Bitcoin Champion Review 2012: Scam or Legit Auto-trading System? Find out here!



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Bitcoin Champion is a computer program that conducts BTC trading on behalf of users. The program is reportedly powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can generate up to 70% in daily profits.

Users are only required to sign up and deposit at least USD250 in trading capital. The trading system allegedly conducts trading research and automatically executes winning trades. But is Bitcoin Champion a legit trading system?

Fully Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Robot

Our Rating

  • Trade the cryptocurrency markets in a passive manner
  • No one-time fee or monthly subscription
  • Claims a win rate of 90%
Your capital is at risk.

We have analyzed all the available related data and concluded that Bitcoin Champion is legit. It’s also highly likely to be profitable as reported by the tens of thousands of users who have reviewed it on TrustPilot.

We will discuss our findings here and provide tips to get you started with Bitcoin Champion. Crypto trading involves a significant degree of risk, and hence extra precaution should be taken. It’s always advisable to start small and reinvest profits for growth.

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Bitcoin Champion Review Summary

This trading system offers auto-trading services to those interested in a passive online income. It’s fully auto and therefore extremely easy to use for all.

You don’t need any crypto trading background to use Bitcoin Champion successfully. Registration is also straightforward and fast. Bitcoin Champion works with over 15 robot brokers all regulated in the UK and Australia.

This trading robot offers exposure to over 60 BTC CFDs and at a leverage of up to 3000:1. These CFDs involve both fiat and crypto. The high leverage magnifies the potential of small accounts. Leverage also magnifies risk.

Bitcoin Champion trading system comes with risk control tools, including a Negative Balance Protection, Stop Loss, and Take Profit. You need to watch the Bitcoin Champion trading guide video to understand how to apply these tools.

This auto-trading system is reviewed positively by tens of thousands of users on TrustPilot and ForexPeaceArmy. At least 90% of the reviews allege that Bitcoin Champion is easy to use and highly lucrative. Some users claim generating up to 70% in daily profits.

The robot can supposedly turn an ordinary user with just USD250 in trading capital to a millionaire through compounding. Bitcoin Champion is a high-risk/high-return trading tool. This means that there is a potential of losing your investment capital. We find it wise to start small and plough back profits for growth.

What is Bitcoin Champion?

Bitcoin Champion is a powerful web-based auto-trading platform. The platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence to conduct BTC CFDs speculation on behalf of users.

Those who register with Bitcoin Champion reportedly enjoy the same level of profitability reported by the big banks. This is because the robot is supposedly highly accurate and applies high leverage to magnify returns.

No trading skill whatsoever is needed to trade with Bitcoin Champion. You only need to register, fund your account, and set it for auto-trading as instructed in the trading guide. Bitcoin Champion does all the trading research and order execution automatically.

Setting the trading account is simple and only takes a few minutes. You do not have to dedicate many hours to operating this trading robot. About twenty minutes daily are enough to set Bitcoin Champion for live trading.

Bitcoin Champion uses the AI subset of Machine Learning to adjust to changing market conditions. This means that its performance continues to improve as it interacts with data. CFDs trading involve betting on price swings without having to own the underlying asset.

Bitcoin Champion allegedly performs extremely well when the price swings are high. The BTC boom of 2021 is already pushing the demand for this trading robot up. There is a likelihood that Bitcoin Champion will suspend new registrations as demand continues to soar. Take advantage of the available slots by signing up now.

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How does Bitcoin Champion work?

Bitcoin Champion is a trading algorithm equipped with secret trading strategies. These strategies are reportedly used by big Wall Street hedge funds in stock and forex CFDs trading.

The founder of Bitcoin Champion is allegedly a former hedge fund manager and day trader. An algorithm is simply an automation of a set of instructions using code. The application of AI in algorithmic trading enhances accuracy.

An AI-driven algorithm can learn and improve itself as it interacts with data. Moreover, AI algorithms can analyze both quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data analysis in trading mostly involves chart analysis.

Chart analysis involves analyzing historical charts to determine patterns that are likely to repeat themselves in the market. On the other hand, qualitative data analysis mostly involves gleaning insights from news. News trading can be highly lucrative when conducted accurately and speedily.

Bitcoin Champion alleges to be 0.0001 seconds ahead of the markets. This means that it can take winning positions before the markets can factor in new information. While this trading robot is reportedly highly accurate, it isn’t risk-free.

Fully Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Robot

Our Rating

  • Trade the cryptocurrency markets in a passive manner
  • No one-time fee or monthly subscription
  • Claims a win rate of 90%
Your capital is at risk.

How to register and trade with Bitcoin Champion

Bitcoin Champion is currently available on a free license. The free license may end soon since the robot is in its final stages of the beta testing phase.

This trading system has been tested and proven to work. You should take advantage of the free license by registering immediately. Bitcoin Champion is only available in countries that allow retail CFDs trading.

Try the sign up here to determine if this robot is available in your country.

Register a free trading account

Signing up a trading account with Bitcoin Champion only takes a few minutes. We can confirm that the signup process is straightforward and safe.

Bitcoin Champion website is secured through RSA encryption to prevent data theft. The robot is also compliant with data protection measures, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We have analyzed tens of thousands of Bitcoin Champion reviews and didn’t find any safety-related complaints.

Deposit at least USD250 with the underlying broker

After signing up with Bitcoin Champion, you are matched with one of their partner brokers. The robot depends on these brokers as a link to exchanges. They are also mandated with processing transactions with clients.

Consequently, all deposits and withdrawals happen through them. We have conducted rigorous checks on these brokers, and they all seem well regulated. Partner broker regulation is enough proof of a robot’s commitment to clients’ safety.

Bitcoin Champion partner brokers support multiple deposit methods. You can make a bank transfer or use your debit or credit cards. The brokers may accept other deposit methods, including e-wallets and crypto-wallets.

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Test the robot using the demo account

You don’t need any special skill to run Bitcoin Champion. However, you must take time to understand its different functionalities to use it successfully.

The most important functionalities are risk control tools. Bitcoin Champion offers a demo to help you test these features and determine what suits your risk appetite. You must watch the 15 minutes trading tutorial video and practice on the demo before going live.

About an hour of demo practice is enough to get you fully prepared for a live session. You can always go back to the demo if not sure about any functionality.

Start a live session

Some of Bitcoin Champion users claim to earn profits from the first minute of using the robot. You should also try your luck by opening a live session.

Ensure that all settings are applied as instructed in the trading guide. Let the robot conduct trading uninterrupted for about 8 hours daily. Avoid trading overnight and during the weekends since exchanges are usually not opened then.

Bitcoin Champion allegedly offers immense profitability, but it also comes at significant risk. Users are advised to only deposit what they can afford to lose. We find it wise to start small and grow gradually by reinvesting daily earnings.

Fully Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Robot

Our Rating

  • Trade the cryptocurrency markets in a passive manner
  • No one-time fee or monthly subscription
  • Claims a win rate of 90%
Your capital is at risk.

Did Bitcoin Champion appear on the Dragons Den?

We have stumbled upon a Reddit thread alleging that Bitcoin Champion was pitched in the Dragons Den. The Dragons Den is a reality TV program aired in Canada and the UK and involves entrepreneurs pitching their products to Angel investors.

Bitcoin Champion hasn’t disclosed anything about its methods of raising financing. It’s therefore highly likely that the rumours are false.

Is Bitcoin Champion a scam – Final word!

We have taken a deep dive on Bitcoin Champion and confirmed that it’s a legit trading system. This trading robot has a great reputation all over the web.

It has been reviewed by thousands of users on platforms such as TrustPilot and experts on leading crypto publications.

You can try Bitcoin Champion now through the signup button below. Please note that bitcoin trading involves risk.

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Is Bitcoin Champion a scam?

No! We have investigated Bitcoin Champion and found enough evidence to suggest that it's legit. This trading system is reviewed positively by experts and users and has secured some quality partnerships in the industry.

How much does Bitcoin Champion make?

YBitcoin Champion has a supposed daily profitability rate of up to 70%. This ranks it among the most lucrative trading platforms in the market.

Does Bitcoin Champion offer a trading app?

Yes! You will receive the Bitcoin Champion app download link after signing up and funding your account with the required trading capital.