Skrill, WebMoney, and Neteller may also apply. Prime Advantage partner brokers do not charge any deposit fees.

Practice on demo and start live trading

Watch the Prime Advantage trading tutorial and test your understanding of the demo. At least 40 minutes are enough to be fully prepared for live trading.

Live trading with Prime Advantage involves adjusting risk settings and toggling the live button. You can leave the robot to trade for you as you continue with your daily business. Prime

Advantage could be highly profitable, but trading with it also involves risk. As a result, we recommend that you only trade with what you can afford to lose.

Is Prime Advantage legit? The Verdict!

We have conducted a thorough background check on Prime Advantage, and it seems to be a legit trading system.

This trading platform is well-rated by users as well as experts on multiple independent review platforms.

You can try Prime Advantage through the link below and let us know how you find it in the comment section below.

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Is Prime Advantage worth my money?

Prime Advantage seems like a good bet for anyone interested in earning a passive online income through Bitcoin Trading.

How much should I invest with Prime Advantage?

The minimum trading capital needed to trade with Prime Advantage is USD250. You can deposit more but do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

How much does Prime Advantage cost?

Prime Advantage only charges a 2% commission on profitable accounts. You only pay the commission when you earn the profits.