Big Money Rush Review 2023: Is it a Reputable Trading System?



Service for copy trading.


High profitable signals.


24/7 cryptocurrency trading.


10 minute setup with significant benefits.


79% Success rate.


Up to 40 trades per month.


Monthly subscriptions begin at £58.


You have probably come across the many great Big Money Rush reviews on the internet. Thousands of people seem to be making mouthwatering profits through this auto-trading system.

Big Money Rush has been around since 2019 and is one of the most reviewed crypto trading robots today. This system reportedly makes money from bitcoin and other cryptos through arbitrage trading.


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  • Excellent accuracy rate with automated trades
  • 4.5 rating on Trustpilot
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All tradings carries risk.


Big Money Rush is a powerful news-trading tool. Many users are coming forward and claiming to use it to ride the Elon Musk driven bitcoin wave. But is Big Money Rush legit, and is there evidence of its supposed profitability?

We have investigated Big Money Rush and prepared a comprehensive review for you. You will find everything you need to know about this trading bot below.

Key Points to note about Big Money Rush

Big Money Rush qualifies as highly reputable and legit. We have analyzed substantial data to conclude that it’s trustworthy, safe, and has a proven track record.

Big Money Rush runs on autopilot and is therefore extremely beginner-friendly. Most of its users do not have any professional trading background. Moreover, top passive online income blogs are reviewing it as the best tool for investing online.

Big Money Rush automates all trading, and hence users with tight daily schedules can still use it. You only need to set aside twenty minutes daily to set it for trading.

Ten minutes are for setting up your account at the beginning of a session and ten minutes for closing the trading session after 8 hours of trading. Experts recommend running Big Money Rush during high market volatility.

The EDT time zone is recommended due to the volatility resulting from live trading on Wall Street. Big banks and hedge funds in Wall Street trade crypto derivatives worth billions of dollars daily. Heavy derivatives trading is a major boost to the overall industry volatility.

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Big Money Rush offers users a transparent and safe trading environment. The bot runs on the DLT, and therefore all transactions are posted on a public ledger. This makes it possible for participants to monitor their accounts.

Big money Rush website is secured through 128-bit encryption. This level of encryption offers protection against many forms of data theft.

What is Big Money Rush?

Big Money Rush is an automated crypto trading service launched in 2019 by the Big Money Rush Avis Company.

The Big Money Rush trading software reportedly allows ordinary investors to ride crypto volatility easily and at insane profitability. You don’t need any skill to run Big Money Rush successfully.

This is because it’s programmed to trade automatically. Big Money Rush applies strategies such as short selling to speculate on falling prices. Moreover, it applies the scalping technique to place up to 50 trades per minute.

The scalping technique is popular with sophisticated traders on Wall Street. Big Money Rush is the first to bring this highly profitable trading technique to the masses. You don’t pay a dime to trade with Big Money Rush.

This is surprising since most of its competitors charge thousands of dollars in registration and account maintenance fees. The only charge you will pay with Big Money Rush is a 2% commission on any profitable trade. You won’t pay anything until you start making money.

Over 15 brokers back big Money Rush. These brokers connect this trading bot to the world’s best liquidity pools. They are purely ECN and therefore offer highly competitive spreads. Don’t worry if you are new to trading and do not know how brokers operate.

Big Money Rush automates the whole trading process, and therefore you don’t need any trading skill to use it.

Why Trade with Big Money Rush?

Bitcoin has been on a free fall in the few days following a tweet by Elon Musk that Tesla will no longer accept BTC payments.

In the last 24 hours, BTC has plummeted from above $55,000 to $41,000 before rebounding and settling at around $46,000. This insane volatility is not unexpected for those who have been in the industry for long enough.

Bitcoin is the world most volatile asset today. The high volatility makes it extremely risky for investors looking to buy low and sell high. As explained above, BTC can gain or lose by thousands of dollars within hours.

The best way to trade bitcoin today is through volatility trading systems such as Big Money Rush. Volatility trades involve placing bets on both the rise and fall of prices. This makes it possible to profit even when the prices are falling.

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Big Money Rush applies complex short-selling strategies to make money from falling prices. The bot has a supposed success rate of 88%. This means that the chances of generating profits with it are extremely high.

But this shouldn’t be perceived as a guarantee for profitability. There is a huge likelihood of trading to zero in a single miscalculated move.

Advantages of trading with Big Money Rush

Big Money Rush comes with a lot of benefits over the traditional ways of investing in crypto. These benefits are explained in details below.

  • Big Money Rush is reviewed by many as the most profitable bitcoin trading system in 2021. Many users have come forward and disclosed their mouthwatering profits. We have analyzed these reviews and concluded that they are authentic.
  • Big Money Rush is extremely easy to operate. You should be able to use this trading platform even if you have never participated in trading before. Big Money Rush utilizes AI algorithms to automate the whole trading process.
  • Your deposit is safe with Big Money Rush since it works through highly reputable brokers. These brokers operate under the scrutiny of the world top regulatory bodies. Most Big Money Rush partner brokers are regulated in over ten jurisdictions.
  • With Big Money Rush, you get to enjoy 24/7 customer service. You can reach out via live chat on their website or phone. They are also highly responsive on their social media pages. Big Money Rush customer support works in collaboration with those of the underlying brokers.

There are high chances that you will hit the home run with Big Money Rush, but you could also lose money. Try your luck now by visiting the official Big Money Rush website here.


Try Big Money Rush

Our Rating

  • Excellent accuracy rate with automated trades
  • 4.5 rating on Trustpilot
  • Start with as little as $/£250
All tradings carries risk.


Is Big Money Rush legit? Final word!

We find Big Money Rush legit and potentially profitable. This trading robot attracts a lot of attention lately as more users continue to review it as highly profitable.

Many experts review big Money Rush as the most advanced crypto trading tool in 2021. The majority of experts agree that it’s profitable, easy to use, and less risky than the traditional ways of investing in crypto.

Big Money Rush is also highly rated by users, with some claiming to make good profits within a short time of using it. Moreover, most are happy with how easy it is to operate. You can trade with Big Money Rush successfully, even if you have never traded before.

But even with the high success rate associated with this trading system, there is still a high likelihood of losing money. Crypto speculation is categorized among the high risk/high return investments. You need a high-risk threshold to trade with Big Money Rush.

Starting small and reinvesting profits for growth is always recommended with all high-risk investments.

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Is Big Money Rush a con?

No! Big Money Rush is not a con. We have investigated it didn’t find any red flags to suggest that it’s not what it claims to be. Big Money Rush is

How much does Big Money Rush cost?

Big Money Rush is free now, but a fee may be reintroduced shortly due to the growing demand. It's, therefore, a good idea to grab the opportunity and signup now.

Does Big Money Rush charge hidden fees?

No! Big Money Rush doesn’t charge any other fees apart from the 2% commission on any profitable trade. Broker fees apply in terms of competitive spreads.

How do I withdraw money from Big Money Rush?

Navigate to the funds' management page on the trading dashboard and click the withdrawal link. You will need to fill a withdrawal form provided by the broker. Wait for up to 8 hours for funds to process.

Is Big Money Rush a safe platform?

Yes! Big Money Rush is safe. We find it to adhere to strict data privacy measures in all its areas of operation. Its website is secured through top-level encryption to prevent data theft.