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CFDs stand for ‘Contract for Difference’ and is a type of investment trading strategy. This type of trading is very common among the financially independent who are looking to avoid the common stockbroker and costly middlemen of the traditional financial landscape. There are key differences between CFD trading and traditional investing; here are several benefits to this trading strategy as well as, where to safely trade CFDs online.

What is Traditional Investing?

When one talks about the stock market and investing, they more than likely are referring to the pre-internet-boom era of stockbrokers and Wall Street. Traditional investing, simply put, is buying securities and shares with the hope that the company will grow significantly over (commonly) an extended period of years.

This investment strategy is often more long-term with investors expecting to resell their shares in the future for notable profits or earn through dividends that the company pays out quarterly or yearly.

What is CFD Trading?

CFD brokers offer direct access to the same markets that traditional investors engage with however, a CFD trade does not provide the trader with ownership of the stock or security they are investing in. When you execute a Contract for Difference with a broker, you are essentially betting that the price will change either up or down and the broker places the trade on your behalf.

The ‘Contract’ in this case is between the buyer and the seller and states that the buyer must pay the difference in price between the value at the time the contract was opened and the value at the time of closing the trade.

Benefits of CFD Trading

While there are pros and cons to both types of investing, here are several great benefits to CFD trading:

Leverage Trading

Some brokers offer impressively high leveraged-trading options, across a variety of different financial markets. Leverage trading allows investors an opportunity to gain greater market exposure with less upfront capital, at a ratio outlined by the broker.

Global Market Access

CFD Brokers offer a unique vantage in that you are able to access a range of international markets from different geopolitical locations, all in one convenient location.

Shorting Your Trades

There are certain investment firms that do not allow for shorting however, with CFD trading you can short a stock or asset and still earn, regardless of investor sentiment and market health.

Low Commission and No Hidden Fees

Every broker will have their own policy set up regarding how they make money however, in most cases, brokers offering CFDs will allow trading on a commission basis and do not charge for depositing or withdrawing your funds, nor do they charge extra for using tools such as stops and limit orders.

Range of Assets Available

There are many different aspects to trading and this includes which sector you are investing in. CFD brokers usually offer a wide variety of different asset types with possible leverage. Enjoy trading on forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, futures, commodities and stocks, to name just a few.

Day Trading, Hedging and Scalping

This is something that is decided by each CFD Broker but often you will find there are little to no restrictions with these trading strategies. You are able to day trade, hedge or scalp with CFD brokers, as they usually do not place any limits on the number of order executions that can be made in a single day.

Looking to Trade CFDs?

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What platform does LonghornFX use?

LonghornFX partners with the widely acclaimed, award-winning MetaTrader4 terminal. MetaTrader4 is an advanced trading system, designed for contemporary, professional and beginner traders. The internationally awarded platform offers various trading tools such as technical analysis, trading signals as well as the use of electronic assistants also known as ‘Bots’.

Clients are able to trade anywhere, any time. MT4 is compatible with web browsers, laptops, desktops and mobile devices and is iOS and Android friendly. Take advantage of rapid order executions and over 2000 free indicators with this prudent partnership.

Why Choose LonghornFX?

LonghornFX has lightning-fast, reliable and instant order executions. The revolutionary broker also offers some of the tightest spreads available and well over 170 assets to invest in. Choose professionalism and benefit from trading on the award-winning MT4 platform with no dealing desk; all orders are processed straight through an aggregator; thus, you have instant order execution speeds and the tightest spreads available.

LonghornFX and Learn 2 Trade

Stay on top of your investments and never miss an opportunity to enter a trade at the price you want; or exit quickly when the price turns. Not only do we offer free signals, but with Learn 2 Trade you have access to comprehensive trading guides, breaking market and investment news and all the tools required to start your trading journey with your strongest foot forward.

Simply sign up with LonghornFX, make your first deposit of $250 and you can then immediately feel the reward of trading on a large range of stocks, forex, indices, metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies and futures with free signals for an entire year from Learn 2 Trade. Should you require any assistance while setting up your account or during your trading activity, LonghornFX offers their customers 24/7 support via Live Chat, Email or a call-back.

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