Is Oil Profit a Fake or Legit Trading App? Find out here!



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Oil Profit has reportedly helped thousands of users get rich speculating on oil volatility. But what is it, how does it work, and is it legit?

Oil Profit is a web-based trading platform for automated oil CFDs trading. The system is 100% automated and, therefore, easy to use for complete beginners. Many users review oil Profit as insanely profitable.

Some of the users report making their first $1 million through this trading bot. Oil Profit is also hailed as the best platform for investing in oil with little money. You only need a trading capital of as little as USD250 to get started.

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  • Claims that the algorithm has a 90%+ trading accuracy with 'scalping' technique
  • Partners with brokers with the fastest execution
  • Start with as little as £/$250
All tradings carries risk.

But is Oil Profit a fake trading robot, or is it legit? We have investigated this trading bot thoroughly and concluded that it’s legit. Moreover, this platform is equipped with top-level encryption measures to protect your data.

Let’s take a deep dive on Oil Profit to determine if it’s worth an investment.

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Oil Profit Review – Key Points!

Oil Profit is also a highly reputable trading platform. Thousands of clients have reviewed it positively on platforms such as TrustPilot.

We are also amazed to find over 5 Oil Profit Reddit threads. Each of the threads has hundreds of comments. Reddit is a very important platform for the trading community. Despite being a few months old, Oil Profit is top-rated on this platform.

It seems that Oil Profit generates a daily profit of up to 70%. The higher the oil volatility, the more money you can supposedly make with this bot.

We are also surprised to see that some Oil Profit users have already earned over a million dollars through the bot. A daily profitability rate of 70% can grow a $250 account to $1 million within a year when all profits are reinvested.

The high profitability is also possible through the 5000:1 leverage provided by Oil Profit partner brokers. We will offer a layman’s definition of leverage later in this review.

Oil Profit is easy to use, given that it runs on autopilot. No trading skills whatsoever are required to trade on a fully automated trading system. You may find a lot of trading lingo in this review, but this shouldn’t scare you away from this platform.

Oil Profit trades oil through CFDs. A CFD (Contract for Difference) is a derivative for volatility trading.

Is Oil Profit a fake or legit system?

There are many scam auto-trading systems out there, and it’s important to make sure that Oil Profit is legit.

We have investigated it for you and found enough evidence in support of its legitimacy. A legit trading system should operate transparently and have a good reputation. Oil Profit transparency is evident through its partnership with top brokers.

These brokers observe strict regulatory guidelines as stipulated by globally respected regulatory bodies. Oil Profit partner brokers are said to be FCA, ASIC, and CySEC regulated. All auto-trading systems must connect to a broker to access liquidity.

Moreover, trading bots aren’t registered as deposit-taking institutions. This means that they must operate through deposit-taking institutions to collect deposits. You will automatically get assigned to a regulated broker after signing up with Oil Profit.

As explained above, Oil Profit is highly reputable. Some expert reviews allege that Oil Profit is the most reviewed auto-trading system on the internet. Surprisingly, it was founded a few months ago and had already supposedly helped some users earn their first $1 million.

There is enough evidence to support Oil Profit profitability. A thorough analysis of users’ feedback shows that it’s possible to lose money via this platform. The likelihood of making losses is little, but it’s there nonetheless.

It’s not very smart to put all your savings on one investment. Oil Profit or related projects should never take more than 10% of your savings. Consult a financial advisor if not sure about how much you should invest with this trading system.

Key features of the Oil Profit trading system

Oil Profit is a computer program that trades oil CFDs. As mentioned earlier, CFDs are financial derivatives that allow you to trade an asset’s volatility without needing to own it.

CFDs are popular across nearly all asset classes, including stock, market indices, crypto, and other commodities. Oil CFDs are reportedly the most lucrative in 2021, given the high market volatility.

Oil prices have been on a rollercoaster for years as OPEC and the US continue to fight over price control. The volatility is bound to keep rising as the global uncertainty continues to rise due to the Covid19-triggered recession.

Oil Profit offers the best opportunity to trade this volatility. The features explained below are what make this trading system worthwhile.

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Oil Profit News Trading Tool

News trading involves identifying breaking news and placing bets based on predicting how they will affect volatility.

Oil Profit is arguably the most advanced news trading robot in all asset classes. This trading system relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to capture and capitalise on breaking news. The subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) is responsible for detecting and capitalising on news.

Oil Profit can detect news within a microsecond of posting and generate highly accurate signals. It’s said to have a win rate of up to 90%. This is the best you can get in the entire auto-trading industry.

Oil Profit price trends trading tool

The Oil Profit trends trading feature involves the robot’s AI algorithms studying oil price historical charts to identify tradable trends.

Tradable price trends are those with a likelihood of repeating. Oil Profit supposedly identifies these trends with a 90% accuracy level. This implies that nine out of ten trading signals generated from the price charts are accurate.

Technical or price analysis is popular in both manual and automated trading. In manual trading, platforms such as the MT4 offer a myriad of price analysis tools. The MT4 offers over 24 analytical objects.

However, a lot of trading experience is required to analyse price trends manually. Moreover, the tools are not as accurate as the Oil Profit algorithms. This is because they do not have what it takes to analyse big data.

Big data analysis is at the core of a successful trading approach. The speed at which trading bots such as Oil Profit analyse market data makes them more lucrative.

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  • Claims that the algorithm has a 90%+ trading accuracy with 'scalping' technique
  • Partners with brokers with the fastest execution
  • Start with as little as £/$250
All tradings carries risk.

Oil Profit Review 2021 – The Verdict!

We have conducted an in-depth background check on Oil Profit and found it to be legit. This trading system operates transparently.

Moreover, it trades through highly reputable brokers. These brokers link it to liquidity providers and clients. The underlying broker processes any money deposited via the Oil Profit website.

Users, therefore, have a full guarantee of the safety of their deposits.  Oil Profit is highly reviewed by individual clients as well as experts. The reviews are generally positive. This bot is rated highly on performance, customer service, transparency, and ease of use.

You can try your luck with Oil Profit via the steps explained below.

  • Visit the official Oil Profit website and create an account. Complete the signup via the linked broker.
  • Deposit trading capital via the assigned broker. You need at least USD250 to start trading with Oil Profit.
  • Prepare for live trading by watching the 15-minute Oil Profit tutorial video and testing your understanding on the demo.
  • Set Oil Profit as per the guide and open a live trading session.

Oil Profit could be a money minting machine, but it isn’t risk-free. Never invest all your savings in a single investment. Oil Profit should only take a small portion of your savings.

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How do I invest in oil with little money?

Oil Profit offers an opportunity to make good money off oil volatility. You need as little as USD250 to start. If luck is on your side, then you will be able to grow this small investment into fortunes within months.

How much do I pay for Oil Profit?

You won’t pay a dime to sign up with Oil Profit. Grab the free signup slot since it may not last for very long. The minimum trading balance required to trade with Oil Profit is $250.

How do I download the Oil Profit app?

After completing the signup on the Oil Profit website, you will be taken to the trading resources page. Download the app via the link on the bottom right corner of the page. You can also check the introduction email for the download link.

Is Oil Profit regulated?

Oil Profit is indirectly regulated through its partner brokers. These brokers handle all financial transactions on the platform. Users, therefore, have an assurance of the safety of their funds.