BitPremium App Review – Is this Trading Robot a Scam? The $250 Test!



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BTC trading is reportedly more profitable when conducted through some AI-driven trading robots. One of the most popular robots is BitPremium. This trading system has gone viral since last year as reports emerge about its insane profitability rates.

BitPremium users are reportedly earning up to $800 daily from investing just $250. The daily profitability supposedly keeps growing for those who reinvest their daily returns. A lot of our readers have requested us to review this trading system.

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  • Claims to have a 85%+ win rate
  • Cutting edge AI trading technology
  • Trading leverage up to 5000:1
  • Start with as little as £250
All trading carries risk.

What is BitPremium?

BitPremium is a trading tool that automates the entire BTC trading process. This robot speculates on the price swings of BTC against other crypto and fiat. It’s easy to operate even for those who have never tried crypto trading before.

Trading automation is not new in traditional assets trading. There are many trading bots for forex, stock, commodities, and market indices.

However, BitPremium is among the handful of BTC trading systems. This robot is based on the trading wisdom of top Wall Street algorithmic traders. It applies the trading approach known as scalping to capitalize on slight price movements.

Scalping could be extremely profitable when conducted through high leverage. BitPremium partner brokers offer a leverage of up to 5000:1. This makes it possible to generate good returns out of small price movements.

BitPremium algorithms analyze data and implement trades at supersonic speeds. The robot can reportedly place up to 15 trades per second. Only a few other trading systems can match the speed of this trading robot.

You can trade with BitPremium through its highly intuitive web-trader or download its app through the provided link. The app works on both Android and iOS mobile devices. You could earn amazing profits through this robot, but the risks associated with leveraged crypto trading remains.

Consequently, you should approach this system the same way you would approach a lucrative yet highly risky investment.

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Is BitPremium a scam?

Background tests on BitPremium confirm that it’s not a scam. This trading system has put in place adequate mechanisms to ensure a safe trading environment.

For instance, its website is encrypted through the AES standard. This is the most advanced encryption measure and is foolproof from many types of cyberattacks. Such powerful encryption is enough to guarantee that your data is safe.

BitPremium is also observant of data privacy laws in all jurisdictions of operation. It’s among the few trading platforms that fully comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is arguably the best data privacy law in the world.

BitPremium also seems to work with reputable and safe robot brokers. A safe broker is determined by its regulation. Each of the BitPremium partner brokers is regulated in over five jurisdictions.

The brokers are tier-one and hence trusted globally. Regulated brokers adhere to strict standards such as deposit segregation to protect clients’ funds. They must also conduct regular external audits and submit reports to the regulator. This prevents them from using your money for unintended purposes.

Some of the world best regulators include the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC).

Advantages of trading with BitPremium

BitPremium comes with a lot of advantages for both beginner and expert traders. Below are the main ones.

  1. You can trade with BitPremium successfully even if you have zero background in crypto. This is because all trading research and order execution happens automatically. You only need to register a free account and fund it through the linked broker. You need a minimum of USD250 to trade with this robot.
  2. BitPremium is reportedly twenty times more profitable than the traditional ways of trading. It applies powerful AI-driven algorithms to generate high-quality trading signals. The reliance on big data improves decision making. BitPremium is a fast-paced trading system that mostly places trades 0.001 seconds ahead of the markets.
  3. This trading system offers the safest way to invest in Bitcoin. The traditional ways of investing in crypto involve storing them in crypto wallets. This is risky since there are many instances of crypto wallets getting hacked. BitPremium platforms are secured through advanced encryption measures to prevent data theft.
  4. Unlike most of its competitors, BitPremium is available for free. However, the free trading license may not be available forever. That’s why it would be prudent to grab the opportunity and register now. Visit the official BitPremium website here.

BitPremium could be the best tool for making money online, but it isn’t risk-free. There is a possibility of generating losses when trading with this system. Invest wisely!

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BitPremium in the media

This trading system is extremely popular in the UK, Australia, and North America. However, you can use it from any country that supports retail CFDs trading. Only the US and a few other countries prohibit retail CFDs trading.

Try registering an account on the official BitPremium website to determine if it’s available in your country.

BitPremium is reviewed over 50,000 times by individual consumers on platforms such as TrustPilot. This is enough evidence that this trading system is highly popular. The majority of BitPremium reviewers report a great trading experience with the robot.

Moreover, this trading bot has been a top Google Trend since 2018. There are over 20 BitPremium Reddit threads.

Key features of BitPremium

BitPremium is a powerful auto-trading platform founded to help ordinary people to trade BTC like pros. The robot utilizes the industry’s best trading algorithms and some of the most advanced volatility trading techniques.

We have put BitPremium under the microscope and summarized its key features as explained below.

Easy to use platform

BitPremium offers a highly intuitive user interface. You don’t need any trading knowhow to make the best out of this platform.

All you need is to watch its video tutorial and try different settings on the demo before going live. BitPremium assigns all new users a dedicated account manager to walk with them through the first trading stages.

High alleged profitability

A lot of reviewers claim to generate fortunes through this trading system. BitPremium is said to generate up to $800 daily from a deposit of $250.

Users who compound their daily earnings could reportedly earn thousands of dollars daily. An in-depth analysis of user reviews shows that it’s possible to generate $1 million in the first year of using this robot by reinvesting 60% of daily returns.

Investing more money increases profitability, but we do not encourage it, given the risks of trading with this system.

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Seamless withdrawals

BitPremium allows you to withdraw your funds whenever you want. All you need is to navigate to the funds’ management page and click the withdraw button.

You will be redirected to the matched broker website where you will be required to fill a withdrawal form. Your money should reflect in your bank account within 12 working hours.

BitPremium, through its partner brokers, allow users to make up to ten free withdrawals per month.

A safe trading environment

BitPremium offers a secure trading environment powered by AES encryption. This level of encryption prevents most forms of cyberattacks.

BitPremium claims to have a cyber response unit to address potential threats. A thorough analysis of user feedback didn’t find any complaints relating to safety.

BitPremium is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and must adhere to strict data safety measures.

Regulated partner brokers

BitPremium only works with tightly regulated brokers. Its partner brokers are reportedly monitored in at least five jurisdictions.

They fall in the tier-one category and hence have global trust. Tier-one brokers observe strict client protection measures such as deposit segregation and audits. Segregation involves separating clients’ deposits with the broker’s working capital.

This prevents the broker from using your money for an unintended purpose. Robot brokers must conduct regular external audits and submit reports to the regulator.

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  • Claims to have a 85%+ win rate
  • Cutting edge AI trading technology
  • Trading leverage up to 5000:1
  • Start with as little as £250
All trading carries risk.

Getting started with BitPremium

This review concludes that BitPremium is legit. It also seems profitable and hence worth a try. Trading with BitPremium is easy. Try your luck with BitPremium through the steps below.

  1.     Register a free BitPremium account on their official website. 
  2.     Fund your BitPremium account through the assigned robot broker.
  3.     Test the settings through the BitPremium demo account
  4.     Start a live trading session

All crypto trading involves risk, and it’s prudent to only trade with an amount you can afford to lose.

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Is BitPremium a con?

No! We have investigated this trading system, and it meets our criteria for a legit and trustworthy trading platform.

How much does BitPremium cost?

BitPremium is currently available for free. However, this may not be for long, and therefore you should take the chance and sign up now.

Does BitPremium offer a trading app?

Yes! Download the BitPremium trading app through a link sent to your email immediately after completing the signup process.