Anon System Review 2021: Is it a Scam? The Truth Revealed!


Anon System is a computer program said to automatically trade crypto CFDs for users at a high win rate. Users can reportedly earn daily profits of up to $800 by investing $250 only.

Anon System is currently among the top trending crypto-related subjects on Google. Its popularity is linked to the ongoing crypto craze. Anon System users are reportedly generating insane profits in the rising crypto volatility.

Some claim to generate a return on investment of up to 80% daily. But is Anon System a scam or is it trustworthy? As usual, our investigative team has conducted background checks on this platform to determine if it’s legit.

We conclude that Anon System is legit after analyzing tens of thousands of users’ feedback. This review also takes into account expert reviews on leading crypto publications. Read to the end for an in-depth look into Anon System.

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Very Impressive

  • Claims that the algorithm has a 90%+ trading accuracy with 'scalping' technique
  • Partners with brokers with the fastest execution
  • Start with as little as £/$250

Anon System Review Summary

You are probably here for a passive online income. Anon System is an automated trading system and hence doesn’t require any expertise to operate.

Moreover, you only need about twenty minutes daily to set up your account for trading. The robot does all the trading for you automatically. This means that you do not have to quit your day job or spend sleepless nights monitoring the markets.

Passive online income blogs have reviewed Anon System extensively. They all seem to agree that it’s the best tool for anyone looking for a hustle free online investment. You only need to sign up and invest at least USD250 in trading capital.

Anon System algorithms will do the trading research for you and implement high-quality signals. Even better, it will reportedly send hourly notifications to your mobile phone to update you on the progress.

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Anon System allows users to define the amount of risk they are willing to take per trade. Users can also automate withdrawals and reinvestments. Unlike most auto-trading systems, Anon System offers users up to ten free withdrawals per month.

We have analyzed over 20 thousand individual consumer reviews, and they indicate that this platform is profitable. Users can reportedly generate up to 70% in daily profits during high crypto volatility.  It’s reportedly possible to grow a $250 account to hundreds of thousands of dollars within months through compounding.

Anon System falls in the category of high-risk/return investment option. Consequently, users are advised to take extra precaution. High-risk investments should never take more than 10% of your savings.

What is Anon System?

Anon System is a platform where users can sign up anonymously to participate in automated trading.

An automated trading system is driven by intelligent computer programs that can analyze data at high accuracy and implement winning trades. Anon System trades crypto through a derivative known as a Contract for Difference (CFDs).

This type of derivatives allows traders to speculate on a tradable instrument’s price swings without having to own it. CFDs trading can be on stock, forex, commodities, market indices, and crypto.

Anon System exclusively offers crypto CFDs trading. You do not need to understand the concept behind CFDs trading to use this trading system successfully. This is because the Anon System is fully automated and doesn’t require any technical input.

Anon System applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to analyze huge data sets and glean highly accurate signals from them. The system does both technical and fundamental analysis at a supposed accuracy level of up to 90%.

Technical analysis is a trading technique that involves analyzing historical trading charts for price patterns that are likely to repeat. On the other hand, fundamental analysis involves scanning the internet for news that is likely to affect asset prices.

Anon System identifies these news and places trades 0.0001 seconds before the markets can respond.

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How does Anon System work?

Anon System trades through a list of robot brokers. The robot uses these brokers as its bridge to the markets.

Anon System conducts trading research and sends trading signals to its partner brokers for execution. The partner brokers are equipped with advanced order implementation systems to ensure instant execution.

This is paramount since it eliminates negative slippage. Anon System capitalizes on small price movements at high leverage, and hence a little negative slippage can result in devastating losses.

All deposits are handled by the underlying brokers given that they are the ones with a direct link to the markets. Moreover, brokers are authorized to collect deposits from the public. Anon System brokers are monitored by tier-one institutions such as the FCA.

Consequently, they must observe stringent client protection measures, including deposit segregation and insurance. They must also operate transparently given that they are subject to regular external audits as required by the regulator.

Anon System depends on its high-quality brokers to offer trading leverage of up to 5000:1. This leverage allows users to place huge orders at minimal capital.

Anon System Reviews – Why is this system so popular?

We have identified over 50,000 Anon System reviews on individual consumer feedback sites such as TrustPilot.

An analysis of these reviews reveals that most people are happy with the platform. Anon System is reportedly extremely profitable. Moreover, it’s easy to use even for people with no prior experience in trading.

Experts have also reviewed this trading system extensively. There are over 15 Anon System reviews on top crypto publications. Anon System has also reportedly been featured in popular mainstream media in Australia and the UK.

There are many, and long Anon System Reddit threads and they all affirm that it’s a lucrative trading platform.  Anon System popularity has also attracted a fair share of fake news, as explained below.

Anon System in the Shark Tank

The Shark Tank is a popular reality TV show aired in the US, the UK, and Australia. A viral Reddit post has claimed that Anon System was pitched in the Shark Tank US back in 2016.

However, we haven’t found any information linking this trading platform to the show. It’s therefore highly likely that the rumours are false.

Anon System in the Dragons Den

Some gossip blogs have also linked Anon System to Dragons Den UK. However, our background investigation finds no evidence to support these claims.

Anon System is a popular brand in the UK, but there is little proof that they have made disclosures on their capital raising methods.

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Anon System in This Morning

This Morning is a TV program aired on ITV and hosted by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. Some social media posts alleging that Holly Willoughby has discussed Anon System in the program.

However, there is no proof of these claims. Crypto-related subjects have indeed been discussed in the show, but Anon System is not among them.

Anon System discloses all the information you need to make an informed choice on its website. Avoid fake celebrity gossip by visiting the official Anon System website here.

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Very Impressive

  • Claims that the algorithm has a 90%+ trading accuracy with 'scalping' technique
  • Partners with brokers with the fastest execution
  • Start with as little as £/$250

Getting Started with Anon System

Anon System offers a highly intuitive and easy to use trading platform. As mentioned earlier, this trading system is entirely automated.

This means that no skill is needed to trade with this system successfully. Simply sign up, as explained below and start a live trading session.

Please note that Anon System is only accessible in countries that support retail CFDs trading. This trading system is free for all users.

  1.     Visit Anon System official website by clicking here. Create an account using the provided sign up form. Verify personal details through the matched robot broker.
  2.     Fund your Anon System account through the matched robot broker. The minimum trading capital is USD250.
  3.     Familiarize with the Anon System trading system through the provided demo account. Ensure that you have watched the trading guide video.
  4.     Set the risk parameters and open a live trading session as instructed in the trading guide.

Anon System Review – The Verdict!

We have investigated this trading platform thoroughly and concluded that it’s legit. Anon System is also likely to be profitable given the great reviews from users.

No trading skill is needed to use this platform successfully. Sign up and follow the provided trading instructions to start a live trading session.

Anon System could be extremely profitable, but it isn’t risk-free. There is a likelihood of losing your capital when trading with it. We recommend that you start small and observe all the provided risk reduction measures.

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Is Anon System worthwhile?

Anon System seems legit and worthwhile. There are tens of thousands of individual consumer reviews alleging that this platform is profitable.

How much should I invest with Anon System?

You need a minimum trading capital of USD250 to trade with Anon System. You can deposit more but always remember that there is a risk in crypto trading.

How do I withdraw profits from Anon System?

Fill the request form as directed and wait for up to five hours for the transaction to be processed. This trading platform doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees.