How to invest in physical gold online



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In times of economic uncertainty, investors will typically flock to stores of value like gold. This sentiment has never been more fitting when you consider the wider economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The good news is that you no longer need to invest in gold via the traditional channel – purchasing physical coins, bars, or jewelry that is. 

Instead, you can now complete the process at the click of a button from the comfort of your home. 

This article explores how to invest in physical gold online in 2021. 

The old way of investing in gold

In a time not so long ago, investing in gold as an ‘Average Joe’ was somewhat cumbersome. 

In fact, unless you had a substantial amount of capital to go through a conventional broker, you would need to purchase physical gold in the traditional sense. 

That is to say, you would need to make the purchase at a physical location, hand over cash, and then store the gold yourself at home. 

This latter point was particularly problematic for several reasons. For example, storing a valuable asset like gold at home is a major security risk. 

Should the worst happen and your home was burgled, there would be little chance of you recovering your gold. 

And of course, as a precious metal, gold needs to be stored in institutional-grade vaults to protect and retain its full value.   

Crucially, when it came around to selling your golds back to cash, you would once again need to go through the traditional channel of visiting a physical store. 

You would have no option but to sell the full amount, bearing in mind the physical nature of gold.  

The new way of investing in gold

Fast forward to 2021 and the fundamentals of how to invest in gold could not be easier. This is because you can now complete the process online without needing to leave your home. 

For example, the likes of Gold Avenue allow you to set up an account and purchase gold in less than 5 minutes. All you need is an instant payment method such as a Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card. 

After that, you then have the option of having your gold shipped directly to your door. However, for the reasons mentioned earlier, storing gold at home isn’t the best option on the table. 

This is because platforms like Gold Avenue allow you to safely store your gold within a secured, 100% insured Switzerland-based vault. 

This means that you can invest in the future value of gold without needing to worry about storage, theft, or damage. 

Investing in gold is now 100% liquid

Perhaps one of the most pressing benefits of buying gold online through a trusted broker is that your investment is no longer illiquid. 

On the contrary, you can usually sell your gold back to the broker in question at the click of a button.  

In fact, if you were to complete the process with Gold Avenue, not only can you sell your gold investment without paying any commission – but you will be doing so at the current spot rate. 

This simply wouldn’t be possible when buying and storing physical gold in the traditional sense. 

But, when opting for an online broker, all you need to do is log in to your account, select the amount of gold that you wish to sell – and the transaction should be executed within a matter of seconds.  

The Verdict?

The age of digitalization has finally brought the investment scene to everyday citizens. In the case of precious metals like gold, never before has it been so easy to invest online. 

All you need to is trusted online broke alongside an accepted payment method – and you’re good to go. 

You can then elect to have your gold delivered or better yet – keep it in the secured vault offered by the broker.

Best of all, when you eventually get around to cashing out your gold investment – the process can be completed in just a few clicks.