BitQS Review 2021 – Can you make good Profits Daily?


BitQS has been trending on Google for the last few months. It’s reportedly one of the most profitable BTC trading tools in the market today.

You can supposedly make good profits daily by investing as little as $250. Some users claim to earn up to $700 daily from a $250 account. You could reportedly earn more money if you reinvest a good portion of the daily profits.

But is BitQS profitable and is it legit? This review provides evidence to support BitQS legitimacy and profitability. We have conducted a series of tests on the platform and analyzed reviews from users and experts to conclude that the robot is legit.

BitQs is a crypto trading system reportedly founded by leading Wall Street day traders. The fact that it automates the entire trading process makes it ideal for complete beginners.

You don’t need to know anything about crypto to trade through this platform. BitQS can reportedly make you rich but you could also lose money with it. It’s important that you avoid trading with more money than you can afford to lose.

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  • Claims to have a 85%+ win rate
  • Cutting edge AI trading technology
  • Trading leverage up to 5000:1
  • Start with as little as £250
All trading carries risk.

BitQs Trading System Review Summary

We conclude that BitQS is a legit system after taking a deep dive into its platforms and user feedback.

BitQS claims to offer a state-of-the-art trading platform powered by the industry’s best trading technologies. The robot runs on a blockchain ecosystem and is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

AI is at the core of the world’s best auto-trading systems. Big banks in Wall Street and other global financial hubs invest trillions of dollars in AI-driven trading. Unfortunately, most of the trading systems offered by the big banks are only available to wealthy traders.

BitQS is among the first AI-driven trading systems to be available to the general public for free. You do not need any trading skill or experience to use BitQS successfully. This is because it automates the entire BTC volatility trading process.

You even have an opportunity to automate the non-technical functions including withdrawals. BitQS comes with a myriad of risk control tools. These include Stop-Loss (SL), Negative Balance Protection (NBP), and Take-Profit (TP) tools. 

The Stop-Loss and Take Profit features helps you define the level of loss/profit in which a trade should close automatically. This eliminates the risks associated with holding losing or profitable trades for too long. The NBP prevents you from incurring losses into the negative.

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What is BitQS and how does it work?

BitQS is a web-based platform that enables users to participate in automated bitcoin trading.  Automated trading is gaining massive popularity due to the introduction of super-powerful AI-driven auto-trading systems.

 BitQS utilizes sophisticated AI-driven algorithms to research and place trades. An algorithm is simply an automation of a set of instructions to perform specific tasks. BitQS algorithms are based on HFT trading techniques.  These include taking long and short positions on bitcoin CFDs positions.

A long position allows traders to gain from price increase while a short position helps them profit from declining prices. Unlike the traditional ways of buying and selling crypto, BitQS allows you to make money from both rising and falling prices.

BitQS has secured partnerships with some brokers to act as a bridge to the clients. These brokers offer powerful systems to ensure that the orders received from the trading system are executed instantly.

The best way to determine the legitimacy of a broker is to identify its regulators. We have analyzed each of these brokers and confirmed that they are reputable. They all claim to be regulated in over five jurisdictions including the UK and Australia.

Brokers regulated in these two countries are trusted globally and considered to be the best. BitQS partnership with highly reputable brokers shows its commitment to operating transparently.

Advantages of trading with BitQS

BitQS offers a lifetime opportunity for ordinary people to trade bitcoin like pros. As mentioned earlier, this trading system automates all BTC trading functions.

Below are the reasons given by most reviewers on why they prefer trading BTC through the BitQS trading system.

  1.     BitQS is easy to use when compared to other options including buying bitcoin from an exchange. You don’t have to go through all the hassles of securing a crypto wallet to trade with BitQS. Sign up on BitQS official website, fund your BitQS trading account with as little as USD250, and start a live trading session.
  2.     BitQS could be more profitable than any other bitcoin trading option. Most BitQS App reviewers on TrustPilot reportedly earn at least $800 daily by investing as little as $250. You could reportedly earn more by ploughing back daily profits. BitQS applies AI to conduct trading research hence the high win rate.
  3.     It’s safer to trade through BitQS than to buy BTC directly from an exchange. Instances of crypto exchanges getting hacked and clients’ funds being stolen are on the rise. Trading BTC through BitQS doesn’t involve buying from an exchange. You don’t need to own BTC physically to trade its price swings.
  4.     BitQs operates under strict regulatory requirements in line with its partner brokers’ requirements. Partner broker regulation is the number one proof of BitQS commitment to operating transparently.

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Disadvantages of trading with BitQS

BitQS is a high-performance trading system powered by the industry’s leading trading technologies. The robot trades on extremely high leverage to make good returns out of small accounts. 

Applying an extremely high level of leverage on highly volatile assets such as BTC greatly magnifies risk. As stated earlier, BitQS through its partner brokers offers a trading margin of up to 4000:1. This means that traders can trade positions worth up to $4k for every $1 of deposited capital.

This makes it possible to generate good returns from a small account but it also increases risk. BitQS offers risk control tools but the risk remains especially if the right settings are not applied.

You could earn fortunes or lose money when trading through this system.  Minimize the risk by starting small and not staking more than 10% of your capital on a single trade.

Getting Started with BitQS

Now that we know that BitQS is legit and could be highly profitable. Let’s look at the steps to kick-starting your trading journey with it.

  1.     Register a free account with BitQS by visiting their official website
  2.     Fund your account using an assigned broker
  3.     Practice through a demo account
  4.     Trade live by clicking on the live session button

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  • Claims to have a 85%+ win rate
  • Cutting edge AI trading technology
  • Trading leverage up to 5000:1
  • Start with as little as £250
All trading carries risk.

BitQS App Review – The Verdict!

We conclude that BItQS is worthwhile after analyzing thousands of reviews from users and experts. BitQS is top-rated on most high-traffic crypto publications with most of the reviewers terming it as the most advanced crypto trading platform in 2021.

Passive online income blogs also seem to be recommending this trading platform to their clients.  This trading bot could be the best tool for anyone interesting in an easy way to earn huge profits online.

But as mentioned severally in this review, trading with BitQS is extremely risky. There is a possibility that you could lose your money through this system. However, the potential rewards are worth the risk and hence it may be a good idea to try it.

It’s wise to start small and adopt the reinvestment strategy for growth. Some users allege generating fortunes within months of ploughing back profits from a $250 account.

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How does BitQS App work?

BitQS apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to research and place trades. BitQS can place up to 50 trades each minute and with a supposed win rate of 90%. Such a win rate implies that the bot is profitable in at least 9 out of 10 trades.

How much does it take to trade with BitQS?

This trading bot is affordable given that you can get started with as little as USD250. If lucky, you should be able to double or even triple your investment on the first day of trading.

How many hours should I work?

BitQs conducts all trading for you. You only need to set aside 20 minutes daily to set the robot for live trading. Let the robot do the trading for you without interruption for at least 8 hours daily.