Bitcoin Loophole Review 2023: Scam Trading System or not?




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Bitcoin trading is one of the most popular ways to make money online in 2023.  Automated trading platforms such as Bitcoin Loophole make bitcoin trading easier and reportedly highly profitable.

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Bitcoin Loophole was launched in 2017 and is reportedly the most profitable BTC trading robot today. The majority of users are said to make decent profits daily. Bitcoin Loophole can reportedly make anyone a millionaire.

You only need to compound at least 60% of daily profits and strictly follow trading instructions. Bitcoin Loophole automates trading research and execution hence making it easy for complete beginners to make money from the first day of trading.

A lot of our readers are asking if Bitcoin Loophole is a legit robot. We will provide answers in this review and offer tips to making money online through this platform.

Try Bitcoin Loophole (Automated Trading Robot)


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  • Claims to have a 90%+ win rate
  • Claims the average daily return from a $250 account is $750
  • Partners with trusted and regulated brokers. Fully secure.
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All trading carries risk.

Bitcoin Loophole Review Summary

This trading robot is equipped with powerful algorithms capable of analyzing big data and identifying tradable opportunities.

The bot then generates signals and relays them to the underlying broker for execution. A signal is an order to buy or sell. Trading signals are derived from the insights gained from analyzing data.

Bitcoin Loophole signals have been analyzed by experts and proven to have a 90% win rate. This means that the robot turns a profit in every 9/10 trades. This is breathtaking, given that the world top trader is only right in about five out of ten trades.

bitcoin loophole new reviewOn order implementation, this trading robot is powered by some of the industry’s fastest brokers. These brokers have powerful systems in place to ensure that orders are executed instantly. Bitcoin Loophole makes money out of scalping strategies.

A scalping strategy involves capitalizing on small market movements. A powerful data analysis system and an instant order execution platform are required for the strategy to succeed.

Bitcoin Loophole ensures users safety by investing in top encryption measures and only partnering with the industry’s best brokers. A good robot broker should be reputable and have adequate regulation. The world top regulators include the UK’s FCA, Cyprus CySEC, the US SEC, Australia’s ASIC, and South Africa’s FSB.

Bitcoin Loophole only works with brokers regulated by these bodies. Click the link below to visit Bitcoin Loophole website or read on to learn more.

Justifying the Bitcoin Loophole legitimacy

At least 90% of trading systems out there are a scam. With this in mind, it is important to take extra precaution when selecting a trading robot.

We make the due diligence easier for you by conducting unbiased and comprehensive robot reviews. Our technical review team conducts rigorous performance and security testing on platforms to determine if they can deliver what is claimed.

We also apply powerful algorithms to analyze user feedback. Our reviews analysis tool can differentiate fake reviews from the real ones. As usual, we have put Bitcoin Loophole under the microscope and concluded that it’s legit.

Here is how we rate this robot on crucial legitimacy determining factors.

  • An analysis of online feedback shows that at least 80% of Bitcoin Loophole users have been making money.
  • About 60% of users report making a decent daily income from this robot. The average daily return from a $250 account is $700.
  • Further analysis shows that at least 15% of Bitcoin Loophole has earned over $1 million in the last year.
  • Compounding at least 60% of the daily profits is said to be the fastest way to hit the $1 million mark.
  • Bitcoin Loophole performs consistently when certain trading conditions are met. We will look at these conditions later in this review.
  • While Bitcoin Loophole may be the best tool to make money online in 2023, it may also lead to devastating losses. Margin trading comes at increased risk, and it’s therefore prudent to invest wisely.

Bitcoin Loophole in the media

This trading robot has been a media sensation since the beginning of this year. It’s currently ranked number on Google Trends.

Moreover, it has appeared in over 15 TV programs in Australia and the UK in the last two months. Experts are tying this robot to the rising crypto volatility. Bitcoin has gained nearly 300% in the last five months. Analysts associate the rebound with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

People are turning to decentralized money as the global centralized institutions continue to grapple with the economic repercussions of the pandemic.

Renowned economic analysts such as Max Keiser of the Keiser Report and Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad are betting big on bitcoin. Keiser believes that it’s just a matter of months before BTC/USD hits $100k.

If this is the case, Bitcoin Loophole users are bound to harvest millions. BTC price swing is already picking pace and creating more opportunities for auto-traders. Register now to enjoy the immense profitability in the building up crypto rally.

Bitcoin Predictions on the Financial Times

The Financial Times is a leading global publication covering the markets and finance related news. A thorough check on the platform reveals that most financial analysts are upbeat about bitcoin.

At least five commentaries with a positive look on bitcoin are published every week. This is great news for Bitcoin Loophole users since it means that volatility is bound to keep increasing.

Bitcoin Predictions on Bloomberg and CNBC

These two media houses are the most popular when it comes to investment-related news. Bloomberg analysts have for the last few months been predicting a massive crypto boom.

Analysts on CNBC have also predicted a meteoric bitcoin rise as the world safe-haven assets continue to plummet. Some analysts have even claimed that bitcoin could take the role of gold as a safe haven.

The groundbreaking news revolving around the crypto industry is good for Bitcoin Loophole users. This robot makes money on price swings irrespective of whether in the bull or the bear market.

Getting started with Bitcoin Loophole

This trading system offers an automated way of investing in BTC. It’s therefore completely easy to operate for all types of users.

Follow the process explained below to kick start your journey to profitability through the Bitcoin Loophole robot.

bitcoin loophole stepsRegister a free trading account

Sign up with Bitcoin Loophole on their website through the provided form. Agree to their terms and conditions and confirm your contact details.

Bitcoin Loophole will automatically connect you with one of its brokers. Furnish them with the required details and verify ID as required. Identity verification requirement is part of the global Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) regulatory measures.

Fund your account with a minimum of USD250

Deposit at least USD 250 with the connected broker. Most of the brokers working with Bitcoin Loophole support funding through bank transfer and debit and credit cards.

You may also deposit through e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller or bitcoin wallets. Deposits are free of charge and facilitated almost instantly.

Bitcoin Loophole works with top-tier brokers, and hence users are guaranteed that their money is safe.

Trade on Bitcoin Loophole demo account

This account should give you an idea of how real trading feels like. It should also help you master Bitcoin Loophole key functionalities to avoid mistakes during live trading.

Take your time to test all the functionalities. Run the demo using the provided virtual capital to get a feel of live trading. Please note that the demo outcome is not very far from what you will get in live trading.

Start live trading

This should be a cup of tea if you have gone through the Bitcoin Loophole demo. Adjust the trading settings as directed by the dedicated account manager and go live.

Let Bitcoin Loophole run without interruption and make sure that you end trading at the close of the markets. The US market is the best to trade and starts from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT. We recommend it since it brings about extremely high market volatility.

Is Bitcoin Loophole a scam? The Verdict!

We have done rigorous testing on Bitcoin Loophole and conclude that it’s indeed a legit trading platform.

This trading system seems to be popular with both experts and beginner traders. Tens of passive income blogs review it as the fastest way to make money online. Even so, it comes at a risk and hence users are advised to invest wisely.

You can try it for yourself by clicking the link below.

Try Bitcoin Loophole (Automated Trading Robot)


bitcoin loophole logo
  • Claims to have a 90%+ win rate
  • Claims the average daily return from a $250 account is $750
  • Partners with trusted and regulated brokers. Fully secure.
bitcoin loophole logo
All trading carries risk.


Is Bitcoin Loophole a scam?

Bitcoin Loophole is legit! You are likely to make good profits by investing in bitcoin through this platform.

Is Bitcoin Loophole risky?

Trading with Bitcoin Loophole is not as risky as buying bitcoin traditionally. However, it does come at a significant level of risk and may lead to huge losses.

Is Bitcoin Loophole beginner friendly?

Yes! You don't need any trading skill to use the Bitcoin Loophole trading system. Register and fund your account, and the robot will do the rest for you.