BitQT Review 2020: Is it as Profitable as Some Reviews Claim? Let’s See…

BitQT Review 2020: Is it as Profitable as Some Reviews Claim? Let’s See…

BitQT is an AI-powered auto-trading system for trading bitcoin CFDs. The system is said to offer the most profitable and yet easy way to invest in bitcoin.

It’s highly popular, ranking number two on Google trends and with over 50k reviews on TrustPilot. BitQT is also widely covered by the media in the UK, Australia, and North America. Expert reviews on leading crypto publications also rate it highly.

But is BitQT a worthy investment? You will find detailed answers in this review. Read on to learn about BitQT features and tips to succeed with it.

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  • Start with as little as $/£250
  • Reportedly 70%+ of users are profitable
  • Leveraged trading and demo accounts available
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All trading carries risk.

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    BitQT Review Overview

    BitQT is reportedly the most profitable online investment tool in 2020. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make losses when trading with it.

    It’s a general principle of investment that high returns also come with high risk. Do not deposit more than you can afford to lose. 

    BitQT is an automated trading system, and hence no specific skill is needed to trade with it. The trading lingo used here should not scare you away from this robot. As stated in the introduction, this trading system is popular with passive online investors.

    bitqt reviewIt’s widely reviewed on online income blogs with most rating it as the most profitable online investment opportunity of 2020. BitQT is the 2020 winner of the prestigious and highly competitive Best AI Trading Robot award.

    This award attracts thousands of competitors, including leading investment banks and hedge funds. Only high-quality trading platforms make it to the top ten on the final list. BitQT has emerged number one this year and number 2 last year.

    Most of its close competitors are offered by big investment banks and are not affordable to ordinary people. BitQT, on the other hand, is free for all. You only need the minimum trading capital of $250 to trade with this system.

    BitQT deducts a 2% commission on any profits you generate through the system. There are no charges for unprofitable accounts. BitQT partner brokers offer the ECN trading approach and hence charge competitive spreads starting from as low as 0 pips.

    Key Points to note About BitQT

    We have investigated BitQT, and it appears legit and perhaps highly profitable. Advanced auto-trading technologies power this trading system.

    These technologies are said to bring about high accuracy and profitability. A typical BitQT user can generate up to $1500 daily by investing $250 and running the robot for 8 hours daily.

    BitQT users can reportedly make up to $1 million by ploughing back profits. We have analyzed over 20k BitQT reviews, and at least 70% of users allege that it’s profitable. At least 10% have reportedly earned $1 million or more in the last year.

    bitqt featuresYou would need to invest at least $500 and plough back not less than 60% of your daily returns to hit the $1 million mark in less than a year. As mentioned above, BitQT trades Bitcoin CFDs. Investopedia defines a Contract for Difference (CFD) as a financial contract that pays the differences in the settlement price between the open and closing trades.

    In other words, traders get to bet on price swings without having to hold the underlying asset. Speculating on Bitcoin through CFDs is easier than buying it manually. BitQT applies HFT trading techniques to generate huge profits from small market movements.

    Also worth noting this trading system works through some of the leading robot brokers in the market. Robot brokers’ roles in auto-trading include placing orders in the market as instructed by the robot. BitQT brokers have powerful order implementation systems to ensure instant order execution.

    Getting started with BitQT

    BitQT is a trading system for all users looking for easy and profitable ways to make money online. The robot was launched five years ago and has reportedly helped thousands of users gain financial freedom.

    Follow the step by step guide below to sign up and start trading bitcoin through the BitQT system.

    Register a free account

    BitQT is free for those who manage to secure a registration slot. The platform receives thousands of registration requests daily.

    Registration slots are opened momentarily, and hence you must check for opportunities now and then. You will be redirected to one of BitQT brokers’ pages during this step to verify ID.

    Remember that BitQT relies on these brokers as an intermediary to the markets. The robot relays signals to the brokers for execution. This explains why all transactions must go through the broker.

    Deposit at least USD250

    You need to fund your BitQT account with at least $250 to start trading. You can deposit through debit/credit card or wire transfer.

    Some of BitQT partner brokers also support e-wallets and crypto-wallets. Deposits through bank transfer and debit and credit cards are free. Some financial institutions may charge a small fee for facilitating transactions.

    Trade on a demo account

    The BitQT demo account equips you with the skills to run the live platform. While all trading with this platform is automated, you must adjust the risk control settings manually.

    The BitQT trading instructions guide should direct you on how to go about this. Test different levels of risk on the demo to determine what works best for you. BitQT demo runs on real market data to create a real simulation of live trading.

    Start a live trading session

    Trading with BitQT shouldn’t be hard if you have invested enough time on the demo. As mentioned earlier, BitQT is completely beginner-friendly. No skill whatsoever is required to invest through this platform successfully.

    Adjust the Negative Balance Protection, Take Profit and Stop Loss features as directed and go live. Leave BitQT to trade for up to 8 hours daily without interruption.

    bitqt deposit calculatorBitQT App in the Mainstream Media

    This trading system has appeared in over 15 popular TV programs in the UK, Australia, and North America.

    It’s also widely covered in crypto review platforms. But did it appear on the Shark Tank and the Dragons Den? Background checks on BitQT App reveal that it’s owned by a billion-dollar conglomerate known as BitQT International Group.

    The Shark Tank and Dragons Den only offer funding to startups, not billion-dollar companies. Consequently, it’s unlikely that BitQT has appeared in any of these shows.

    Is BitQT a legit trading system? Final word!

    We have investigated BitQT, and it seems legit. Both users and experts review this trading system as a great money-making tool for passive online investment.

    At least 70% of BitQT users reportedly make money compared to only 20% in manual trading. BitQT runs on autopilot and is therefore completely easy to operate even for those with no trading background at all.

    Moreover, it’s safer than the traditional way of buying crypto, given that it doesn’t involve crypto wallets and crypto exchanges. There are numerous instances of hacking on major crypto exchanges, including Kukoin and Bitfinex.

    Trading with BitQT doesn’t involve the physical buying and selling of bitcoin. This means that the risk of getting your crypto holdings is eliminated. It also involves profiting off volatility rather than price appreciation.

    This means that volatility is more important than price increase when trading with BitQT. A bitcoin boom is building up in 2020, and hence there are immense opportunities to make insane profits with BitQT. Register below and start trading right away.

    Try out BitQT For Free (Recommended)


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    • Start with as little as $/£250
    • Reportedly 70%+ of users are profitable
    • Leveraged trading and demo accounts available
    bitqt logo
    All trading carries risk.


    How much should I deposit with BitQT?

    You can start with as little as USD250. The more you are willing to risk, the higher the return. BitQT is reportedly highly profitable, but still, there is a possibility of the markets going against your account and resulting in devastating losses.

    How much can I make in a day?

    BitQT can allegedly earn profits worth up to five times the trading capital in a day of trading. Profitability is determined by how much is invested, the level of risk per trade applied, and the general market conditions.

    Do I need to quit my day job to trade with BitQT?

    No! BitQT automates all the trading functions. You don’t need any special skills to achieve success through this trading system. About 20 minutes daily is all you need to adjust BitQT risk features and start trading live.

    How does BitQT make money?

    BitQT speculates on BTC through financial derivatives known as CFDs. It applies artificial intelligence algorithms to predict price patterns and place winning bets. The robot can reportedly generate up to 500% in daily returns through a trading strategy known as scalping.

    Author : Mikhail