Crypto Method Trading System Review 2021: Is it a scam?


If you are looking for an easy and extremely profitable way to invest in crypto, then Crypto Method could be your best bet.

This trading system is reportedly making users rich through AI-driven automated trading. For the record, automated trading involves the system conducting all the trading functions on behalf of the user.

Fully Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Robot


  • Trade the cryptocurrency markets in a passive manner
  • No one-time fee or monthly subscription
  • Claims a win rate of 94%

Consequently, anyone can use it, given that no skill is required to run it. But is Crypto Method a scam or a legit platform? Our trading robots review team has conducted background checks on this trading tool and prepared a kickass review to help you decide.

It would be great to read this review of Crypto Method to the end before signing up.

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Crypto Method Review Summary

This trading platform helps you speculate on crypto easily and at a high claimed win rate.  It’s said to offer the most profitable way to trade crypto in 2021.

Crypto Method seems popular, given the high-level media coverage and thousands of individual clients’ reviews. This trading bot is heavily reviewed on TrustPilot, with over 10,000 reviews and a rating of 4.5/5.

It’s arguably the most reviewed trading system on this platform. There are also multiple Crypto Method Reddit threads, each with thousands of comments. Reddit is an important resource centre for the trading community.

Experts also review Crypto Method highly, with some claiming that it’s the next big thing in 2021. Several reviews on high traffic crypto publications have claimed that Crypto Method offers the most profitable way to invest in crypto today.

Regarding safety, this trading system is secured through AES encryption to prevent data leaks. It also observes the GDPR data privacy measures. Users also have a guarantee of deposit safety since Crypto Methods operate through high-quality brokers.

The type of brokers that a trading system partners with says a lot about it. Trustworthy trading systems only work with reputable and regulated brokers.

Crypto Method has reportedly helped tens of thousands of users gain insane wealth through crypto trading. But even with the high win rate, it still comes with the risks associated with leveraged volatility trading. Invest wisely!

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What is Crypto Method?

The growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken automation to new heights, with automated systems performing complex tasks better than humans.

Automation is taking over most industries, but most disruptions are being experienced in the financial sector.

Today, computer programs can perform both trading and investment at extremely high profitability rates. For the record, investment is for the long term, while trading capitalizes on short term price movements.

Popular investment systems (robo-advisors) include Betterment, Robin Hood, WealthFront, and soFi Invest. These are for long term investment and are mostly available for clients in the US and the UK.

On the other hand, Trading robots could generate extremely high profits within a short period, albeit at increased risk. Crypto Method is one of the most popular trading robots for crypto. Insanely powerful AI-based algorithms drive it.

These algorithms perform all the technical aspects of trading, including trading research and execution. AI-driven trading research involves charts, analysis and news trading. Charts analysis involves Crypto Method gleaning insights from price trends on historical price charts.

News trading, on the other hand, involves the trading system scanning the internet for volatility-driving news. Crypto Method is reportedly the most profitable tool to trade Elon Musk Bitcoin Tweets.

How does Crypto Method work?

Crypto Method is a computer program equipped with algorithms capable of conducting trading research and order execution automatically.

Investopedia defines an algorithm as a set of instructions for solving a problem or accomplishing a task. Algo-trading involves coding a set of trading strategies into a trading app that can automatically perform trading on behalf of users.

Crypto Method is only available on web-version but can install Android/iOS devices as an HTML5 app. You need to sign up with this trading system to access the web-trader and the link to download the hybrid app.

Crypto Method is an AI-driven trading system and is among the most advanced crypto trading systems today. There are less than ten AI-driven trading robots for crypto, and nearly all are unaffordable to the general public.

Crypto Method is free, and only a little capital investment (at least $250) is required to trade with it. As mentioned earlier, some of its users have managed to generate fortunes from such small investment.

Please note that the supposed profitability rate doesn’t imply that trading with this platform is risk-free. Crypto trading, especially on high leverage, involves high risk. We do not recommend trading with more than you can afford to risk.

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Signing up with Crypto Method

Crypto Method is accessible in most countries, but you may not be able to register with it if you are in a country that prohibits retail CFDs trading.

The US and a few other countries do not support CFDs trading. Nearly all countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, and Africa support CFDs trading. Try registering with Crypto Method here to determine if it works in your country.

Registration should be easy, fast, and safe. Crypto Method will assign you a broker after the registration.

Fund your trading account

You need a seed capital of USD250 or more to trade with Crypto Method. Please note that Crypto Method relies on its partner brokers to facilitate all transactions.

We haven’t found any complaints regarding deposits and withdrawals. You can fund your account through a bank transfer or any internationally accepted debit/credit card.

Some of the brokers may support other methods, including well-known e-wallets and crypto-wallets. The brokers’ process deposits instantly and for free. You are allowed up to 10 free withdrawals each month.

Trade on a demo account

Test Crypto Method through its demo before going live. The demo is equipped with all trading features present in the live account.

Moreover, it comes with a virtual trading capital of $10,000 and simulates real market situations by backtesting historical data. You need to read the Crypto Method settings guide before trading on the demo.

Also, take the risk appetite test to determine the level of risk per trade to apply in your account. Crypto Method assigns all clients a dedicated account manager to walk with them through the trading setting process.

Start a live session

Crypto Method is easy to use even for the complete beginner. The setting and trading process is quite straightforward, especially after the demo.

Trading is fully automated, and hence you can continue with your daily business as Crypto Method works for you. Please ensure that you switch it off at the close of the trading day to avoid incurring rollover costs.

Trading experts recommend trading from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT. This timeframe brings a lot of crypto volatility and hence high profitability potential.

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Crypto Method news trading feature

Experts hail this trading system as the best for news trading in 2021. Crypto Method has gone viral in the last few months, given the impact of news on crypto volatility.

It’s said to have helped tens of thousands of users generate crazy profits from the volatility resulting from Tesla announcing a $150 billion in bitcoin.

Crypto Method is arguably the best tool to trade Elon Musk Bitcoin Tweets. Musk is currently the most influential person in the crypto industry. His sentiments are known to drive crypto volatility to its heights.

Crypto Method follows over 500 highly influential celebrities on social media to identify and trade their sentiments.

Fully Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Robot


  • Trade the cryptocurrency markets in a passive manner
  • No one-time fee or monthly subscription
  • Claims a win rate of 94%

Is Crypto Method legit? Final word!

We have investigated Crypto Method, and it seems legit and could be profitable in highly volatile crypto markets.

Crypto Method has reportedly helped a lot of users gain financial freedom. Some claim to earn their first $1 million through this trading bot.

We haven’t done a live test on Crypto Method and hence cannot confirm the accuracy of these claims. However, given the many positive user reviews, there is a high likelihood that Crypto Method is legit.

Try your luck with Crypto Method by signing up through the link below.


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Is Crypto Method legit?

Crypto Method seems legit, given its excellent reputation with users. It's also hailed as a revolution trading system by experts.

How much does Crypto Method cost?

Crypto Method is free. You don't need to pay any registration or account management fees to trade with it.

Is Crypto Method profitable?

Most Crypto Method reviews out there claim that it’s insanely profitable. Some clients have reportedly earned their first $1 million through this bot.